Few of us understand the lifelong impact trauma has on a child and fewer still the depth and scope of generational child abuse in America today.  This KARA page provides videos, blogs, books, basic statistics, stories & information about critical child abuse elements that you & your friends and neighbors need to know for trauma & abuse to be reduced in your own community. Share it widely.

All Adults Are the Protectors of All Children (share this post widely)

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Building Trauma Informed & Resilient Communities – Steve Stone 20 minutes

Academy Against Violence & Abuse (medical community) short public videos (3 minute) (8 minute) (14 minute)

Victor Vieth incorporating ACE studies into college programs (1 hour)

Privatized Group Homes Prostituting Florida Teens (1 hour) Password is FOSTER

Laura Mosqueda Understanding Abuse in Later Life (23 minutes)

Frank Putnam MD Generational Child Abuse (53 minutes)

Paper Tigers Trailer (2 minutesResilience Trailer

Kids At Risk Action multiple (4 minute) trailers 


The Body Keeps The Score (understanding trauma)

The Deepest Well (understanding traumatized children)

Invisible Children (pre-teen mothers, adolescent felons, and what we can do about it) listen for free on the site

Blogs & Social Media


ACES Movement Blog

Adverse Childhood Experiences (WIKI)

What is Your ACE Score

Radio & TV KARA Interviews

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