From a recent SAFE PASSAGE FOR CHILDREN study;

To date this study documents parents who got this virtual free pass despite refusing medical treatment for children injured in a car crash, enabling sexual abuse of an infant, and a criminal conviction for malicious punishment of a child…,

fostered by conservative activists who consider any government involvement with families as ‘interference’, and by progressives who misguidedly perceive keeping families intact as restorative justice, regardless of the consequences for children.

The political mainstream itself has backed off, tacitly allowing this devil’s bargain to drive public policy.

The result is justice for everyone except children, and a society that is wholly indifferent to their suffering.

Click on the link above to hear attorney Maya Schulte speak and the study details.

Thank you Safe Passage For Children for this important work for at-risk children & youth.

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Submitted by former CASA volunteer guardian ad litem Mike Tikkanen

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