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KARA tracks current news about at risk children bringing transparency and  attention to our youngest and most vulnerable  citizens.

What you see here is only a sampling of what should be reported –  the great majority of child trauma & abuse never gets reported.

American states are struggling to find answers for saving at risk children and reversing the explosive growth of child abuse and neglect.  Today, many state ward children are the 4th and 5th generation of abused children raising their own families without parenting skills and with serious drug, alcohol and mental health issues


37% of children overall and 57% of Black children are reported to child protection services in America by the time they turn 18.  (American Journal of Public Health 1.17)


12 million children a year are reported to child protection services each year and in many states, 1/3 of foster children are required to take psychotropic medicines




Compilation of information and writing on this page is the hard work of David Vang, Mike Toronto, Jamar Weston, Adolf Nchanj and Blaz Zlate,  Callie Benscoter, (student volunteers at Century College) Katie Frake, Boston College, Julie O, and KARA.

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CA: School District Implementing Suicide Prevention Policies

Santa Barbara Independent – August 31, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown’s signature last year on Assembly Bill 2246 set a national precedent, requiring schools to adopt policies covering suicide prevention and intervention.

CA: Marin Voice: Marin CASA returns as a voice for children (Opinion)

Marin Independent Journal – August 30, 2017

For 30 years, many of these extremely vulnerable children in the juvenile dependency, delinquency or probate system were assigned a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) by the presiding judge of Juvenile Court. In January 2017, the program, which had been run by Marin Advocates for Children, was terminated by the court. Determined to save the program, a group of active CASAs quickly formed a grassroots effort to restore the integrity of the Marin CASA program through the startup of a new nonprofit organization. Marin CASA was incorporated and received its nonprofit status in record time.

CA: Misconduct and collusion by CPS attorneys in San Francisco Superior Court (Opinion)

San Francisco Bay View – August 30, 2017

Donna Levey and I both got trapped in this system while our children suffered. Greatly impacting our experiences and ability to fight for justice and fairness were the attorneys appointed to us and our children, attorneys who were supposed to be our champions but instead somehow made things worse every step of the way. This is our story.

CO: Mary Lou Makepeace announced as Inside/Out Youth Services interim executive director

Colorado Springs Independent – August 30, 2017

Inside/Out Youth Services, our local LGBTQ youth center, announced Tuesday that Mary Lou Makepeace will soon become interim executive director of the organization.

DE: New laws expand options for foster kids

Cape Gazette – August 30, 2017

Foster children in the First State are going to have an easier time playing youth sports and other extracurricular activities as well as learning to drive and driving, thanks to a pair of new laws signed by Gov. John Carney Aug. 17.

FL: Former foster parent faces 54 charges

Times Daily – August 30, 2017

A Florida woman who was a foster parent in Florence for seven years was indicted Wednesday on 54 charges, including child abuse, strangulation and human trafficking, officials said.

FL: Opioid crisis needs another $20 million, senator says

Miami Herald – August 28, 2017

The budget chairman of the Florida Senate is calling on Gov. Rick Scott to allocate another $20 million from state reserves toward the ongoing opioid crisis. Calling the health emergency an “existential threat to the people of our state,” Clearwater Republican Sen. Jack Latvala wrote in a letter to Scott on Monday that Floridians cannot wait until the Legislature passes the next state budget in March before more state resources are funneled to address the crisis.

IL: Governor names top legal adviser

Associated Press – August 30, 2017

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has appointed the attorney for the state’s child welfare agency as his top legal adviser. Rauner named Lise Spacapan as general counsel for his office on Wednesday.

IN: Social workers needed in Indiana (Includes video)

WSBT – August 30, 2017

New numbers show employment for social workers is growing faster than most other occupations. Local colleges and universities are working to try to meet that demand.

Information Gateway resource: Recruitment and Hiring:

KY: Children marrying in Kentucky, state laws lacking

LEO Weekly – August 30, 2017

Child marriage is steadily declining, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Still, Kentucky has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the nation, according to data recently published by Frontline and The New York Times.

LA: Foster care program gets higher priority (Opinion)

American Press – August 30, 2017

Pay increases for workers in the state Department of Children and Family Services will go a long way in helping the nearly 8,300 children in foster care get the quality care they need and deserve. A recent legislative audit requested by the Gov. John Bel Edwards administration illustrates how that quality suffered between 2012 and 2016.

MN: Buffalo County child placement costs running over budget

Winona Daily News – August 30, 2017

Last year Buffalo County averaged seven children per day staying in group, kinship or foster care homes. Child placements through July of this year have gone up more than two-fold, averaging upwards of 15 a day placed in care homes.

MT: Members named to new child abuse prevention panel (Requires free registration)

Associated Presss – August 30, 2017

Montana’s governor and attorney general have appointed 14 members to a commission that will review child deaths because of abuse and neglect with the goal of improving child protection policies and practices.

MT: Updated: New, sweeping budget cuts to hit state government

Missoulian – August 30, 2017

State programs will be hard pressed to find cuts that would not reduce services to the public or include layoffs.Those made earlier this summer already resulted in 20 part- or full-time jobs being cut; reduced hours and services at the Montana Historical Society; fewer social services for the elderly, people with disabilities and children in foster care.

NY: Lawyers for Child Welfare and Legal Aid Under Scrutiny for Facebook Posts

New York Times – August 30, 2017

The disparaging banter was the kind of back-and-forth seen on social media and celebrity gossip sites, but it was apparently an exchange among three lawyers of the Administration for Children’s Services, the city’s child welfare agency, and one from the Legal Aid Society, which represents many children and parents in court proceedings. It was unclear whether the people ridiculed in the Facebook posts were involved in the lawyers’ cases, but David Hansell, the commissioner of A.C.S., said that whoever the people were, the conduct of lawyers was unacceptable.

OH: Drugs wiping out parents, leaving kids nowhere to go

GateHouse Ohio Media – August 30, 2017

As the drug epidemic worsens in Ohio, there are sometimes more kids to place than places to put them. That’s why the Fairfield County Job and Family Services office has at times housed children in offices overnight and on weekends when they couldn’t immediately be placed with foster parents.

TX: New Laws From the Lege Set to Go Into Effect: Get to know Texas’ new rules

Austin Chronicle – September 01, 2017

Breaking Up the Foster Care System (SB 11) takes foster care placement responsibilities away from Child Protective Services and hands it to local government and nonprofits. Supporters call it community-driven; opponents call it privatization, and fear religious groups will turn away kids of different faiths and LGBTQ youth.

VA: Foster families sought for youngsters in need

Enterprise – August 30, 2017

Currently, the agency has only six families that are approved to provide foster care, according to Kimble, Susan Corbett and Missy Snow, all social workers with the Patrick County Department of Social Services, and all on a mission to recruit and train foster parents for the 20 youngsters in need.

WV: Substance abuse impacts county children

Times West Virginian – August 30, 2017

West Virginia’s drug epidemic has impacted the state’s child welfare crisis, and Marion County is not immune. Instances of substance abuse in families leading to a current need for foster homes has happened within the county.

US: Math Isn’t Biased, But Big Data Is (Opinion)

Forbes – August 30, 2017

Put biased data into an unbiased equation and you get biased results. Those biased results may then influence the courts, child welfare systems or your business. Mathematician Cathy O’Neil explored this issue in detail in her book, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.

US: Sessions: Drug overdoses ‘the top lethal issue’ in the US

Associated Press – August 29, 2017

Sessions spoke to the annual conference of the National Alliance For Drug Endangered Children. He said preliminary data show nearly 60,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. in 2016, the highest ever. He highlighted Department of Justice efforts to curb opioid abuse, including a pilot program announced Aug. 2 to send 12 federal prosecutors to cities ravaged by addiction to investigate health care fraud and opioid scams.


Kenya: & Somalia: & Ethiopia: The effects of drought in the Horn of Africa go far beyond hunger

Child Fund Alliance – August 31, 2017

After two years of below-normal rainfall, the Horn of Africa has been hit with the worst drought in over half a century. Almost 12.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. In addition to hunger, the drought has resulted in massive displacement, impacted education and led to an increase in child labor.

Also: Report:


AZ: Casa de los Niños to close crisis shelter (Video)

KVOA 4 – August 29, 2017

According to Greg McKay, Director of the Department of Child Services, multiple shelters across the state of Arizona have closed, showing improvement of Arizona’s child welfare system after 10 years of escalating removals.

Also: Casa de los Niños to close Tucson crisis shelter as need falls:

CA: For Low-Income Drug Users, Medi-Cal Offers A Fresh Start

California Healthline – August 30, 2017

As the opioid epidemic burns a path of devastation through communities across the nation, California is leading the way in revamping treatment for low-income residents like Johnson. Before this year, the state’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, covered only limited and episodic care. Now, it pays for a much broader range of treatment including expanded access to medications, inpatient beds, individual therapy and case managers.

CO: Breckenridge offers up space for child advocacy center, clearing major hurdle

Summit Daily – August 29, 2017

Beyond providing a compassionate environment for child victims, there’s a practical element to child advocacy centers, as well; police say that having well-trained forensic interviewers, not uniformed police, talk to child victims helps ensure prosecutors have the best evidence in criminal cases. What’s more, when victims and their families have to travel long distances for those services, they’re less likely to take advantage of them.

CO: Program Bridges The Gap Between Foster Care & Adulthood (Includes video)

CBS Denver – August 29, 2017

In order to be eligible for Bridging the Gap, you have to be between 18 and 25 years old. You don’t have to work or be in school to qualify for the program, but life coaches work on achieving these goals. To qualify for the FUP (Family Unification Program) you have to have had a child welfare placement like foster homes or group homes or have been homeless, after the age of 16. The Bridging the Gap program offers assistance to people previously in the child welfare system who are transitioning to adulthood or self-sufficiency.

FL: National Youth Advocate Program begins servicing Northwest Florida

Santa Rosa Press Gazette – August 29, 2017

The National Youth Advocate Program is a not-for-profit organization that recruits and educates parents on providing foster homes to children experiencing challenges including medical issues, mental illness, substance abuse and challenging behaviors. The organization has served in Northwest Florida since March and has an office in Pensacola; however, NYAP employees travel to all counties between Walton and Escambia to work with foster families.

NY: Post-Adoption Support Program Will Help Rockland Families

New City Patch – August 29, 2017

The Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York has opened a Rockland County office to help adoptive families and relatives who have guardianship of children. The Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone (AGAPE) is funded by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

VA: Editorial: Baby boxes provide education and supplies to new parents

Richmond Times-Dispatch – August 28, 2017

A Temple University study released in May showed that when new mothers were given a baby box and received face-to-face instruction on sleep practices, the reported rates of bed-sharing between mothers and infants was 25 percent lower than with mothers given no box.

WA: ‘Baby Box’ pilot program at Community Health

Columbia Basin Herald – August 24, 2017

Helping moms and dads of newborns, and educating them in ways to reduce the chance of SIDS or suffocation in newborn babies, is the goal of a new project sponsored by Community Health Plan of Washington. Moses Lake Community Health is one of the participants in the pilot project trying out the “Baby Box.”

Also: New pilot program educates parents on safe sleep habits for newborns (Includes video):

WI: Protecting children endangered by drug use in the home (Includes video)

WFRV – August 29, 2017

“If there are children involved, they investigate as a drug endangered child,” said Captain Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department. “Meaning they’ll take pictures and extra time to prove there were children in the area where the drugs occurred.” In Northeast Wisconsin police say drug use of all kinds, from alcohol to heroin, is on the rise. It is putting innocent children exposed to their parent’s addictions in potential danger.

Also: Drug abuse is destroying families, attorney general says in Green Bay (Includes video:

US: Five Lessons for Implementing Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare

Chronicle of Social Change – August 29, 2017

While clinicians or social workers might be good at identifying people in immediate danger, recognizing often complex patterns of “long arc” risk is much more difficult. PRM enables child welfare staff to identify earlier those individuals who are at long-arc risk of adverse outcomes and help them avoid the adverse event.

US: New Research Links Increased Minimum Wage to Reduced Child Maltreatment

Chronicle of Social Change – August 29, 2017

The study found that the 30 states that had exceeded the federal minimum wage by a dollar reflected a reduced risk of child welfare involvement. Further, the decline in report rates is greater among school-aged children ages 6 to 12.

US: Should you put a newborn in a baby box? 4 questions with an expert (Includes video)

Asbury Park Press – August 29, 2017

“There has been testing at the baby box companies, and it meets standards in Canada and the U.K. Irish babies and Canadian babies are no different from American babies. It’s safe there, it should be safe here, in my opinion.”

Also: Using Baby Boxes for Safe Sleep:

Information Gateway Link: Parenting Infants and Young Children:


Israel: State reverses opposition to same-sex couples adopting children

Times of Israel – August 29, 2017

The Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry has reversed its opposition to same-sex couples adopting children in Israel, less than a month after announcing the controversial decision, according to a report Tuesday.

Philippines: Agencies join efforts for enhanced child protection

Sun Star Network – August 30, 2017

The Ifugao Provincial Police Office, Department of Education, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, and the Provincial Health Office signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen efforts for the protection of children in the different municipalities of the province.


AZ: Records: Detective who resigned failed to properly investigate dozens of abuse cases

Arizona Daily Star – August 28, 2017

A Tucson police detective who resigned from the department last year failed to properly investigate dozens of child sexual and vulnerable-adult abuse cases, allowing “dangerous suspects” to walk free, newly released police documents show.

CA: Brief Finds That Extended Foster Care Increases Educational Success

Chronicle of Social Change – August 28, 2017

The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago recently released a brief highlighting factors that lead to high school completion and college enrollment for foster youth. “Each month in extended foster care past age 18, increased the expected odds of completing high school by about 8 percent,” the Chapin Hall brief said.

