Institutions define us (they keep us safe, educated and healthy- or not)

The drowning government in a bathtub battle cry has had quite an impact.

Why anyone with a stake in a safe, functioning community would withhold support or throw rocks at people doing this work is incomprehensible.

Turning our schools, highways, corrections and care of the young, sick and elderly into the hands of greed driven Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli and Trump University folks is not helping build healthy communities.  It’s to be expected that institutional outcomes (public health, public safety, public education – don’t forget bridges) are suffering. Performance of any complex institution or endeavor demands support & critical thinking.

A safe, livable community requires support for the worker bees laboring in schools and other social institutions for those institutions to perform well.  It’s for your own good.

I know a brick layer (Tom) who does not support public education.  He likes for profit schools and has tons of sure fire ideas for improving education and what to do with dropouts.  How Tom comes to these conclusions is a mystery to me.

Tom has not been in a school in twenty years, read a book about education or economics (ever) or shown much talent for problem solving in any other field.

But he is a good radio listener.  He claims to have a very fine mind.

I don’t think Tom knows the difference between lying and bullshitting.

Repeating unverified bullshit heard on the radio is bullshitting – speaking known lies with intent is lying.  The consequences of spreading bullshit and lying are pretty much the same.  Misinformed people who vote badly (hurting themselves and their families).