This short article by Laurel Ferris in Women’s Press makes clear what CASA Guardians do and why children need them.

From the article;


Children’s voices are not otherwise heard in court,

and that’s exactly why we volunteer as Guardians ad litem.

It’s a job that is necessary,

but our state now wants to move to an all-employee model.

Hennepin County has gone from over 400 active volunteers to just 30.

The attrition is due to the Minnesota program manager’s decision…

to suspend all recruitment and orientation training for new volunteer GALs.


I read the recent Star Tribune article about children who have died after being reunited with family members. I strongly believe volunteer GALs are crucial to the oversight needed to prevent these tragedies.

We have the time, the life skills, and the independence to challenge the systemic failures that lead to deaths. We are part of the solution.

The true cost of these changes falls on Minnesota’s most vulnerable.

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