Two members of an Oregon Sect that believes in faith healing were charged with murder in the death of their premature infant daughter.  What would Jesus do?  this is not a difficult spiritual question.

8 month old Brandon Schaible died of treatable pneumonia as did two year old Ella Foster because their parents didn’t believe in medicine,  Two of Herbert and Catherine Schaible’s children died years apart  from each other for the same reason.

Children in Idaho have been dying by the dozens for years at the hands of their parents.  By 2014 144 children lay in the Peaceful Valley Cemetery because their parents denied them available medical care – it is likely that the number is above 200 today.

This the only nation on the planet to not sign the International Rights of the Child Treaty, most likely because the treaty bans training children as soldiers which our Southern States do regularly (military schools).

Sifting through child deaths at KARA’s Sad Stories page one could make the argument that children have the same rights as pets in America with no voice in the homes they are raised in, foster homes, the media or the State House.