Calling all Thrivent Members!

There are now THREE ways to give back to KARA financially, some without ever opening your pocketbook!

We’re proud to be a Thrivent Choice®-enrolled organization.

Through Thrivent’s programs, we are eligible to receive grant dollars, fee-free donations, and support from Thrivent Action Team service projects.

We have seen firsthand how much of an impact Thrivent’s clients can make on our organization.


Choice Dollars

Thrivent members can direct their Choice Dollars to Kids at Risk Action and recommend Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable funding to us.  It’s a simple, easy and no cost to you way to give back.

However, you do have to update your preference for your choice dollars annually, so don’t wait, do it NOW!

Action Teams

Thrivent Action Teams are meant to kickstart a generosity project.  Thrivent members can apply to lead a group in a fundraiser, educational event or service activity. Then, receive $250 seed money to make an impact together. Thrivent provides a customized kit of resources to get you started. Your team provides the passion to bring it to life.

Some ideas to get your brain flowing:

  • Host a hotdog, chips and cookies sale.  Purchase the hotdogs, buns, chips and cookies with the seed money and donate the profits to KARA.
  • Use the seed money to pay for a speaker to come and speak about child abuse prevention and take donations for KARA at the end.
  • Use the seed money to advertise KARA’s fundraising events.

What ideas can YOU come up with?

Personal Donation with NO Extra Fees

Thrivent members can make a personal donation to Kids at Risk Action through Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing™.  Thrivent covers the processing fees so 100% of your donation goes to help.