Brief: California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study (CalYOUTH): Early Findings from the Child Welfare Worker Survey:

CA: County disagrees with grand jury finding that it lacks data on foster care outcomes

San Diego Union-Tribune – August 28, 2017

The County of San Diego disagreed with some findings from a June grand jury report on the lack of data to measure foster care outcomes, and it said it would need to further analyze recommendations before agreeing to make changes, according to its official reply. The grand jury concluded in its June 5 report that the county had no way to know how much foster care alumni cost taxpayers in adulthood because it doesn’t track how many go on to rely on social welfare as adults. It also found the lack of data limited the county’s ability to study and fine-tune programs to save money while helping more children succeed.

Grand Jury report:

Official reply:

CA: State demands fixes in San Joaquin foster care system

San Francisco Chronicle – August 26, 2017

State officials have found that San Joaquin County is failing to properly care for its foster youth – from inadequate visits by social workers to poor monitoring of psychotropic drugs – with problems extending far beyond an emergency shelter where hundreds of abused and neglected children have been arrested and jailed for minor misdeeds.\

CA: ‘Matter of life and death for our babies.’ How neighborhoods are saving black children (Includes video)

Sacramento Bee – August 25, 2017

As part of the Black Child Legacy Campaign, last July, seven neighborhood centers began receiving $120,000 annually over the next three years through a county-funded steering committee. The organizations, many with a long history of serving their communities, act as the campaign’s boots on the ground ensuring they reach their goal of reducing childhood death rates by 10 to 20 percent over a five-year period.

CO: Editorial: What Happens To Children Who Don’t Get Adopted? (Includes video)

CBS Denver – August 28, 2017

What happens to the many children who are not adopted, the kids who “age out” of the foster care system? Several months ago, we began looking into that question. Our goal: to tell the stories of these young people facing daunting challenges, along with the stories of people all across Colorado working together to help them. Why is this so important? Because children who connect with a family are more likely to continue their education, get a good job, stay healthy and raise thriving families of their own.

CO: Foster Parent: ‘The Outcomes I Have Seen Haven’t Been Great’ (Includes video)

CBS Denver – August 28, 2017

“Then you try to teach them the skills they need to live on their own and the motivation. I think, for me, it’s easier to teach the skills it’s harder for me to instill that motivation to want to do something with their lives,” Hill explained.

CT: Op-Ed: There’s nothing liberal in being a ‘fixed cost’

NCAdvertiser – August 26, 2017

How much money could state government save if, instead of social workers, children had parents prepared to support them? Why don’t children have such parents? Connecticut Voices for Children would be far more valuable to Connecticut and children alike if it looked into those questions rather than muse about throwing a lot more money at remediation, thereby accepting neglect and abuse.

IA: Franciscan sister to open home for survivors of sex trafficking

Souix City Journal – August 26, 2017

Franciscan Sister Shirley Fineran founded the nonprofit Siouxland Restoration Center to raise money to make her vision a reality. In April, she took possession of a spacious home on an acreage on the outskirts of Sioux City, which was donated by its previous owners. In December, Fineran hopes to open Lila Mae’s House, which she describes as a “place of healing,” to seven women who have experienced sex trafficking. She said that referrals will come from local nonprofit organizations and that the women will be able to live in the home for two years.

IN: State Supreme Court says it can’t force DCS to comply with caseload limits

Indianapolis Star – August 29, 2017

The Indiana Supreme Court said it cannot force the Indiana Department of Child Services to comply with caseload limits – even though those limits are required by law. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court said the issue can’t be resolved by a judicial mandate. The justices said that while Indiana law requires a specific outcome – limits on the number of cases each family case manager must handle – the law does not specify the particular action DCS must take to reach that outcome.

The Decision:

MO: Coyote Hill builds house for abused and neglected children

KOMU – August 26, 2017

Dozens of people came together today to help build a new house at Coyote Hill, a Christian children’s home for abused and neglected children. “Daily we are turning away placement phone calls, because of the lack of space,” McDaniel said. “The need to give sibling groups in foster care a safe place to live continues to grow in mid-Missouri. It will be a place for children to find refuge, while finding themselves. This is very rewarding, eternal work that we can all be a part of.”

NM: Paramilitary sect members indicted in child abuse case

CBS News – August 28, 2017

The Cibola County grand jury voted late Friday to indict the four members of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps after a magistrate judge refused to lower bonds. Sect co-leader Deborah Green is facing charges of failure to report a birth, child abuse and sexual penetration of a minor. Green is nicknamed “the general,” because she is one of the founders of the group, reports CBS affiliate KRQE. Investigators say she and her son-in-law, Peter Green, molested a girl.

Also: Military-style Christian Sect Child Sex Abuse Case: 4 More Charged:

Also: Paramilitary Christian Sect Accused Of Child Abuse Operated Quietly:

TX: Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare Respond to Harvey

Chronicle of Social Change – August 28, 2017

The DFPS licensing division has been tracking all state providers, according to DFPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins. As of this morning, 900 children have been evacuated from a total of 21 residential facilities. Those facilities are managed by private providers, who are required through licensing to have an emergency plan for such events. So all of those children remain in the custody of those providers.

Information Gateway resource: Disaster Preparedness & Response:

US: & Russia: US withholding data on fate of orphaned Russian-American boy – children’s rights commissioner

Russia Today – August 28, 2017

The US is not providing Russia with any information on a 9-year-old boy who lost both of his parents in a series of tragic events last week, Anna Kuznetsova, the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the Russian president has said. All attempts by Russian relatives of the orphaned boy, Daniel Morozov, who has dual citizenship, to make contact with him have so far been futile. On August 22, the LAPD shot and killed the boy’s father, Konstantin Morozov, 48, who was suspected of murdering his estranged wife and the boy’s mother, Natalia Morozova. Media reports said Morozov was also suspected of the abduction of his son Daniel, who was with him but unharmed in the incident. Daniel was subsequently placed into the protective custody of the Department of Family and Children Services in Los Angeles County.

US: Budget Cuts to Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Create Concern

Mothering – August 28, 2017

The controversial cuts will continue to be a hot-topic. According to data from the CDC, teen pregnancy and childbirth cost taxpayers $9.4 billion in 2010. Teen pregnancies create increased health care and foster care costs, as well as increased incarceration rates among children of teen parents.

US: Students Displaced by Hurricane Protected by Federal Law on Homeless

Education Week – August 28, 2017

The vast majority of students who may end up temporarily or permanently displaced by Hurricane Harvey are entitled to full protections under the federal McKinney-Vento Act that covers homeless students. That could also end up placing extra financial and logistical weight on school districts serving students in and outside the area affected by the disaster.

US: Why Taking Care of My Own Mental Health Is Difficult as a Foster Care Caseworker (Opinion)(May require registration)

Mighty – August 28, 2017

I am a foster care caseworker. I am responsible for putting families back together, for helping parents do programs which would enable their children to return to their custody and for helping ensure the safety of the children, both in their foster homes and with their parents. I work with a litany of service providers including but not limited to substance abuse treatment professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, parenting instructors, attorneys, relatives, advocates, schools, foster families, Early Intervention and gazillions more. What everyone tends to forget is I am also a human being.


United Kingdom: Scandal of 700 babies born addicted to drugs in Scotland

Herald Scotland – August 26, 2017

Direct government funding to alcohol and drug partnerships have been slashed in Scotland with a freedom of information request revealing that half of Scotland’s health boards were not making up the shortfall in funds as promised. This has created concern amongst drug campaign groups that the opportunities for preventative treatments are being overlooked.


CA: Needing Foster Homes, California Seeks to Relax Rules on Criminal Convictions

Chronicle of Social Change – August 25, 2017

California is moving forward with a pair of initiatives designed to increase its supply of foster parents, while grappling with sweeping reforms to its foster care system. A big part of that effort is a bill now under consideration in California’s state legislature that would reduce the number of crimes that bar a person from becoming a foster parent.

CA: When S.F. had a shortage of Jewish foster homes

Jewish News of Northern California – August 25, 2017

August 28, 1959 “The whole concept that Jews ‘take care of their own’ is inaccurate. Sure, we’re generous when it’s a matter of giving money to welfare causes. But when it comes to involving ourselves personally, we’re not so generous.”

CO: CBS4 Explores Issues Around ‘Aging Out’ (Includes video)

CBS 4 – August 28, 2017

Every week, Britt Moreno profiles a child living in foster care waiting for a family during CBS4’s Wednesday’s Child stories. This project looks at what happened when a child does not make that connection.

Information Gateway resource: Extending Out-of-Home Care for Youth Past Age 18:

CT: To be a trauma-informed city takes a cultural shift and partnership

Connecticut Mirror – August 28, 2017

When a kid acts out in New Britain, the first question teachers, administrators and mental health professionals are asking is no longer, “What’s wrong with you?” but, “What happened to you?” The reaction is no longer to punish, but to empathize.

CT: McHaelen: Despite social changes, LGBT kids continue to have more difficult adolescence

Connecticut Mirror – August 27, 2017

True Colors began as a field project for McHaelen when she was in social work school. At the time, she just wanted to help LGBT children realize that they weren’t alone, as she had felt growing up. She wanted to bring awareness to adults such as teachers who worked with them on a daily basis. She wasn’t planning to spend her life working in the field, but after that first conference, when she saw both the excitement and the need of the community, that all changed. The program now offers training, a mentoring program through DCF, LGBT social nights, Queer Academy summer camp and a yearly conference,

DC: Report on child fatalities shows progress – and more to be done (Opinion)

Washington Post – August 27, 2017

There is much to celebrate in the D.C. auditor’s recent report on child fatalities. The District, for years ranked among the worst major U.S. cities for child mortality, saw significant improvement in its child fatality rates between 2008 and 2015. The number of child fatalities per year dropped by 32 percent, from 182 deaths to 124.

Report: Report on D.C. child fatalities:–and-more-to-be-done/2017/08/27/02e5b06e-841d-11e7-b359-15a3617c767b_story.html?utm_term=.2ecad65a2737

FL: Editorial: Opioid crisis tasks experts with finding solutions

Naples Daily News-Press – August 27, 2017

Angela Smith, director of the Lee County Health Department, shared stories of the tragic impact on children in households where substance abuse repeatedly happens. Some 1,200 children have been removed from homes in the five-county area the health system oversees during the past 12 months, as well as 627 newborns. Now, there is no place to put these children. “The foster care system is about to collapse,” she said.

FL: Foster parents needed in North Central Florida

News 4 Gainesville – August 24, 2017

Right now they have about 100 foster parents throughout 13 counties in North Central Florida. But the organization has a great need to increase that number with the amount of kids they have in foster care.

HI: Foster parents to Legislature: Use special session to pay out $9M settlement (Includes video)

KFVE – August 23, 2017

During next week’s special session, some foster parents want lawmakers to take up a bid to raise reimbursement rates for families in the foster care system. In a settlement, the state agreed to pay $9 million to the families and their attorneys and raise the rates. But complaining the legal fees were excessive, state lawmakers didn’t appropriate the money. “Everyone agrees that this is a slam dunk. There’s no rational basis that the legislature has to hold this settlement up any longer,” said Victor Geminiani, attorney with the Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice.

ID: Can Support for Fathers Prevent Child Abuse, Neglect? (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 28, 2017

The Children’s Trust Fund is currently funding a Catholic Charities’ fatherhood program in Idaho Falls. Taryn Yates, grant manager for the Children’s Trust Fund, says it’s a useful way to get dads involved, and can be especially helpful for fathers whose own fathers during childhood weren’t around.

IL: Governor Signs Rep. Sauer Bill to Support Foster Children

Chicago Tribune – August 25, 2017

When House Bill 3169 passed through the House in the spring, Sauer said, “I’m pleased that my colleagues in the House came together to unanimously pass House Bill 3169 today. Every child benefits when we create an environment that promotes inspiring and positive interaction. For children in foster care, we can nurture this type of positive environment by ending the use of outdated legal terms that diminish their self-worth. House Bill 3169 helps us do this.”

IL: Wanted: Local foster parents: Champaign County has a shortage

Urbana Daily Citizen – August 25, 2017

Most Champaign County children in foster care are placed in homes outside the county, many of them more than 50 miles away, says Stacy Cox, social services administrator of the Champaign County Department of Job and Family Services.

IN: Evans Tapped to Lead One of State’s Largest Child Welfare Agencies

Inside Indiana Business – August 28, 2017

White’s Residential & Family Services has appointed Ron Evans chief executive officer. He will succeed Dee Gibson, the company’s longtime CEO, effective January 2018. Gibson announced in October 2016 his impending retirement, which will take place at the end of 2017. After his retirement, Gibson will serve as a consultant to the organization.

IN: Nancy Vaughan column: United, we can address the opioid crisis (Opinion)

Herald Bulletin – August 27, 2017

There are also elements of this crisis that are common to all human struggles, primarily the interconnection of health, education and financial stability along with the interconnection of individuals, families and communities. As the opioid abuse problem has grown, more people have dropped out of the workforce, more babies are born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, more children have entered the foster care system, more workers have filed worker compensation claims, HIV and Hepatitis C have increased, and jails are bursting.

IN: Child abuse death cases on the rise in Indiana

Herald Bulletin – August 25, 2017

The 77 deaths covered in the report are abuse and neglect cases that child service officials could “substantiate,” out of 258 fatalities the department reviewed.

IN: Kids Talk empowers children who might be abused

Herald Bulletin – August 25, 2017

In the three years it’s been open, Kids Talk has helped change how child neglect and physical and sexual abuse cases in Madison County are investigated.

KY: County sees rise in child abuse, neglect cases

News-Enterprise – August 28, 2017

Family Court Judge Pamela Addington has presided over family court cases for more than 13 years. She said from mid-June 2004, when was elected to the bench, to December 2004, she handled 423 neglect and abuse cases. For the whole year in 2005, that number was 739. In 2016, total family court filings reached 2,698 cases. Addington said the total cases of what they have done this year already is more than 2,000 and “we’re just a little over halfway point. We’re probably going to be really closely double.”

