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Kids at Risk Action (KARA) is a non-profit action tank that supports the people, policies, and programs that improve the lives of at-risk children. We are passionate and unapologetic advocates for the welfare of abused and neglected kids in Minnesota, the United States, and around the world.

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KARA Maintains this site with the hope

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Current Initiatives Include:

  • KARA effort to provide $120,000 Google Ad Grants to CASA organizations (free at the basic level). Share this with your CASA contacts.
  • KARA is raising awareness about the plight of abused and neglected children in Minnesota and in communities across the country. We do this by actively educating and informing the public through social media, and creating conversations about the need for support for children who are victims of child abuse and neglect and the agencies that help them. We promote transparency with government agency oversight and reporting and raise awareness about the lack thereof. KARA is a resource for information about Child Protection and abused and neglected children. We have a large library of reports, videos and information to help understand, address and implement solutions to these critical issues.
  • INVISIBLE CHILDREN Necessary Conversations (2 M Video): Check out KARA’S Metro University’s St Paul Campus Student Center Start the ENDING CHILD ABUSE conversation on your campus! If you are a MN college, Community Center or Business Campus, and want to find out if this program fits your campus; Contact info@invisiblechildren.org with NECESSARY CONVERSATIONS in the subject line.
  • Financial Literacy and Grant Program: The KARA financial literacy program is a place to learn, discuss and ask questions, find meaningful guidance and help teenagers and young adults start their financial journey off on the right path. Monthly peer group discussions about personal financial issues and real-world financial tools, seed funding, and problem-solving for each participant.


KARA is a resource for

information about Child Protection,

and abused & neglected Children.

Share our articles widely

(especially with your State Representative!)

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Change comes when we speak for voiceless children.



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All adults are the protectors

of all children.