If you knew that 10,000 Minnesota’s CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteers provided civic engagement, first person narratives, reporting, institutional transparency and many thousands of advocacy hours for babies, children & youth over the last 40 years in Minnesota’s Child Protective Services would you;

  1. Consider becoming a community volunteer CASA,
  2. Want to learn more about the program and its role in Child Protective Services,
  3. Be compelled to *know* how staff GALs and Volunteers differ,
  4. Be surprised to know that the County is eliminating the program
  5. Want to know why the County is eliminating the program

Share this with your State Representative and other policy and change makers to help them make an informed decision before ending a long established and powerful program that will be sorely missed and hard to rebuild once gone.

*CASA’s take 2 or 3 cases and work closely with the children and youth in their caseloads.

Paid staff are required to take 30 or more cases (100-150 kids per month) &

have far less time to help children in Child Protective Services

Some of the youth were with this CASA for over 12 years as they stayed in the system.


Eliminating the community and the volunteer CASA guardian ad Litem program matters.

Less is not more in Child Protective Services. 

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children.


Help Save This Program and the Children it Serves;

Contact Info@CASAMN.org

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This article submitted by Mike Tikkanen a longtime CASA volunteer