MT: Appointees named to child abuse, neglect panel

Great Falls Tribune – August 25, 2017

Gov. Bullock on Friday appointed: Georgia Cady, director of Human Trafficking and Drop In Center, Tumbleweed Runaway Program; Abby Eyre, therapist in private practice working with trauma survivors and victims of domestic violence; Nichole Griffith, executive director and crime victim advocate for Victim-Witness Assistance Services; Mary Pat Hansen, clinical supervisor for the First Step Resource Center at Providence St. Patrick Hospital; Laura Weiss Smith, deputy director of the Department of Public Health and Human Services; Arlene Templer, director of the Department of Human Resource Development for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes; and Jenn Wihlborg, Statewide Mental Health Residential Service Director for AWARE Inc.

Also: Governor Bullock, Attorney General Fox Announce Appointees to Child Abuse and Neglect Review Commission (Press release):

NC: Opioid crisis affects community health

Rocky Mountain Telegram – August 28, 2017

“Opioid addiction and overdose have ravaged the physical and mental health of thousands of North Carolinians, hurting our people and our economy, and we’re taking action to fight it,” Cooper said in a press release concerning the STOP Act. “With this legislation and the new State Opioid Action Plan, we’re taking important first steps to stem the opioid epidemic… The poison of opioid addiction is a complex public health problem and there is no single antidote. We must attack it in multiple ways.”

NJ: Cranford library takes part in Baby Box program – August 21, 2017

The Baby Box program is a project of New Jersey’s CFNFRB, which reviews fatalities and near fatalities of children in order to identify their causes, their relationship to government support systems, and methods of prevention.

NM: Paramilitary sect’s land holding eyed in child abuse case

Associated Press – August 25, 2017

Leaders of a paramilitary religious sect rocked by child sexual abuse allegations say they were merely a small, poor group living in a secluded ranching area in New Mexico while constantly being persecuted by people who didn’t understand their reading of the Bible. But authorities say the trustees of the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps own thousands of acres of land and benefited from a wealthy high-ranking member who aided them in avoiding law enforcement agencies by hiding children throughout their vast holdings.

Also: The Latest: $500K bond stays for sect leaders in abuse case:

Also: Ex-Members Describe Military-Style Christian Sect Now Accused of Child Abuse:

NY: Avella, Hevesi bill to amend foster care law passes both houses

Times Ledger – August 28, 2017

“Recognizing that children’s notions of ‘family’ extend beyond the people they are related to by blood, marriage, and adoption, New York has long allowed adults who have close relationship with children to be certified as ‘kinship’ foster parents when those children enter foster care,” Executive Director of Lawyers For Children Karen Freedman said. “This legislation takes the important step of also allowing those adults to be treated as kin for purposes of discharging children from foster care to permanent homes with people they consider to be their family.”

NY: Genesee County needs foster parents

Daily News – August 26, 2017

Kirkpatrick said the number foster parents needed is fluid because the county has foster parents who are relatives of the children involved, and will only take in their kin. There is also situations in which people only become foster parents in hopes for a child becoming free for adoption.

OH: State Can’t Find Enough Foster Parents For Kids Displaced By Drug Abuse

Daily Caller – August 25, 2017

There is a major shortage in foster parents needed to care for children displaced by opioid addiction, and it’s causing a crisis in Ohio. State Attorney General Mike DeWine called the shortage a “tragedy” and “emergency” Thursday and asked families across the state to open their doors to children in need of a stable home. There are roughly 15,000 kids currently in Ohio’s foster care system, but only 7,200 families willing to care for them, reports WKBN.

Also: DeWine highlights need for more foster families:

Also: Opioid crisis creating foster parent need:

Also: Parents’ opioids addictions leaving Ohio kids nowhere to go:

PA: School districts prepare for stricter truancy law

Standard-Speaker – August 28, 2017

Students who miss three days of public school without an excuse might be sent to a program designed to improve their attendance, according to new Pennsylvania law. Under the law, parents could pay fines up to $750 – or spend three days in jail – if their children miss six or more school days without an excuse, but punishing parents or putting children into foster care because of truancy is a last resort.

TN: A child says he or she was abused. Now what? A look at the Tennessee investigative process (Includes video)

Tennessean – August 27, 2017

As soon as any adult knows or suspects child abuse that person is legally required to call law enforcement or the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. When either agency receives a call, they are mandated to inform each other of the allegation and share the known information within a group called the Child Protective Investigative Team, said Amy Coble, director of investigations for DCS.

VT: Family Matters: Homelessness is a year-round issue

Battleboro Reformer – August 25, 2017

While the potential dangers of exposure are increased during the winter months, the risks of homelessness are occurring year-round. Specifically, children who are homeless are vulnerable to experience many complicating issues that impact their physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, this impact can have long term, cumulative effects over the course of a lifetime.,517664

US: To Counter Child Abuse, Administrators and Case Workers Need Support to Implement Evidence-Based Improvements

Social Work Helper – August 27, 2017

Caseworkers often report that negotiating the multiple demands of their jobs puts them under constant stress. The sheer volume of Child Protective Services reports and investigations, the number of youth in foster care that need to be looked after, and the piles of paperwork that must be filled out to track decision-making – all of these burdens are overwhelming under the best of circumstances.

US: America must do more to help family members of incarcerated (Opinion)

USA Today – August 25, 2017

More than half of imprisoned adults have minor children. And those kids often suffer trauma, end up in the system, or both.

US: Memorandum of Agreement Between the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs and Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc. (Press release)

U.S. Department of State – August 25, 2017

The Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs (Department), and Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc. (IAAME), with its principal office located at 5950 NW 1st Place, Suite A Gainesville, FL 32607, hereinafter the “Parties,” are entering into this agreement for the purpose of designating IAAME as an accrediting entity under the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA), Public Law 106-279, and 22 CFR part 96.

US: More than 110,000 Children Need a Family Right Now (Audio) (Press release)

Dave Thomas Foundation – August 25, 2017

In the United States, right now, there are more than 110,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted. President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Rita Soronen talks about the Foundation’s strategies to get these children their forever families and the changing attitudes of Americans towards children in foster care.

US: Navigating the Path to a Successful Career: The Vitality of Vital Records

Youth Today – August 25, 2017

Navigating the Path to a Successful Career: The Vitality of Vital Records. There is, however, an undocumented population of U.S. citizens among us: system-involved youth. What we mean by this is large numbers of youth leave the child welfare and juvenile justice systems without their vital documents or they are not able to maintain them due to housing instability. Not having these records makes smoothly transitioning to adulthood difficult, if not impossible.

US: New Treatment Program Aims To Keep Families Together

Fix – August 25, 2017

The program aims to circumvent the foster care system by helping parents find recovery so they be better involved in their children’s lives.

US: Former Foster Youth Develops Online Course to Empower Foster Children

Chronicle of Social Change – August 24, 2017

A former foster youth has created an innovative tool for professionals in the child welfare system through his online course, Fostering Resilience. Michael Place, now an international public speaker and child rights activist, recently launched Fostering Resilience to help professionals identify and foster resilient behaviors in children.


Europe: New Objects Identified in Europol’s “Stop Child Abuse” Campaign – Second Update

Bellingcat – August 28, 2017

Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union, has asked the help of the crowd in countering child pornography. Despite all their detection methods, they sometimes encounter objects in child abuse footage of which they have no idea what it is or where they are. Following Europol’s call for help, Bellingcat started a crowdsourcing project that has successfully identified several objects.

Jordan: MOSD, UNICEF convenes experts meeting for a national strategy on foster care for children without parental care

UNICEF – August 22, 2017

“An important clause in the Convention on the Rights of the Child on early childhood protection programmes focuses on family protection, which also includes family foster care for children who do not have parents or relatives,” said the Minister of Social Development H.E. Hala Lattouf.

Philippines: Gov’t. agencies join efforts for enhanced child protection services (Press release)

Philippine Information Agency – August 25, 2017

The Ifugao Provincial Police Office, Department of Education, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and the Provincial Health Office signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen efforts for the protection of children in the different municipalities of the province. This is in response to recent complaints reaching the Office of the Governor regarding incidents of child abuse and children at risk that need to be addressed by concerned agencies.


CA: DHHS, Sheriff, Respond to Grand Jury Reports on Child Welfare

North Coast Journal – August 24, 2017

In its response to the Grand Jury Report, presented at the Aug. 15 Board of Supervisor’s meeting, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said it agreed with the grand jury’s findings that some officers “do not file reports on cases they investigated,” violate state law by disclosing the identity of mandated reporters and “need more training on how to handle the complicated and serious cases they are assigned to investigate.”



CA: Meeting shows correlation between childhood trauma and adult violence

Santa Maria Sun – August 22, 2017

A person who has experienced four or more traumatic events during childhood, also known as adverse childhood experiences, is seven times more likely to spend time in prison, according to Edwin Weaver, executive director of Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley.

CT: DCF finds success in domestic violence program for fathers

New Haven Register – August 20, 2017

His new focus was further sharpened by a program called Fathers for Change, a unique and relatively new service offered through the state Department of Children and Families to a selected few. Its purpose is to provide men involved in domestic violence situations a chance to rehabilitate through therapy by improving communication between parents and their children, as well as helping to reduce aggression. The program is one of DCF’s community-based behavioral health services.

FL: Two girls sexually abused after agencies failed to disclose foster teen’s history, lawsuit says

Tampa Bay Times – August 25, 2017

Case managers from Lutheran Services Florida urged the parents in 2013 to take the boy. But they did not mention his “extensive history of sexually acting out” and that safety plans were needed for him to be around younger children, according to a lawsuit filed in Pinellas County. The parents would never have taken the boy into their home had they known he posed a “known, serious risk to younger children,” the lawsuit states.

FL: Fort Myers opioid crisis: Experts tasked with finding solutions (Includes video)

News-Press – August 23, 2017

The opioid and heroin crisis occurring in Florida and across the country has immense quality of life implications. That’s why members of the healthcare care community, behavioral services and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office gathered Tuesday in Fort Myers for a round-table discussion about the epidemic.

KS: Foster parents of children with disabilities face unique challenges under KanCare, lawmakers told

Lawrence Journal-World – August 23, 2017

Children with severe disabilities who are placed in the state’s foster care system are not getting the kind of care they need under Kansas’ privatized Medicaid system known as KanCare, one foster parent told a legislative oversight committee Wednesday.

Also: Topeka mother shares KanCare insights despite risk of retaliation:

LA: Beauregard Parish needs more foster homes

Beauregard Daily News – August 24, 2017

In an effort gain more foster homes in the area, the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of West Central Louisiana and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are reaching out to the community.

LA: State workers finally getting pay increases

American Press – August 24, 2017

The turnover rates have been especially high for entry-level corrections officers, probation and parole officers, and child welfare specialists. The proposed pay changes are designed to make up the difference between what public employees make and what private workers earn. The differences in some cases have been as high as 28 percent.

LA: Nonprofit Spotlight: Helping foster children after they become adults

Daily Comet – August 23, 2017

What happens to young people who grow too old to remain in the state’s foster care system? If a new nonprofit has its way, these young adults will find success. Based in Houma, Liberty Dwelling is working to set up a shelter for young people in Terrebonne and Lafourche who are forced to leave the foster care system when they turn 18 but might have no place to turn.

MI: Building bridges Judge creating networks between state, tribal courts

Petoskey News-Review – August 24, 2017

With one of the largest Native American populations east of the Mississippi, observers such as Maldonado saw Michigan as one of the worst states when it came to interpreting the Indian Child Welfare Act. With her help, it has become a model.

MN: Tackling substance abuse through prevention programming

Hibbing Daily Tribune – August 23, 2017

We have a drug problem – in our county and in our country. We don’t think that bit of news comes as a surprise to anyone. It’s also become clear that this problem isn’t going away, and isn’t something we can arrest our way out of. That’s why we are putting significant effort in tackling the problem from other angles.

NE: Editorial: State child welfare system makes progress but still faces challenges

Omaha World-Herald – August 25, 2017

Nearly a decade ago, Nebraska abruptly launched a controversial effort to privatize child welfare services – the care and support for vulnerable children facing crisis situations at home. Nebraska’s attempt at child welfare privatization wasn’t adequately planned or funded, however, and it triggered major disruption and instability.

NE: The Public Pulse: Foster care gets a bum rap (Opinion)

Omaha World-Herald – August 25, 2017

Dave Newell, president and CEO of Nebraska Families Collaborative, in his Aug. 23 Midlands Voices, “Journeys through foster care,” points out many flaws in the foster care system. While the foster care system is indeed very flawed, it does offer some benefits.

NY: Queens lawmakers’ bill to protect foster children awaits governor’s signature

Queens New Service – August 24, 2017

State Senator Tony Avella and Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi are pushing to amend certain aspects of the state’s Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program (KinGAP). First introduced in March, the bill unanimously passed New York State Legislature in June. On Aug. 22, the two lawmakers urged Governor Andrew Cuomo to give the bill support statewide.

OH: AG Announces Grant For Foster Care For Kids Affected By Opioid Crisis

News Radio 1370 WSPD & 92.9-FM – August 24, 2017

The Ohio Attorney General’s office is kicking in a combined million dollars in grant money for foster care in ten Ohio counties hardest hit by opioid addiction.

