Religion, Law And Child Abuse

This NY Times article about Baptist Sex-abuse survivors shines a light on the commonality of child sex abuse in America. For a very long time, Tennessee allowed ten year olds to wed (almost always to older men).  In several states married minors cannot legally divorce, leave their spouse, or enter a shelter to escape abuse until they are 18.[10][11]

Two years ago, Idaho lawmakers were working on a bill to set a minimum marriage age after the House rejected a similar proposal from Democrats in 2021.

The following statistics, data, 35M dollar judgement against the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Catholic Church child Sex Abuse judgements, bankruptcies & cover up & the personal writings by Jamie Arlo are profoundly disturbing.

Also included are hundreds of sex abuse allegations against Baptist churches in the U.S. and 316 pages (reports of child sexual abuse) from public documents that were compiled by a former Army Nurse & current Legal Nurse Consultant.  Her research into 1500 journal documents & public sources documents children abused by the very same predator and people in an organization failed to report the perpetrator and protect the children (Legal Complaints; Appellate Court Rulings; Rulings on Legal Motions; Newspaper accounts; and the Boy Scouts of America Ineligible file documents. The document spans the years 1959-2017. All links are provided.  A year of reporting by Cosmo reveals a culture of incest, rape an abuse among the Amish.

Transparency is the only way these children can be protected.

Share this information with your networks and if you live in a state allowing pubescent boys & girls to marry,

protect a child and voice your concerns to your State legislators.

35M judgement in Watchtower Abuse Case

The Tide is Changing…

“The elder approaches the microphone and begins to read the announcements hot off the press from the governing body. The announcement was in response to the 20/20 special they showed on the high number of cases of sexual abuse happening within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He reads “If anyone comes to the elders about a sexual abuse matter they are only allowed to offer spiritual advice and not become involved in the litigation aspects. They cannot contact the police because that is up to the family and they can not notify anyone in the congregation because their knowledge is based on only alleged information.”

That internal feeling that I had felt and heard at a young age during my own weird brotherly experience popped up in response to hearing these words except this time I had enough knowing to be mad about what I was hearing. My mouth dropped instantly and I looked around to try to find other faces with similar reaction only to find stone-cold faces with no emotion to which I then closed my mouth thinking I maybe missed something and would ask for clarification after the meeting.

The whole rest of the meeting I couldn’t do anything to diminish the complete confusion I felt knowing they were blatantly saying that if someone had been sexually molested that the elders wouldn’t feel compelled by the love they felt “for every sheep in the flock” to do what’s right. I didn’t know how anyone could know of something like this happening to anyone and not at least informing fellow Witnesses in the congregation.


The meeting ended with the usual song and prayer, and as soon as my head snapped up I was off in a direction to the nearest brother to get clarification on the governing body’s announcement. By the time I reached someone of authority there were other people gathered talking about it to my relief, but when I heard they were agreeing with this insight provided by the governing body, my disappointment level went through the roof. Everything I had heard did nothing to help the wrong feeling I had inside again.

It was easier as a child to disconnect from this feeling, this time it just became louder the more I ignored it.”


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All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children



“What we do to our children, they will do to our society”

(Pliny the Elder, 2000 years ago)

This article submitted by long time CASA guardian ad Litem Mike Tikkanen

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All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children


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