KARA’s financial literacy peer groups learn, find meaningful guidance, and develop sustainable financial, work and wealth habits. Monthly peer group discussions share personal financial issues, discover real-world financial tools, are granted seed funding for investing, and problem-solving for each participant. Overcoming barriers, turning bad habits into good habits and confidence building are at the center of our peer group model.

KARA’s Fin Lit initiatives includes finding job and life security by teaching skills, wealth building, social and corporate trends including environmentally sustainable jobs and careers.



What Makes Us UNIQUE

  • At-Risk Youth and young adult – focused; ages 18-28 years old.
  • Participants are provided money tools and knowledge about opportunities, avoiding common mistakes, sound financial habits and wealth building.
  • Grants are be given directly to young people to save, invest and begin to grow wealth
  • We work with a variety of financial instruments and partner with trusted organizations.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement from peer group members and KARA.

It starts with a group. An expert facilitator from our partnered organization co-guides sessions with KARA. We meet participants where they are – turning “What to do?” into What to do (and what “not” to do). Underserved, financially unskilled people are having a very hard time in today’s harsh and fast moving buyer beware economy. Nationally, 80% of youth aging out of foster care lead dysfunctional lives. 20% of them become instantly homeless. Young single mothers often struggle to house and feed their children.

Do you work for or know an organization serving at risk youth

or young adults that would benefit from our program

(serving Aging out Foster Youth/Juvenile/Criminal Justice/

Service Providers to Single Mothers to name a few)?

KARA’s financial literacy peer group program is designed to give at risk youth and young adults the tools and starter funding they need to be successful.

Foundational financial lessons and teachings, including the following topics.

  • Where money comes from (good & bad jobs, skills, and entrepreneurship).
  • Keeping what you have (habits good and bad)
  • Wealth building 101 (how $1 saved makes you a better buyer).
  • Credit builder program (KARA funded)
  • Getting what you need.
  • Getting what you want.
  • Knowing the difference.
  • Big money mistakes.
  • Trust, friends, and money.
  • Dumb money.
  • Smart money.
  • After the peer group completes the two year program, participants are encouraged to continue (formally or informally) as an ongoing financial advisors to one another with potential ongoing support from KARA.


Get involved:

  • Sponsor participants here.

  • Does Your Organization Work With At Risk Youth or Young Adults?

  • Want to know more?
  •  Info@invisiblechildren.org with Fin Lit in the subject line.

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