OH: Ohio Seeks More Foster Parents to Help Kids From Drug-Ravaged Families

NBC News – August 24, 2017

Ohio’s top lawman sent out an SOS on Thursday to residents thinking of becoming foster parents – we need you now to take in kids from drug-ravaged families. “There is a growing chasm between the number of available foster families and the increasing number of children who enter the child welfare system because one or both of their parents are drug addicts,” Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

Also: Opioid crisis leaves thousands of kids trapped in foster care (Includes video):

Also: Foster home shortage considered emergency for kids affected by opioids (Includes video):

Also: Ohio needs more foster parents to take care of kids affected by the opioid crisis:

Also: Lawmakers looking to improve help for kids caught in middle of drug crisis:

OK: Oklahoma Viewpoints: Disaster for some OK families

Stillwater News Press – August 24, 2017

There are currently thousands of Oklahomans receiving services that don’t have a family to care for them should residential services become unavailable. Most of those are now adults who were raised at Hissom, Southern Oklahoma Resource Center (SORC) in Pauls Valley, or Northern Oklahoma Resource Center Enid (NORCE), or are former wards of the state that entered the system as abused or neglected children through Child Welfare.

RI: State: Near-death of Bristol teen a result of neglect

Providence Journal – August 24, 2017

A 15-year-old boy from Bristol was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hasbro Children’s Hospital last week for an untreated chronic medical condition. State child welfare officials are calling it a case of medical neglect.

RI: Monks at Portsmouth Abbey sexually abused minors, investigation states

Newport Daily News – August 23, 2017

A New York law firm hired by Portsmouth Abbey last year to review possible misconduct of faculty or staff at the school, including sexual abuse, filed a final 10-page report on Wednesday focusing mainly on new reported incidents involving two monks decades ago.

TN: Lack of reporting of suspected child abuse by schools an ‘epidemic,’ prosecutors say (Includes video)

Tennessean – August 19, 2017

Thousands of Tennessee schoolchildren may be vulnerable because of lax reporting and investigating of possible child abuse, according to the findings of a Tennessean investigation.

TX: Host program for developmental disability community is through Burke (Includes video)

KXXV – August 23, 2017

The Jacksons’ passion for helping those with special needs was perfect for the Companion Host Care program through Burke, where they were matched with Leroy Butler. According to Cassandra Malone, a supervisor for Burke, this program was created to get those with intellectual developmental disabilities out of group home and into a family-type environment. The program is currently looking for more families interested in providing temporary foster care to these individuals.

WI: 200 kids in foster care in Marathon Co., only 43 homes to place them (Includes video)

WSAW – August 23, 2017

Wisconsin legislatures took on problems in the foster care system this session and created a Foster Care Task Force Committee to help improve the system. The committee held their fist public hearing on Wednesday in Wausau and Patrick Schmidt a local foster parent was there to talk about the struggles a foster family sometimes faces and what he would like to see improved.

Also: Foster care task force (Video):–441562493.html

WI: 200 kids in foster care in Marathon Co., only 43 homes to place them (Includes video)

WSAW – August 23, 2017

Wisconsin legislatures took on problems in the foster care system this session and created a Foster Care Task Force Committee to help improve the system. The committee held their fist public hearing on Wednesday in Wausau and Patrick Schmidt a local foster parent was there to talk about the struggles a foster family sometimes faces and what he would like to see improved.–441562493.html

WV: Consequences of drug use hit West Virginia’s children hard

Times West Virginian – August 24, 2017

Drug overdoses – there is absolutely no question about it – are sweeping the nation. Lives are being ruined. Families are being ripped apart. People are dying at a record rate. It’s bad everywhere, but nowhere in the United States is it worse than in West Virginia.

WV: Plans moving forward for new, unique college in Montgomery (Includes video)

WCHS/WVAH – August 23, 2017

Plans are quickly moving forward to open the former campus of West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery to a new group of students. When WVU Tech closed and moved to Raleigh County earlier this year and now the first college in the nation to support youth transitioning from foster care is in the works to open in its place. City leaders and residents are hoping it will revitalize the town.

US: Advocates Press Congress to Renew Community Health Center Funding (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 24, 2017

If Congress doesn’t act by September 30 – the nation’s nearly 1,300 community health centers will lose 70 percent of their funding.

US: Former Foster Youth Develops Online Course to Empower Foster Children

Chronicle of Social Change – August 24, 2017

A former foster youth has created an innovative tool for professionals in the child welfare system through his online course, Fostering Resilience. Michael Place, now an international public speaker and child rights activist, recently launched Fostering Resilience to help professionals identify and foster resilient behaviors in children.

Also: Learn more about Place’s course, Fostering Resilience:

Information Gateway resource: Linking Well-Being, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence:

US: What Does Back to School Mean for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care? (Opinion)

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) – August 23, 2017

As the country prepares for the upcoming school year, some students, especially those that identify as LGBTQ or are part of LGBTQ families, have concerns for their safety and support.


India: Consultation on Foster Care Guidelines 2016 held

Morung Express – August 25, 2017

The State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA), Social Welfare Department organized a one day consultation meet on Foster Care Guidelines 2016 at the Red Cross Building, Kohima. The objective of the meet was to deliberate and adapt the Foster Care Guidelines 2016 to suit the economic and geographic needs of the state and to come up with our Nagaland state rules on foster care, informed a press release received here.

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Theresa May launches new youth mental health initiative during visit to Powys

County Times – August 25, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May visited South Powys last week to launch a new youth mental health initiative on A-Level results day. Mrs May announced that thousands of teenagers will receive support to deal with mental health issues as part of the National Citizen Service.


AR: U.S. Rep. Steve Womack tours Children’s Emergency Shelter expansions

Southwest Times Record – August 24, 2017

As the Children’s Emergency Shelter in Fort Smith approaches its 20th anniversary in Fort Smith this fall, the community continues to address demands associated with abuse and neglect through the nonprofit organization and its foundation. Visiting the shelter on North 14th Street on Wednesday with the CES board of directors, U.S. Rep. Steve Womack said, “There’s nothing more important that we will ever do as a people than to take care of our kids.”

CO: Child abuse calls to Colorado hotline lag in summer months

Denver Post – August 24, 2017

Calls to Colorado’s statewide child abuse hotline are up again this year, but child welfare officials have noticed an alarming trend: abuse and neglect is under-reported when teachers don’t have “eyes on kids.”

CO: Cherry Creek Schools didn’t tell parents of security guard arrest (Includes video)

Denver 7 – August 23, 2017

Cherry Creek School District officials didn’t notify parents of students at Grandview High School that a security guard working at the school was arrested and charged with sex crimes in May, but they didn’t technically have to because Colorado has no statewide policy for doing so, nor does the district have a written policy of its own.

HI: Foster parents to Legislature: Use special session to pay out $9M settlement (Includes video)

KFVE – August 23, 2017

During next week’s special session, some foster parents want lawmakers to take up a bid to raise reimbursement rates for families in the foster care system.

IL: Police, DCFS cutbacks strain center that investigates child sex crimes (Includes video)

Chicago Tribune – August 23, 2017

The Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center has earned national acclaim for its investigations of sex assault and abuse cases involving victims as young as a few months old. But even as the center’s caseload has steadily grown – to a record 2,450 child abuse reports during the 12 months ending in June – staff cutbacks have strained its operations and alarmed some of the specialists working there, the Tribune found in an analysis of government records and interviews with workers.

NE: State Health and Human Services will partner with Nebraska Families Collaborative on child welfare

Omaha World-Herald – August 24, 2017

Nebraska’s top child welfare official pledged Wednesday to work closely with the private Nebraska Families Collaborative in keeping children safe in the Omaha area.

NY: New York City Receives $7.5 Million to Increase Adoptions

Philanthropy News Digest – August 24, 2017

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in Columbus, Ohio, has awarded a $7.5 million grant to New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services in support of the agency’s efforts to place older foster children and those with special needs in permanent homes, the Wall Street Journal reports.

OH: Lucas County Children Services urging people to become foster parents (Includes video)

WTOL – August 23, 2017

There is an urgent need of foster parents in Ohio and in Lucas County. Hundreds of kids are pouring into children’s services due to the opioid epidemic. Ohio’s Attorney General planned a news conference for Thursday to encourage Ohioans to become a foster parents.

TX: Legislation, volunteers work to curb foster care crisis

Hays Free Press – August 23, 2017

The future of foster care in Texas has been teetering towards the brink of a full- blown crisis. Overworked caseworkers, children sleeping in Child Protective Services (CPS) offices due to a shortage of foster beds and abuses within the system are just a few of the major issues concerning child welfare advocates and state leaders. CASA is a volunteer program that focuses on helping children in the foster care system.

VA: 2017 Kinship Care Month (Press release)

Office of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia Terry McAuliffe – September 01, 2017

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth seeks to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment; and WHEREAS, more than 170,000 children in Virginia are being raised by grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other relatives who are not their parent … NOW, THEREFORE, I, Terence R. McAuliffe, do hereby recognize September 2017, as KINSHIP CARE MONTH in our COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.

VA: Baby boxes are available in Virginia. But child advocates are worried about safety

Virginian-Pilot – August 23, 2017

Putting babies to sleep in cardboard boxes may seem like a quaint notion, but it’s generating buzz across the country. Virginia on Wednesday became the sixth state to launch a “baby box” initiative, modeled after a long-running Finnish campaign, to reduce the number of sleep-related infant deaths.

WI: Foster care needs continue to show that it takes a village (Opinion)

Coulee News – August 24, 2017

It’s a seemingly antiquated phrase, but in the case of foster care services, it still holds true to this day. The village is both what identifies a potential foster child, and who takes those potential foster children in.

WI: Foster Care hearing held in Wausau (Includes video)

WAOW – August 23, 2017

Social workers in Wisconsin are struggling to keep up with the demand for foster families. In hopes of streamlining the system, Representatives Pat Snyder (R-Schofield) and Steven Doyle (D-Onalaska) are heading a task force on foster care.

WV: More children being ripped from their homes in W.Va. than ever before (Includes video)

WVVA – August 23, 2017

New numbers from the Dept. of Health and Human Resource (DHHR) are shining a light on a growing problem in the Mountain State. A spokesperson for the department said Wednesday 2,171 children were removed from homes last year. That number is up from 970 in 2006. What’s behind the rise?

US: Across the nation, priest sexual abuse cases haunt Catholic parishes (Includes video)

USA Today – August 23, 2017

In recent months, USA TODAY Network reporters at the Pacific Daily News have uncovered scores of allegations involving 14 Catholic priests on Guam, where a former altar boy’s accusation last summer that Archbishop Anthony Apuron sexually abused him in the 1970s has prompted other revelations. Abuse cases also have roiled Catholic parishes elsewhere the nation, sometimes decades after evidence of the crimes first emerged.

Also: Chandler man files sex abuse lawsuit against Catholic archbishop in Guam (Includes video):

US: Checking for Child Abuse Can Save Lives

Dentistry Today – August 23, 2017

When a child sits in your chair, you expect to fix a cavity, not to see signs of abuse. But every year, more than 3.6 million children are abused. As a dentist, you can identify many victims because craniofacial, face, head, and neck injuries are found in more than half of all child abuse cases.

US: Recognize the Effects of Intimate Partner Violence to Help Children Heal

Youth Today – August 23, 2017

In the United States, 15.5 million children live in families where intimate partner violence occurred at least once in the past year. For children who live in a home with intimate partner violence (IPV), the one place that should be most safe and secure can feel like a war zone. While children are often physically harmed by the abusive partner’s actions, there are also countless other ways that person’s behavior hurts family functioning, all of which damage a child’s well-being.

Information Gateway resource: Domestic Violence:

US: Bishops oppose Trump’s decision ending program for unaccompanied child migrants

Crux – August 22, 2017

The U.S. bishops are protesting the decision of the Trump administration to end a program open to migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in an effort to control the flood of unaccompanied children into the United States trying to escape violence in their home countries. In 2014 alone, more than 60,000 unaccompanied children made their way into the country causing a massive backlog in the courts.


Syrian Arab Republic: Whole of Syria: Child Protection Snapshot, January- June 2017 (Press release)

Relief Web – August 23, 2017

The child protection sector in Syria is comprised of approximately 96 partners including, UN, INGO, Syrian NGO and government agencies operating in 13 governorates. The sector works to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children through strengthening community-based child protection programming, including psychosocial support, providing specialized child protection services, mine/explosive remnants of war risk education and strengthening the capacity of frontline workers and volunteers to respond to child protection issues.

United Kingdom: Reports of child neglect in Cumbria rise by more than 60 per cent in five years

Masil – August 23, 2017

The NSPCC has expressed deep concern over the rise in the number of neglect referrals to children’s services made nationally over the past five years. In Cumbria during 2016-17 there were 126 referrals made by the children’s charity to partner agencies such as the police or county-run social services. This was a rise of 68 per cent compared to 2011-12 when there were only 75 referrals

United Kingdom: Big Issue: Why has there been an increase in reports of child neglect in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire?

Sentinel (UK) – August 23, 2017

The statistics, which are broken down into local authority areas, show the helpline received 255 reports of child neglect in the Staffordshire County Council area during 2016/17. This was up from 104 in 2011/12 – an increase of 145 per cent.


CA: Child victims won’t have to relive the pain multiple times

Oroville Mercury-Register – August 22, 2017

When authorities gather information from children about abuse they have suffered, the stories told can be “horrendous,” Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said Tuesday. There was a time years ago, Ramsey said, when children had to retell those stories over and over – to a police officer, then a detective, then a child protective services worker, a victim advocate and finally, perhaps, a prosecutor. Today, investigators aim to interview children who have been abused or have witnessed crimes only once, and in a controlled setting that is recorded by video and observed in real time by law enforcement officials and advocates.

Information Gateway resource: Interviewing:

CA: L.A. County Targets the Poor Outcomes of Older Foster Youth

Chronicle of Social Change – August 22, 2017

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors endorsed a plan calling for the county’s chief executive office and the Office of Child Protection to create a comprehensive county-wide strategy to address the needs of transition-age foster youth.

KS: Editorial: More CASAs needed for Kansas kids

Topeka Capital-Journal – August 22, 2017

Each day in Shawnee County, approximately 700 children are in foster care. These are our community’s most vulnerable children, healing from abuse and neglect in the midst of significant life disruption. Children in foster care deserve to feel safe, have their concerns heard, and be given every opportunity to be successful.

