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COVID is Hammering Children’s Mental Health

Many American newborns remain untested and untreated for very treatable metabolic disorders, hearing and sight diseases & blood lead levels. In today’s combative political climate, anti Vaxxers may be causing imminent harm to millions of America’s vulnerable citizens.

At least 27 States allow religious exemptions from vaccination.

Some states allow religion to keep children from TB testing in school.  43 states give some kind of criminal or civil immunity to parents injuring or killing  their children by withholding medical care on religious grounds.

Six states let parents keep teachers from teaching their children about disease in school.

Over the years KARA has reported on children dying because their parents withheld medical treatment because the church told them to do so.  Some parents have killed more than one child by withholding medical treatment.

Some religions allow child neglect and abuse & some states allow a religious defense against charges of murdering their child – and “some can’t be charged with murder at all” (Slate).

5 years ago, Kansas State Rep Gail Finney vowed to pass a bill that allowed caregivers to leave bruises and cause bleeding when disciplining a child (no age limit).

Arkansas State Rep Charles Fuqua promoted the death penalty for rebellious children (based on religious grounds).

As a volunteer CASA County guardian ad-Litem, it has been awful to observe sexually abused two and four year old children and children suffering from violent physical abuse and neglect live through that abuse  & try to overcome the terror and traumas inflicted upon them to make for themselves a normal life.  Not many do.

There are between 12 and 18 million children reported abused in our nation every year.  They have no voice in their homes, in the courts or in the media.

There are many terrible laws endangering thousands of  children in all parts of our nation.  There are dangerous religious cults in America that need to be exposed for the terrible way they treat children.  Here’s one reported on by the Daily Beast this morning

Children in most of our communities have the same rights women and slaves had in the 1800’s (they were property).

KARA supports the U.S. ratification of the international Rights of the Child Treaty.  We are the only nation on earth not to have done so.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for ending all religious exemption laws.

It is insane that in the 21st century America promotes deadly religious practices with outcomes not any different than witnessed at witch trials in the 1600’s (innocent dead people).

All Adults are the Protectors of All Children

Here’s a breakdown from Children’s Healthcare that shows a breakdown of states and their religious exemptions.

See how your state treats children.