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Kids At Risk Action 501c3 advocates for at risk children through education & public discussion

to discover better answers for improving the lives of at risk children.

Supporting the people, policies and programs making life better for abused & neglected children.  KARA engages principals, teachers, social workers, lawyers, judges, police officers, parents,  students, health professionals, and the larger community in stopping abuse & healing childhood trauma.


Annual Report



Mike Tikkanen, President/Chair and Executive Director: Author of Invisible Children, volunteer CASA Guardian ad Litem in Hennepin County since 1996, current and founding board member of CASAMN and Founder & President of KARA.  Mike has owned and operated several companies and arranged the purchase and sale and financing of 100 MN companies.  He is unapologetically and passionately committed to improving the lives of at risk children.

Jim Early – Trailblazer Coaching, Jim has been an advisor to KARA since it began.  He has decades of experience supporting leaders to help them find better answers, solve problems & improve their management skills.

Damon Kocina, Secretary/Treasurer: Father, coach, marketing guru dedicated to improved child protection and support for young families.

Greg Christian:

Has helped build KARA on projects and and financially for over ten years. He has also raised funds for CASA volunteers in MN. Greg is committed to KARA’ s efforts interrupting child abuse and healing the children and families that suffer from it.

Past Board Members; David Strand, Joe McCarthy, Lynn McCarthy, Thomas Carter MD.

Advisory Board


Lawrence King: 

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Lawrence exemplifies how the hard childhood of losing your mother and father at a very young age not have to define you. A graduate of Purdue University, he has worked on campaigns with Nike, Jordan Brand, Blue Cross Blue Shield, National Urban League and is committed to helping nonprofits serving youth succeed and grow with the help of the digital world.

Lawrence has spent countless hours mentoring underserved youth in his community. Working with KARA is the most gratifying work to date because of the impact and voice we bring to mental health, financial literacy and child wellbeing.

Jarred Van Horn:

Jarred is Student Ambassador at Dakota County Technical College an active Governing Council Alternate at LeadMN (MN State College Student Association). He recently launched and managed an organization focused on student mental health at DCTC. He’s a determined individual with a passion & dream for creating positive change in the world.

Al Innamorato:

After over 40 years in leadership positions in the corporate and investment world, Al is returning to his academic roots which started with research at the Human Issues Institute at the University of Pennsylvania while doing graduate work at Villanova University.   His Executive leadership positions include the Cendant Corporation, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Dendrite, Scholastic and the Fulcrum Management Group.  Al has led global system and process implementations and managed resources in numerous countries and served on the Oracle Hyperion Sig Board of Directors.

He has a Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Villanova University


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