LA: Website to help La. foster children

American Press – August 22, 2017

More than 7,800 children in Louisiana were under the state’s foster care system during the most recent fiscal year. Thankfully, the state has launched a new website that is intended to make sure those children receive the quality care they need and deserve.

MD: More than 300 employees reported for abuse or neglect in one Md. school district

Washington Post – August 22, 2017

Child welfare authorities and police received more than 300 reports of suspicious conduct by Montgomery County school employees during the most recent school year, down nearly 9 percent from the year before, according to data from a new report.


ME: Abuse reports, deaths, fall through the cracks in DHHS system

Portland Press Herald – August 20, 2017

Families can’t count on a complex reporting system to work properly, imperiling adults with developmental disabilities who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect.

MO: The Key seeks solutions for teen homelessness

Northfield News – August 22, 2017

The Union of Youth, better known as The Key, recently received a $75,000 grant from the Youth Homeless Act to add additional staff to work with kids who frequent the Sixth Street center. According to Youth Moving Forward, Minnesotans under 21 are the most likely to be homeless.

MT: Governor’s office clarifies request for budget cut plans are routine

Billings Gazette – August 22, 2017

If required to make deeper cuts, agencies would be hard pressed. Reductions implemented for the fiscal year that started July 1 already resulted in 20 part- or full-time jobs being cut; reduced hours and services at the Montana Historical Society; fewer social services for the elderly, people with disabilities and children in foster care; and left local school districts without long-awaited increases to special education funding, among other reductions.

ND: State take over of social services? Not quite

Minot Daily News – August 23, 2017

The state’s financial takeover of county social services next year won’t take over quite as much of the expense as Ward County property-tax payers might have felt they were promised. In eliminating a 12 percent state property-tax buydown, the state Legislature voted to provide property-tax relief by taking on a large share of social service costs.

OH: Dedicating Resources to Ohio’s Opioid Crisis

Register-Herald – August 22, 2017

In the final budget bill signed by the governor, the state legislature allocated $180 million in new money to address the opiate crisis through a multifaceted approach. The four areas of focus that make up the HOPES (Heroin, Opioids, Prevention, Education and Safety) Agenda include prevention, treatment, mental health, and workforce development.

OH: Mapping out the causes of suicide in teenagers and children

Washington Post – August 22, 2017

“I think there’s an increase in suicidal kids in Cincinnati,” Nelson told a colleague. “We need to start mapping this out.” So Nelson and his colleagues collected the addresses of 300 children admitted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with suicidal behavior over three months in early 2016, looking for patterns. Almost instantly, a disturbing one emerged: Price Hill, a poor community with a high rate of opioid overdoses, was home to a startling number of suicidal kids.

TX: Public comment period for ESSA state plan ends Aug. 29 (Press release)

Texas Education Agency – August 23, 2017

ESSA requires federal review and approval of a state consolidated plan, which provides a comprehensive overview of how each state will use federal funds to advance its own goals and visions of success for students. Highlights of the plan include: Strengthening the state’s commitment and support for our most vulnerable populations (including migrant, foster care, homeless, and economically disadvantaged students).

TX: Child Protective Services holds trainee graduation as agency rebounds (Includes video)

KXAN – August 22, 2017

The Department of Family and Protective added 14 new caseworkers to Child Protective Services Tuesday afternoon in a trainee graduation ceremony. This comes as the agency is making progress in rebuilding a program that came under immense scrutiny by the public and state lawmakers more than a year ago.

TX: SPRIGGS: Legislature laid stronger foundation for Texas foster children (Opinion)

Waxahachie Daily Light – August 22, 2017

In his January State of the State address, Gov. Greg Abbott elevated child protection system reform as his number one emergency item. This occurred against the backdrop of a 2015 federal court ruling that Texas’ foster care system violated children’s Constitutional right to be “free from an unreasonable risk of harm.” Media scrutiny also revealed major problems with Child Protective Services (CPS), such as children sleeping in hotels and CPS offices due to placement shortages.

WV: DHHR Secretary says W.Va. Experiencing child welfare crisis

Beckley Register-Herald – August 22, 2017

In a Tuesday presentation to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability, Crouch said the DHHR is experiencing a record number of child protection referrals and removals from the home. According to the presentation, West Virginia leads the nation in children removed from the home and 48th in children in congregate care. He said children are coming into the system are younger with more complex physical and behavioral issues.

US: It Takes a Village to Promote Infant Sleep Safety (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 23, 2017

Since 1994, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that babies sleep on their backs to avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, a new survey shows that fewer than half of mothers are consistently following the recommendation – even though more than half say it’s a message they’re hearing from their doctors. Dr. Mike Gittelman, president-elect of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said pointing fingers isn’t the solution.

Study: Improvements in Infant Sleep Position: We Can Do Better!:

US: Hospitals Could Do More For Survivors Of Opioid Overdoses, Study Suggests

National Public Radio – August 22, 2017

Clinicians and researchers trying to get a handle on the epidemic look at those non-fatal experiences as opportunities to jump in and figure out whether there’s over-prescribing going on or whether the patient needs help getting treatment for an addiction.

US: The possibility, hope, and uncertainty of being a foster-to-adopt parent (Includes audio) (Opinion)

Medium – July 31, 2017

“You could have a kid who has issues even if they’re your biological kid. You still have to take them to therapy. Or you can have a kid with special needs and be dealing with that stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re biologically related to them or not. With foster care, you have to deal with someone else controlling your life. That’s the piece that is the hardest for me.”


United Kingdom: Huge rise in reports of child neglect in Wales

Capital Radio (UK) – August 23, 2017

Reports of neglect to the NSPCC in Wales have reached record numbers. The charity now refers an average of 16 reports of child neglect every week to Welsh police and social services. In 2016/17 its helpline dealt with 804 reports in this way following calls or emails from concerned adults – an 80% rise in the space of five years, up from 447 in 2011/12.

CA: Stern’s Bill Set to Improve Voter Registration Among Foster Youth Will Become Law

Malibu Times – August 19, 2017

State Senator Henry Stern’s bill to improve voter registration among foster youth in California is set to become state law, in effect Jan. 1, 2018, after receiving unanimous support in both houses of legislature.

CA: LOIS HENRY: Child protective services took Stacy Duke to keep her safe, then let her slip away – August 18, 2017

Stacy had been in the custody of San Bernardino Child Protective Services from the time she was about 9, according to family members who live mostly in Bloomington, just south of Fontana.

FL: Problems at DCF: State lawmaker reacts to Contact 5/ Palm Beach Post investigation (Includes video)

WPTV 5 – August 21, 2017

“The legislature’s responsibility is to fund and set policy,” says Harrell. “I think we, on the policy level have done a good job of increasing the numbers to be hired and also on the funding side, increasing the dollars to go into it. I think we need to address and continue that; I don’t think we’re finished. We’ve made major changes in child welfare over the last 5 years.”

IA: In search of homes: In Webster County, the foster care need is great

Fort Dodge Messenger – August 20, 2017

Bambi Schrader, a recruitment and engagement leader for Four Oaks Foster and Adoption Family Connections, has a simple request for Fort Dodge and other communities in Webster County. “We need foster parents,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know there’s a great need. Our kids need to stay in our community.”

IN: Many Refugee Children Aren’t in School (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 22, 2017

While children head back to school in Indiana and around the country, many who are victims of the crisis in Syria are unable to attend classes. According to the United Nations, many of the children who have had to flee their war-torn countries with their families are not getting an education. Late last year, a federal appeals court panel blocked then-governor Mike Pence’s attempt to keep Syrian refugees out of Indiana.

IN: Dire need for foster parents leaves children without homes

CNHI News Indiana – August 19, 2017

Indiana is currently facing a dire shortage of foster parents, meaning that thousands of Hoosier children are being left without homes, and sometimes even without a bed to sleep in, after being separated from their families.

MD: New effort to end abuse at Montgomery County schools

WTOP – August 19, 2017

A recurrence of high profile abuse allegations involving children have one local school system trying to figure out what can be done to stop the incidents from happening again, or end the abuse faster when it does occur.

MI: 200th newborn surrendered under Michigan’s ‘Safe Delivery’ program (Includes video)

M Live – August 21, 2017

It marked the 200th such surrender since the program began in 2001. It was the 13th such surrender in the state this year, and the second in Kent County. The state law — which allows for safe, legal and anonymous surrender of an infant — is intended to prevent newborns from being abandoned in dangerous places by panicked parents who might otherwise fear prosecution.

MN: Teamsters Local 320 threatens Hubbard County with possible labor strike

Park Rapids Enterprise – August 19, 2017

On Aug. 14, Hubbard County Social Services employees overwhelmingly voted to authorize a labor strike if county administration did not resolve its outstanding issues through state-facilitated mediation.

MO: Child abuse hotline now accepts out-of-state calls

Associated Press – August 19, 2017

For years, callers with out-of-state area codes couldn’t connect with Missouri’s toll-free hotline to report cases of potential child abuse and neglect, an issue advocates worried could discourage good Samaritans and mean some kids might not get the help they need.

MS: Baptist Convention boots CBF church

Baptist News Global – August 21, 2017

Conversations leading up to the decision reportedly began when Northminster was listed as a “spiritual/church” resource in a guide for LGBTQ youth in Mississippi produced by a non-profit organization that helps transfer youth out of foster care and funded by a grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. State convention leaders said the church could remain in good standing if they asked to have the listing removed, but after discussion Northminster leadership decided they had no problem being publicly identified as a safe place for individuals and families who would be using the guide.

US: Big Changes Needed to Boost America’s Foster Home Network (Opinion)

Chronicle of Social Change – August 21, 2017

Fewer foster homes are available today, primarily because of changes in family structure and a steady migration to the cities. The image of a loving home with a stay-at-home mom is a fantasy for most families today. In addition, an increasing number of families contain only one adult with one income – many of whom are frequently struggling financially. As a result, fewer families are able to offer their homes and hearts as foster parents.

US: We Need to Work on Barriers to Educational Success for Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care

Youth Today – August 21, 2017

As of September 2012, there were 399,546 children in foster care. In 2015, this number increased to 427,900 with 26,668 of them being 17 to 20 years old. Of those youth in foster care, approximately 50 percent graduate from high school, 20 percent attend college and only 2 to 9 percent graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Information Gateway resource: College Scholarships and Support for Higher Education:


Australia: Royal Commission report highlights ADF failures allowed child abuse (Audio)

ABC (Australia) – August 22, 2017

In its latest report, the commission focuses on two naval and army training bases in Western Australia and Victoria, where senior recruits routinely intimidated and harassed junior recruits as young as 15 between 1960 and 1980.

International: Study shows global estimates of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder among children

Medical Xpress – August 21, 2017

Globally, nearly eight out of every 1,000 children in the general population is estimated to have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), according to a new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). In addition, it is estimated that one out of 13 women who consumed any alcohol at any point or frequency during pregnancy delivered a child with FASD.

Also: Global Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Among Children and Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis:


AR: Residents being booted from homes to make way for Mulberry program (Video)

40/29 TV – August 18, 2017

The plan is to renovate apartments in Mulberry to give parents of children in foster care a place to live. But the people who live there now were just given eviction notices.

AZ: Adoptions: ‘Children … want to be adopted and be part of a forever family’

Daily Miner – August 20, 2017

Roughly 4,000 children in Arizona are waiting for adoption, including 87 in Mohave County, said Darren DaRonco, public information officer for the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

CA: Marc Cuniberti: Investing in Community – Foster Families

Union – August 20, 2017

Investing in our community can take many forms, and hosting a foster child or two is one way we can help. Not only do we help our future generation of adults start off from a healthier launching pad, the rewards that we receive may be more than we expect.

CA: Juvenile crime rates plummet amid new approaches to tackling youth crime

San Diego Union Tribune – August 19, 2017

Instead of being taken to Juvenile Hall, Carlos went to a licensed foster care family that participates in the county’s “cool beds” program. It provides short term foster care of up to two weeks for youths who have trouble at home and in their families.

CO: Doctors, nurses are trained to care for abused, neglected children at Denver foster clinic

Denver Post – August 18, 2017

Dr. Lora Melnicoe, who sees about 10 foster children and teens each day at the Connections for Kids Clinic, knew the boy felt powerless, like his life was out of control. So she put him in charge of some decisions: For one, did he want her to listen to his breathing and look in his ears in the room with his baby sister or behind a privacy curtain? He chose a privacy screen, and the exam began.

CT: Child Welfare Agency Cannot Vaccinate Children Without Parental Consent

Chronicle of Social Change – August 18, 2017

Though emergency medical treatment can still be provided by DCF, the court ruled that parents have a right to continue making medical decisions for their children, even when they are in the custody of the state.

HI: Child Fatality Reviews Resume

Honolulu Star Advertiser – August 20, 2017

Thanks to legislation passed last year, the state Department of Health has resumed a multidisciplinary, multi-agency review of deaths involving people under 18.

IA: Community helps shelter for homeless mothers grow

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier – August 20, 2017

A generous community is helping the House of Hope provide new opportunities to more homeless mothers. The two-year transitional program for homeless single mothers, currently operating from two older homes, is expanding its program into the former Ross Christensen dentistry office.

IN: New law: Teachers must immediately report suspected abuse

Terre Haute Tribune Star – August 19, 2017

As of July 1, 2017, Indiana Code (31-33-5-2) now requires the school employee to immediately report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Child Services or to a local law enforcement agency, and then notify the principal or the principal’s designee that a report has been made. The new law also states that a school, “may not establish any policy that restricts or delays the duty of an employee or individual to report under this chapter.”

LA: Our Views: Damning audit of children services

Advocate – August 18, 2017

The corporate incentives and tax breaks at the State Capitol during former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s tenure had a real cost, in putting at risk the lives of Louisiana’s most vulnerable children.

MD: Baltimore uses trauma research to improve life for poor parents and their children

Washington Post – August 20, 2017

The agency was already using knowledge of trauma in providing care when Brown walked through the doors three years ago – homeless, pregnant and suffering from bouts of depression. Social workers’ assessment of Brown found that she was emotionally and sexually abused as a child. Her mother was a substance abuser and she had little support at home. Brown also had learning disabilities. Batts-Thomas said Brown had at least four adverse childhood experiences.

MD: Molly McGrath Tierney resigns from Baltimore Department of Social Services

Baltimore Sun – August 18, 2017

Molly McGrath Tierney, a fierce child-welfare advocate, announced Friday that she will resign as director of the Baltimore Department of Social Services after nine years with the agency.

MO: Coyote Hill to build new home for abused, neglected children

Columbia Daily Tribune – August 18, 2017

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, which provides a home environment for abused and neglected children, will build a new 5,500 square foot home. On Aug. 26, Coyote Hill and community members will have a “framing day,” which kicks off building and serves as a symbol for the strong foundations the new home hopes to build for the children it serves.

NE: Children’s Home Society selects Temple-Plotz as new CEO (Press release)

Nebraska Children’s Home Society – August 18, 2017

Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS) is pleased to announce Lana Temple-Plotz as its new chief executive officer. Temple-Plotz will replace Karen Authier, current CEO of NCHS, effective Oct. 1.

OH: Former Children’s doctor indicted on sex charge arrested in D.C. (Includes video)

Journal-News – August 18, 2017

Arun Aggarwal was arrested Friday after attempting to flee the country according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Aggarwal was arrested in Washington D.C. after flying from Cleveland to Dulles International Airport in an attempt to catch a connecting flight to India. Aggarwal is currently at the Loudoun County detention center where he will remain in custody until he is extradited back to Ohio to face charges.

OK: Former Oklahoma County juvenile shelter to offer services for children, parents in foster care system

Oklahoman – August 18, 2017

A former shelter for abused and neglected juveniles will be transformed to provide services to families with children in foster care. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services closed the shelter at 5909 N Classen Court in November 2015 as it moved to place more children in state custody with foster families.

PA: Lawmaker wants better response to drug-exposed babies

New Castle News – August 19, 2017

State and federal law require that county agencies get alerted when doctors realize babies have been exposed to illicit drugs. But state law includes an exemption for cases when the drugs are substances, like methadone, that have been prescribed to the mom to stay off illegal drugs. Federal law makes no such distinction and state Rep. Kathy Watson, R-Bucks County, said the state should follow suit.

TN: Lack of reporting of suspected child abuse by schools an ‘epidemic,’ prosecutors say (Includes video)

Tennessean – August 19, 2017

Exactly when Brentwood Academy officials learned of allegations of the rape and sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy by other students at the school, and when they informed law enforcement of what they knew, is disputed. The allegations against the elite Christian private school outlined in a $30 million lawsuit illustrate what some say is a systemic problem across the state.

VA: Children’s Home Society of Virginia now offering post-adoption services in Fredericksburg area

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star – August 20, 2017

To help both Xavier and his parents meet these challenges, Children’s Home Society of Virginia is now offering post-adoptive services in the Fredericksburg area. These services include KidsClub-an occasional one-day program for adopted and pre-adoptive kids-parent-coaching for the immediate pre- and post-adoptive period, and family support for specific issues-whenever and for however long the family wants it.

WV: Pregnant women in W.Va. show high rates of tobacco use

Register-Herald Reporter – August 21, 2017

“You hear a lot about the drug abuse,” said Molly McMillion, a special projects consultant with the West Virginia Perinatal Partnership, a statewide partnership of health care professionals and public and private organizations working to improve perinatal health. “But it’s honestly not as prevalent as the tobacco use. We’re No. 1 in the nation for pregnant smokers.” Smoking while pregnant can cause a host of issues for the baby, McMillion said, including growth restriction and miscarriage.

US: Home Visits Help Parents Overcome Tough Histories, Raise Healthy Children

Kaiser Health News – August 21, 2017

Home visiting organizations operated out of the national limelight for decades until the Affordable Care Act created a nationwide program in 2010 to support them. The federal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting program now awards $400 million in annual grants to help new families with young children and couples who are expecting.

Information Gateway resource: Home Visiting:

US: International Association of Chiefs of Police and TASC Announce National Initiative to Combat our Nation’s Opioid Epidemic and Mainstream Diversion Programs (Press release)

International Association of Chiefs of Police and TASC – August 21, 2017

TASC, Inc. has a 40-year history of bridging justice systems and community-based substance use treatment programs. Offering direct services to more than 20,000 people annually in Illinois, TASC works in partnership with law enforcement, courts, prisons, child welfare programs, and community-based service providers to implement evidence-based services that increase health and reduce recidivism.

US: Most moms aren’t putting babies to sleep safely, study says

CNN – August 21, 2017

Despite a 23-year campaign urging that babies be put to bed on their backs, only 43.7% of US mothers report that they both intend to use this method and actually do so all the time, according to a new study. The Safe to Sleep campaign has been telling both caregivers and parents to use this position since 1994.

Also: Behavior theory may offer key to ensuring infants are put to sleep safely:

US: Interracial adoption is on the rise – and America is better for it (Opinion)

New York Post – August 20, 2017

For one thing, one in six newlyweds in America is married to someone of a different race, according to a Pew poll from earlier this year. And, notably, interracial adoption is on the rise. According to new research out from the Institute for Family Studies, “The proportion of adopted kindergartners being raised by a mother of a different race or ethnic group rose by 50 percent between 1999 and 2011.”

Also: The Changing Face of Adoption in the United States:

US: Opioid crisis strains foster care system; programs aim to keep kids with mom

Kaiser Health News – August 20, 2017

Data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that from October 2012 to September 2015, as addiction surged, the number of kids entering the foster system rose 8 percent. In recent years, experts suggest, the number has continued to climb, though data aren’t yet available to track that increase.

US: Welfare as we know it now: 6 questions answered

Salon – August 20, 2017

Who gets TANF benefits? More than three out of four of the people who get these benefits are children. For a growing share of TANF “families” – nearly half in 2015 – the only beneficiaries are minors.

US: Former Long Beach foster child interns for Kamala Harris, writes foster care policy paper

Press-Telegram – August 18, 2017

The 29-year-old Long Beach woman served as an intern for Sen. Kamala Harris this summer, and as part of that work, has written a portion of a 74-page policy paper advocating for a national standard for quality of services for foster youth. The paper, penned by a dozen former foster youth across the country, was recently presented to members of Congress, staff and child welfare advocates.

Also: “We Are the Keys” – CCAI’s 2017 Foster Youth Interns Release Report and Recommendations (Summaries of Interns’ articles, including Tiffany Boyd’s):

US: PLF urges Supreme Court to review constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act

Pacific Legal Foundation – August 18, 2017

PLF filed this friend of the court brief at the Supreme Court today, urging the Court to take Goldwater Institute’s challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Also: The Brief:

Also: Goldwater Institute Supports Appeal by Foster Parents in Controversial Indian Child Adoption Case:

Indian Child Welfare Act:

US: Trump administration shuts down Central American minor protection program (Includes video)

Fox News – August 17, 2017

The Trump administration on Wednesday shut down yet another Obama-era program – this one created to give Central American minors fleeing poverty and gang violence in their homeland temporary legal status in the United States.

US: What Do We Know About Sex Offenders? (Opinion)

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs – August 15, 2017

Recognizing the ever-growing body of research on sex offenders and sexual offending, the Department of Justice’s Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering and Tracking (SMART) Office developed the Sex Offender Management Assessment and Planning Initiative (SOMAPI). SOMAPI summarizes the current state of sex offender management research and practice and recommends steps to bolster the evidence behind certain strategies used to contain and manage this population.


Bangladesh: South Asia floods put thousands of children at risk

Plan International – August 18, 2017

“Our years of experience in Asia have also shown us that children (especially girls) are the most vulnerable victims of disasters and require specific support to ensure their protection and safety, which can often be compromised in an emergency. We have created safe spaces for children, with a special emphasis on girls, and are supporting the re-opening of schools, so children can resume their education as quickly as possible, says Gebregziabher.

Also: South Asia: Plan International launches multi-country response to support thousands of children, families at risk following devastating floods:

Canada: International adoptions decline dramatically in Canada

CBC News – August 20, 2017

The number of international adoptions has declined dramatically in Canada in the last five years due to tighter country controls, exorbitant costs and alternative routes to parenthood. Last year, there were only 793 international adoptions in Canada, according to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). That’s the lowest number in decades, and nearly half the total from 2012, when there were 1,379 inter-country adoptions.

Canada: On the Trail of Canada’s Missing Women (Opinion)

New York Times – August 18, 2017

With a budget of 54 million Canadian dollars ($42 million U.S.), the National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was asked to explore the root causes of the violence, including the role of institutions like the police and child welfare services.

Finland: Petition to raise the refugee quota submitted to Minister Risikko

Relief Web – August 21, 2017

The refugee quota is used to help those who are most vulnerable: women who have suffered violence, single mothers, children, the disabled and victims of torture. In recent years, approximately half of Finland’s quota refugees have been children. According to the UN, currently only one per cent of refugees in need of relocation are able to successfully relocate to a safe country.

Palestine: NGO: Palestinian Territories Facing Worsening Child Protection Crisis

Palestine Chronicle – August 18, 2017

“Save the Children, along with other agencies and partners, calls upon world leaders to take action to protect children’s inalienable right to safe access to a quality education and to guarantee the special protection afforded to children in areas of conflict,” Jennifer Moorehead, director of Save the Children – Palestine said.

Sudan: Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict adopts its fifth conclusion on Sudan

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict – August 18, 2017

In response to other key recommendations, Watchlist is pleased to see the Working Group recall in its letter to the Government that children associated with armed forces and armed groups should be treated primarily as victims in line with the Paris Principles, and its welcoming the Government’s release of the 21 children detained by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

Also: Watchlist’s work on Sudan:

Also: Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in the Sudan:

United Kingdom: Unaccompanied Children Face Battling Immigration Legal Cases Alone

Huffington Post UK – August 20, 2017

Trying to navigate the immigration system in a new country alone is something any adult would find difficult. But in the UK right now, thousands of children who are alone and separated from their families – are in this situation without the support and access to legal advice that they badly need.

United Kingdom: Safeguarding Programme Set to Roll Out to UK Schools

EIN Presswire – August 18, 2017

A child safeguarding programme for schools, with education at its heart, is set to roll out to 53 Academies across four multi-agency Trusts next month.

DE: Bills helping foster kids become law

Delaware State News – August 18, 2017

Gov. John Carney signed into law Thursday two bills giving foster children expanded opportunities. Senate Bill 56 provides liability protections for foster parents and guardians, while Senate Bill 42 allows individuals to add foster children to their car insurance.

KY: State’s first-ever ‘adoption czar’ re-imagining system (Includes video)

WLKY – August 17, 2017

Dumas said the state needs to employ better technology, and revamp the way it does background checks. And perhaps the toughest challenge: helping kids before they’re in the system. “Prevention is a big piece and we haven’t done a good job at prevention, that’s an area we need to focus on,” Dumas said.

MA: Governor defends DCF treatment of foster families (Includes video)

WCVB TV – August 17, 2017

John and Meg DeMalia were hosting a foster child and had four biological children when DCF launched an emergency response based on scant evidence of abuse. That response led to their four biological children being strip-searched at night, traumatizing them.

MD: Cities Enlist ‘Doulas’ to Reduce Infant Mortality

Pew Charitable Trusts – August 17, 2017

The doula initiative is the latest salvo in the Baltimore City Health Department’s 7-year-old program to combat high infant mortality rates among black newborns. “The impetus for this program is the huge disparity in infant mortality between blacks and whites born in this city,” said Stacey Tuck, maternal and child health director at the department. Baltimore is not alone. New York, Chicago and Tampa have also used doula training programs to improve newborn health.

MI: Mistake may have put child at risk in kidnapping (Includes video)

WOOD TV – August 17, 2017

The Office of Children’s Ombudsman, a state watchdog, criticized Bethany Christian Services for allowing the child’s father to have unsupervised parenting time with the 2-year-old.

MS: Shelter opens for victims of human trafficking (Includes video)

WAPT – August 17, 2017

The Center for Violence Prevention announced the opening Wednesday of Tower, Mississippi’s human trafficking shelter. Sandy Middleton, executive director of the center, joined with local law enforcement to emphasize the need for a shelter specifically for victims of human trafficking.

NH: Bill Paves Way for Grandfamilies Affected by the Opioid Crisis

Chronicle of Social Change – August 17, 2017

In June, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 629 into law. The bill gives legal preference to grandparents – over other family members or nonfamily members – in guardianship cases where substance abuse is involved.

NY: Foster Care as Punishment? A Case of Biased Reporting by the New York Times (Opinion)

Chronicle of Social Change – August 17, 2017

The reporters’ fixation on child removals ignores the overall trend in New York City away from placing children in foster care and toward providing supportive services to families while the children remain at home. The total number of children in foster care in the city has fallen from an average of 16,031 in 2007 to 9,041 in May 2017, according to data provided to this writer by ACS.

Also:Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’:

OK: Former Oklahoma County juvenile shelter to offer services for children, parents in foster care system

Oklahoman – August 18, 2017

Following a $2 million renovation, the building will house coordinated care services for families coming into the foster care system, Shropshire said. Families will be assessed by a group of professionals to determine what the children need and what the parents need.

PA: For traumatized teens, ‘special’ foster parents needed

Morning Call – August 17, 2017

Finding someone willing to foster a teen or young adult is already difficult, said Kevin Dolan, administrator of Northampton County’s Division of Children, Youth and Families, which contracts with the Children’s Home of Reading. Add the kinds of behavioral issues common among the kids in Specialized Foster Care – anger, aggression, acting out sexually – and the search can become frustrating.

PA: Mentors make all the difference when a child’s parent goes to jail, advocates say in Lancaster

Lancaster Online – August 17, 2017

Bethany Christian Services, best known for its adoption and foster care services, hopes to have 10 Lancaster County children of incarcerated parents matched with mentors by the end of the year. The agency also is aiming for 10 matches each in Dauphin and York counties

Information Gateway resource: Parent Mentor Project:

TX: CPS ‘suspends’ relationship with West Texas Rehab after 2 arrested for falsifying drug tests (Includes video)

KTXS-TV – August 17, 2017

“CPS has completed nearly 150 safety checks of children who may have had contact with a family member who took a drug test at this facility,” Gonzales said. “We are confident no children were harmed.”

Also: 2 ex-West Texas Rehab Center employees accused of helping parents falsify CPS drug tests:

TX: Detention of unaccompanied children, families rise

El Paso Times – August 17, 2017

From October to July, apprehensions of families in the El Paso Sector increased 109 percent when compared with the same period last fiscal year. Meanwhile, apprehensions of unaccompanied children went up 12 percent, according to the report.


TX: New School Year Can Mean Increase in Child Abuse & Neglect Reports

Elgin Courier – August 17, 2017

In 2016, schools were the most common source of child abuse or neglect reports made to the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Of the more than 293,000 reports – a significant increase from last year – a total of 56,980 allegations were from school officials.

US: Muslims in foster care need exposure

Arab American News – August 18, 2017

The Muslim Foster Care Association (MFCA) is a nonprofit founded in 2015 by Ranya Shbeib and Sameena Zahoor that assists Muslims in the foster care system, and also facilitates licensure for parents wanting foster children.

US: Golden glow gone amid scandal, USA Gymnastics faces change

Columbus Republic – August 17, 2017

Less than two months removed from Daniels’ report, there are signs of progress. National team members who fly into Houston for training camps must be escorted to the camp with at least two other people along for the ride to avoid any one-on-one interaction. Underage female gymnasts with male coaches who are picked to compete internationally must now travel with a credentialed female chaperone. One-on-one visits to cabins the athletes use during overnight stays by medical staff is now prohibited.

US: States Work To Keep Opioid Epidemic From Splitting Up Families

Kaiser Health News – August 17, 2017

The problem has led states to invest in new approaches, linking drug treatment with efforts to keep families together – a bid to tackle both substance abuse problems and reduce the burden on other parts of the safety net.

US: When the Government Rules by Software, Citizens are Left in the Dark

Wired – August 17, 2017

Some scholars and activists want governments to reveal the code behind their algorithms, a tough ask because they are often commercial products. Goodman thinks it’s more urgent that the public knows how an algorithm was chosen, developed, and tested-for example how sensitive it is to false positives and negatives. That’s no break from the past, she argues, because citizens have always been able to ask for information about how new policy was devised and implemented. Some municipalities were more forthcoming. Allegheny County in Pennsylvania produced a report describing the development and testing of an algorithm that helps child-welfare workers decide whether to formally investigate new reports of child maltreatment, for example.

US: In a step toward fighting human trafficking, sex ads are linked to Bitcoin data

Berkeley News – August 16, 2017

“Sex trafficking of children hides in plain sight within the vast online escort environment. It’s difficult for investigators to sift through the mounds of data and figure out what is important and what is not when looking for a child,” said Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn. “This type of research is critical to advancing this work and helping investigators find children faster and reduce the time in trauma. We’re grateful to academics and researchers who are willing to lend their time and talent to this issue to help find new solutions that move this work forward.”


Japan: A Third of Mothers Neglected Prenatal Checkups in Child Abuse Death Cases

Jiji Press – August 18, 2017

An experts’ panel investigating fatal child abuse cases in Japan in fiscal 2015 reported Thursday that over 30% of the mothers of the dead children did not receive checkups during their pregnancies.

Japan: Foster family and adoption system needs greater support to expand

Japan News – August 18, 2017

Strengthening consultation and support services will be essential for increasing the number of households willing to take in children. Not a few children are difficult to raise, as they may have mental and physical development problems due to abuse or other reasons. The nation needs a system that is consistently implemented, from advertising for and training foster parents to providing support after a child has been placed in their home.

HI: State revives program to review child deaths, inspire changes to reduce them (Includes video)

KHON 2 – August 16, 2017

Twenty years ago, the state set up a system to review cases involving the deaths of children in Hawaii.

IA: Teen files civil suit against mother convicted of abuse (Includes video)

Des Moines Register – August 15, 2017

Malayia Knapp says she filed the lawsuit to help half-siblings who remain in the care of Mindy and Anthony Knapp. She says she’s prohibited by a judge from talking about what’s happening with her siblings’ ongoing child-welfare case.

IN: HELPING HANDS: The Villages aids children in need of families

Goshen News – August 17, 2017

The Villages of Indiana is a nonprofit organization in Indiana with offices in Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Lafayette and Columbus, said Jennifer Rasey, regional foster care recruiter and licensing specialist. Single people or couples are offered the opportunity to be licensed with The Villages for foster care.

IN: Judges find children’s advocates ‘indispensable’

Batesville Herald Tribune – August 17, 2017

According to the Ripley County judge, “CASAs are the eyes and ears of the Court … They can question witnesses and make recommendations to the court, just like the parents and the state.” Advocates provide information to the court about “‘what is in the child’s best interests?’ Therefore, a CASA’s information and recommendation is extremely important!”

IN: Changes in child abuse reporting positive steps

Republic – August 16, 2017

A new Indiana law changes how school employees statewide handle instances of suspected child abuse or neglect. Now they are required to report suspicions directly to the Department of Child Services or local law enforcement.

IN: Children’s Commission Selects Executive Director (Includes audio)

Northeast Indiana Public Radio – August 16, 2017

Julie Whitman leaves the Indiana Youth Institute to become the executive director of the commission. At the Youth Institute she lead data efforts, including the Kids Count data book for Indiana. Previous to her time at the Youth Institute, Whitman worked for National Center for Victims of Crime.

MT: Child advocacy group reorganizes, tweaks focus

Great Falls Tribune – August 15, 2017

A Great Falls-based child advocacy group is reorganizing, changing its name to promote that it is more inclusive, filing to be a nonprofit, zeroing in to help families that have problems with child welfare issues and to act as backup when they believe bad decisions have been made by state officials.

NE: Woman posing as child protective services worker seeks entrance to homes in Omaha, Holdrege (Press release)

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – August 16, 2017

“Incidents of people posing as DHHS employees are a serious concern,” said CEO Courtney Phillips. “All DHHS employees carry a state-issued, DHHS photo identification badge and can provide a name and number to call to verify their employment.”

NM: Analyst: Early ed programs key to closing gap for disadvantaged kids

Santa Fe New Mexican – August 16, 2017

Preschool classes, home visiting sessions for new parents, the K-3 Plus summer education initiative and other early childhood programs can make a difference in a state that generally ranks 49th or 50th in national reports on child well-being and education. Research has shown that such programs can boost achievement rates among low-income children, help prevent child abuse and pay off in the long term with higher graduation rates and lower rates of juvenile incarceration.

Also: Report:

Also: New Mexico’s early childhood programs net mixed results:

Information Gateway resource: Child Welfare-Early Education Partnerships to Expand Protective Factors for Children With Child Welfare Involvement:

OH: How you can help foster children transitioning to independent living

Dayton Daily News – August 16, 2017

CHOICES, Inc. offers an Independent Living program to help foster youth ages 17-21 transition from foster care to help them become successful and confident young adults.

OR: Closing the gaps

Keizer Times – August 16, 2017

Less than a year ago, the Keizer Police Department and Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) embarked on a pilot project to place two child protective services (CPS) case managers at the Keizer police station. The program’s successes are already changing the way DHS assigns case workers and smoothing relationships between public safety officers and case managers.

TX: Gov. Abbott signs bill giving Texas maternal mortality task force more time

Texas Tribune – August 16, 2017

Under Senate Bill 17, the state’s Task Force on Maternal Mortality and Morbidity would continue its work until 2023. The task force, launched by the Legislature in 2013, found that between 2011 and 2012, 189 Texas mothers died less than a year after their pregnancies ended, mostly from heart disease, drug overdoses or high blood pressure.

US: He Crossed The Border In A Packed, Unventilated Trailer And Survived (Includes audio)

National Public Radio – August 17, 2017

Brandon Martinez, 16, was one of nearly 40 undocumented immigrants found on a blistering summer day inside an unventilated trailer parked at a San Antonio Wal-Mart. Ten died, and Brandon barely survived.

US: Many Nurses Lack Knowledge Of Health Risks To Mothers After Childbirth (Includes audio)

National Public Radio – August 17, 2017

In recent months, mothers who nearly died in the hours and days after giving birth have repeatedly told ProPublica and NPR that their doctors and nurses were often slow to recognize the warning signs that their bodies weren’t healing properly.

US: ‘Concussion’ doctor says letting kids play football is child abuse (Video)

WNEM CBS5 – August 15, 2017

It’s no secret playing football and other contact sports can put your child at risk of getting seriously hurt, but does that make it child abuse?


Japan: Spotlight: Number of child abuse cases in Japan spikes in 2016, welfare workers overstretched

Xinhua Net – August 17, 2017

The number of cases of child abuse in Japan that involved child consultation centers increased to a record level in 2016, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said Thursday. Welfare workers dealing with abused children and their parents in the same period had doubled, the ministry also said.

New Zealand: Dame Susan Devoy asks UN to push for child abuse inquiry

New Zealand Herald – August 16, 2017

The Race Relations Commissioner has asked the United Nations to pressure New Zealand’s Government to hold an inquiry into child abuse in state-run institutions.

United Kingdom: Sajid Javid calls for child abuse debate after Sarah Champion exit

BBC News – August 17, 2017

Ms Champion’s article was written after 17 men were convicted of forcing girls in Newcastle to have sex. The men, who were mostly British-born, were from Iraqi, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian and Turkish communities. In interviews following the convictions, the Labour MP said such crimes involved “predominately Pakistani men” and said a fear of being called racist was hampering the authorities’ investigations.

AR: Juvenile facilities in Arkansas, including one in Mansfield, to return to private control

Southwest Times Record – August 16, 2017

Seven juvenile treatment and correctional facilities taken over by the Arkansas Department of Human Services on Jan. 1, including one in Mansfield, will be placed back in private control as soon as next July, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Monday. By the end of the year, the state will issue a solicitation for one or more contractors to operate the youth lockups, with the winner or winners likely to be announced in March.

CA: Children’s Receiving Home Opens Doors After State Foster Care Complaints (Includes video)

CBS Sacramento – August 15, 2017

At first glance, you might mistake this place for a college dorm. Far from it. These cottages house foster kids, some under the age of 5, and many are teens who’ve never lived in a real home.

CA: How a proposed law could affect Fresno’s homeless people

Fresno Bee – August 15, 2017

The spread of homeless people camping out on public and private property across Fresno – and a growing number of complaints from residents and businesses – is spawning a proposal to outlaw chronic camping. Martinez said some homeless people fear seeking services from some organizations. “I’ve seen families out here with children that refuse to go to some agencies because they will split them up,” she said. “Why would you go if you’re afraid Child Protective Services will take your kids away from you? This is why they hide out here on the streets. They’re afraid.”

CA: Reyes Appointed to CA Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, CA Child Welfare Council

Highland Community News – August 15, 2017

Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes was recently appointed to the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls as well as the California Child Welfare Council by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. The appointment comes as Assemblymember Reyes continues to advocate in the Legislature for disadvantaged communities.

CA: Sacramento County foster care agency must close illegal shelter, state says

Sacramento Bee – August 15, 2017

More than a year after telling Sacramento County Child Protective Services to stop using a clerical office as a makeshift youth shelter, state officials have ordered the agency to end the illegal practice by a September deadline.

CT: Court: State can’t vaccinate kids in temporary custody

Associated Press – August 15, 2017

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the state’s child welfare agency cannot vaccinate children placed temporarily in its custody when the parents object. Justices said in the 7-0 decision that state law allows the Department of Children and Families to provide medical treatment to children in temporary state custody, but ruled that immunizing them against diseases does not constitute medical treatment.

IL: New law protects preschool students from getting expelled (Includes video)

WICS News Channel 20 – August 15, 2017

Governor Rauner signed a new law to protect preschool students from expulsion.

IN: Raising the minimum wage would reduce child neglect cases (Opinion)

EurekAlert – August 16, 2017

Raising the minimum wage by $1 per hour would result in a substantial decrease in the number of reported cases of child neglect, according to a new study co-authored by an Indiana University researcher.

KS: Some are asking if Department for Children and Families could have case backlog (Includes video)

KSNW – August 15, 2017

Over the weekend, the Kansas Department for Children and Families put on its Facebook site that anyone with a report of child abuse or neglect would have to call the agency because some computer systems with the State of Kansas were down for maintenance. Concerned citizens are asking if that could cause a case backlog.

LA: High turnover, caseloads in Louisiana foster care program

Associated Press – August 14, 2017

Louisiana’s social services agency was so understaffed amid repeated budget cuts that it short-changed its foster children, skipping some background checks on foster parents and placing children with people accused of abuse, according to an audit released Monday (Aug. 14).

Report Highlights:$FILE/summary000158A1.pdf


MA: State awards $72 million for additional housing

Newbury Port News – August 16, 2017

The awards will create or preserve 1,978 rental units, including 1,698 affordable units. Three projects will reserve units for people with disabilities, two are transit-oriented developments and three projects will include single-room occupancy units, including a building dedicated to youths aging out of foster care.

NY: Mental health care for children in need (Opinion)

New York Daily News – August 16, 2017

Amanda is a client of the newly opened Brownsville Child Development Center in Brooklyn, an early childhood mental health clinic. Created and operated by the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, where I work, the center serves one of the most economically challenged areas in New York City. Child poverty in Brownsville exceeds overall rates, at almost 44% compared to 31% nationally. The area is the source of a third of the city’s child welfare cases, and half of Brownsville families have lived in homeless shelters.

SC: Attorney General files lawsuit against opioid manufacturer

WBTV – August 15, 2017

Law enforcement agencies and first responders around the nation report a rise in overdose calls and deaths. The crisis has also led to more children put into foster care as their parents and guardians grapple with addiction.

TN: Child Advocacy Center Hires Cannon County Coordinator

WBRY – August 15, 2017

The Child Advocacy Center is pleased to announce that Cassell Galligan-Davis has been hired as the new Cannon County Coordinator. Davis will work with the Cannon County Child Protective Investigative Team to assist child abuse victims, child sexual abuse victims, drug endangered children, and their non-offending parents and grandparents.

TX: Foster children face challenges in education, life

Amarillo Globe News – August 15, 2017

According to the National Foster Youth Institution, 20 percent of foster youth will be homeless on their 18th birthday. About 70 percent of women who age out of care will become pregnant before they are 21 years old, and 60 percent of men will be convicted of a crime. Caylin Tillery, coordinator for the Buckner Children & Family Services Transition Center in Amarillo, said education is the key to preventing a cycle of statistics.

TX: Heart to Heart: Adoption Process (Includes video)

Big Country – August 15, 2017

Nearly 29,000 children are in foster care in the state of Texas, according to Pathways Youth and Family Services is a licensed child placing agency that is committed to trying to decrease that number.

UT: New lawsuits say Mormon church failed to protect American Indian children

Associated Press – August 15, 2017

The number of lawsuits alleging Mormon church leaders failed to protect children from sexual abuse has grown to include two more Navajos and a member of the Crow Tribe.

WA: Can giving babies back sooner to parents in drug treatment be best? A court is trying it.

Bellingham Herald – August 15, 2017

The Superior Court docket – technically called the “Best for Babies” program – was started in October in Juvenile Court at Remann Hall. It focuses on getting stability for babies and toddlers in the foster care system, by fast-tracking their reunion with their parents.

WA: Central Washington programs help at-risk young adults help themselves

Yakima Herald Republic – August 15, 2017

The Independent Youth Housing and Young Adult Housing programs at Catholic Family and Child Service take young people ages 18 to 24 who have either aged out of the foster care system, or are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, and help them find their own housing, get back into school, apply for jobs and save money.

US: Coming into Focus: States Can and Must Ensure School Stability for Youth in Foster Care

Chronicle of Social Change – August 15, 2017

One of the most exciting recent developments in the field came in December 2015, when Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act (“ESSA”), which includes provisions about child welfare and education agencies’ responsibility to ensure and prioritize school stability for all children and youth in foster care.

US: Investing in Native Youth and Their Communities

Huffington Post – August 15, 2017

More than 33 percent of Native children live in poverty, according to the Census. Native youth are over-represented in child welfare, and they are arrested at three times the national average, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute tells us that the high school dropout rates for Native youth are double the national average, and in states with the highest Native populations, dropout rates are more than 50 percent. Suicide is the second leading cause of death-2.5 times the national rate-for Native youth, and close to a quarter of Native households lack access to health care.

US: Pregnant Women With Addiction Face Variety Of Treatment Hurdles

Fix – August 15, 2017

New mothers in need of addiction treatment face a lack of support services, and the possibility of jail time and losing custody of their child.

US: Innovation in Social Work: Where Does it Come From?

Social Work Helper – August 13, 2017

As social workers, we often confront complex situations. And we are all about developing solutions and strategies for change. In doing so we draw on our past experience, research, the experience of colleagues, and best practices. But sometimes we come up short and find we need new ideas-we find that we need to innovate.

US: New Manual Guides Church Leaders in Sexual Abuse policies and prevention

Aquila Report – August 10, 2017

In 2015, the last year for which numbers are available, there were 683,000 incidents of child abuse and neglect reported to child protective services in the United States. “Protestants understand this isn’t just a Catholic issue,” said Tchividjian, referring to the massive clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. “This issue is sadly incredibly prevalent.”

AR: DHS to take new bids for juvenile holdups, Gov. Hutchinson announces new plan for Youth Services

Talk Business & Politics – August 14, 2017

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Monday (Aug. 14) that the state Department of Human Services will seek bids for a private operator to take over day-to-day operations of seven of the eight juvenile treatment centers as part of a broad plan to reform the system dealing with troubled youth.

Also: Governor will again seek to turn over Youth Services to private contractors:

AZ: Arizona DCS investigations on decline

Associated Press – August 14, 2017

Investigations into reports of child neglect have dropped 8 percent over the last year, even as the number of calls continues to pour into Arizona’s child-abuse hotline at a steady rate

CA: Bill Aims to Help Create Better Foster Homes

Chronicle of Social Change – August 14, 2017

As a member of the Oakland-based advocacy organization California Youth Connection (CYC), Skinner is advocating for a bill that would reconfigure the way California trains foster parents, or resource families as they are now called in California. Under the proposed legislation, social workers would help foster parents to develop training plans that are tailored to fit the needs of the children in their homes.

Also: Supply of foster homes doesn’t meet demand for Sacramento youth (Includes video):

CA: Jim Whiteaker: Sutter-Yuba plans to work to develop paths back from homelessness (Opinion)

Prospect Magazine – August 14, 2017

In 2016, an estimated 550,000 were homeless in the United States. More than two thirds (68 percent) were staying in shelters, transitional housing, or safe havens. Except in California, where the numbers are completely opposite. Two-thirds (66 percent) of California’s estimated 118,000 homeless are unsheltered. According to the Sutter County Department of Health and Human Services, there are an estimated 760 homeless in Sutter and Yuba counties. In Sutter County alone, there were 279 homeless adults and 45 homeless children, according to a January survey. Fifty-eight were seniors and nine were veterans. Sixty percent are women.

CA: Kids Still Face Risks to Health Care

New America Media – August 14, 2017

Had the Senate succeeded in restructuring Obamacare, as many as 6 million Californians would have become uninsured, Wright said. Currently, one-third of Californians depend on Medi-Cal (California’s name for Medicaid, the health insurance program for low-income people).

CA: State Orders Changes At Sacramento County Child Welfare Site (Includes video)

CBS Sacramento – August 14, 2017

The gated intake center off of busy Auburn Boulevard is supposed to hold kids for a few hours while social workers locate their next foster home. In Tessa’s case, 24 hours turned into 365 days.

Also: Sacramento County Foster Care office set to close (Video):

CA: Yolo County seeing increase in kids entering foster care (Video)

ABC 10 – August 14, 2017

In Yolo County, including cities like Davis and Woodland, kids going into foster care has increased 40-percent in just the past year.

CA: Youths in foster system get care until age 21, but struggles persist

Los Angeles Times – August 12, 2017

Usher has been in the foster system since he was 8. He doesn’t have parents who can bail him out or guide him smoothly into adulthood. But unlike most foster youths of the past, he’s able to get help from the Department of Children and Family Services until he turns 21, thanks to a state program called extended foster care, which began in 2012. The program was created to assist youths who, on average, fare far worse in adulthood than peers who have not had involvement with the child welfare system.

GA: Gift expands Georgia college’s help for homeless students

Associated Press – August 12, 2017

A Georgia college’s program for students at risk of becoming homeless is getting a $45,000 gift to support its work. Kennesaw State University says in a statement that a nonprofit called The American Opportunity Foundation donated the money. It will provide emergency on-campus housing and scholarships for students at the school’s Marietta campus.

Information Gateway resource: Services for Youth: Homeless and Runaway:

Also: Emergency housing for homeless students opens on Marietta campus:

HI: With more children placed in foster care, licensed homes needed to take them in (Includes video)

KHON – August 14, 2017

Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii island are where the state needs foster parents the most. “It’s a tough job. We really respect the work that our resource caregivers, we consider them part of our team because they take care of our kids so it is tough,” Goss said

KY: Foster youth aging out of the system seek job training (Includes video)

WAVE 3 – August 12, 2017

Fostering Success is an internship program for Kentucky Youth aging out of the foster system. This summer In Louisville ten students interned with the Cabinet for Health and Family Service. In its second year none of the internships have turned into full employment but this summer’s participants say change is coming once they graduate from college.

LA: High turnover, caseloads in Louisiana foster care program

Associated Press – August 14, 2017

Louisiana’s social services agency was so understaffed amid repeated budget cuts that it short-changed its foster children, skipping some background checks on foster parents and placing children with people accused of abuse, according to an audit released Monday. “We knew that coming in we had inherited a mess,” Agency Secretary, Marketa Garner Walters said.

Also: Audit finds ‘high caseloads, staff turnover’ hinder DCFS Foster Care Program:

Audit: Oversight of the Foster Care Program:$FILE/000158A1.pdf

Also: DCFS audit finds high caseloads and staff turnovers, incomplete background checks:

MT: Number of Montana Kids in Foster Care Sets Record, Homes For Less Than One in Three

KGVO – August 14, 2017

“The number of kids in foster care in April of 2015 was 2,200, but in December of 2015 that number was up to 2,775 kids in foster care,” said Youth Dynamics Foster Parent Program Manager Katie Gerten. “Today we have 3,694 kids living in state foster care.”

NC: Data will help DSS guide families

Richmond County Daily Journal – August 14, 2017

Consolidating information on children in need of care “has been a long time coming,” county DSS director Robby Hall said Monday. “County managers have said for the longest time that (such coordination) would improve our system.”

NV: Lawyers looking out for Clark County foster kids

Las Vegas Review Journal – August 12, 2017

That goal – representing all 3,300 or so foster care children in the county – could be reached by early 2018 if Clark County commissioners vote Tuesday to increase county recording fees, Legal Aid Center Executive Director Barbara Buckley said. Buckley, a lawyer and former state assemblywoman who launched the Children’s Attorneys Project in 1999, said the increase in services will be a huge win for a vulnerable population.

OK: Foster children outnumber homes

Lawton Constitution – August 13, 2017

In four counties in Southwest Oklahoma Comanche, Caddo, Jefferson and Harmon there are more foster children in need of homes than there are optimum numbers of foster homes to take them, according to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services

RI: Danger in R.I. group homes

Providence Journal – August 12, 2017

Prostitution. Assaults arranged by a staff member. A clandestine overnight visit by a teenage girlfriend as the police searched for her. A paralyzing injury. Investigators say they’ve found all this and more connected to group homes – places where Rhode Island is supposed to provide refuge to young people it has removed from unfit living conditions.

TN: Mentoring youth in foster care

News Channel 9 – August 14, 2017

Hamilton County teens involved in the foster care system are learning independent living skills, such as how to be responsible with money. However, it wouldn’t be possible without the consistent volunteers who show up every week.

TX: TexProtects Publishes “Home Visiting in Texas” Report (Press release)

TexProtects – August 07, 2017

Today, TexProtects, the Texas Association for the Protection of Children, announced the release of its 2017 Home Visiting in Texas report. The report provides a detailed overview of existing family support Home Visiting resources in Texas, and TexProtects’ vision for expanding Home Visiting to eventually reach at least half of all highest risk families – a percentage that would truly cut into Texas’ child maltreatment epidemic.


UT: Spanking only abusive if there is proof of harm, Utah Supreme Court says

Deseret News – August 12, 2017

The Utah Supreme Court has ruled that spanking children is only considered abusive if there is evidence of harm. The court reversed a previous decision made by the juvenile court, which had the potential “to sweep non-abusive behavior into its net,” the ruling issued Wednesday states.

WV: Belmont County Health Department Receives State Grant for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register – August 15, 2017

The Belmont County Health Department has received a $180,000 state grant for continued operation of a teen pregnancy prevention program. Linda Mehl, director of nursing for the health department, told board of health members Monday that the Personal Responsibility Education Program grant is slightly higher than last year’s award, which was $174,000. She said the grant funds are used for training at juvenile facilities and in foster care settings on teen pregnancy prevention.

US: A ‘disorder of deception’: When a mom makes her child sick (Includes video)

Cable News Network – August 15, 2017

People with Munchausen syndrome will fake illnesses or make themselves sick to get medical care and capture the sympathy of others. They invent their illnesses to seek attention, not for financial or material gain. When Susan confronted her daughter in the hospital, Hope nodded in confession. “I was aware of the disorder; I’d just never seen it,” Susan said.

US: Founder, CEO, and Employee of International Adoption Guides (IAG) Sentenced for Adoption Fraud Schemes

United States Attorney Office, District of South Carolina – August 14, 2017

United States Attorney Beth Drake stated today that Mary Mooney, age 58, of Mooresville, North Carolina; James Harding, age 57, of Lawrenceville, Georgia; and Alisa Bivens, age 36, of Gastonia, North Carolina were sentenced last week in federal court in Charleston, South Carolina. Mooney was sentenced for Accreditation Fraud regarding adoption conducted in Kazakhstan, in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 14944, and Harding and Bivens were sentenced for conspiring to defraud the United States in connection with adoptions conducted in Ethiopia, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371.

US: How We Can Better Support Youth in Extended Foster Care (Opinion)

Chronicle of Social Change – August 14, 2017

Foster care ends at 18, and extended foster care, which is voluntary, lasts until age 21. During these three critical years programs like Transitional Housing Program Plus (THP-Plus) foster care can provide young people with access to services and intensive support so that they can develop skills and make progress in their education and discover their career path – something that took me more than a decade.

US: I Have PTSD from Growing Up with Addicted Parents – August 14, 2017

I was convinced I wasn’t good enough-that I was leave-able, not worth staying sober for, not worth anything.

US: Stop putting PC ideology before the needs of foster kids (Opinion)

New York Post – August 14, 2017

If it were simply about safety, there are a whole lot of other features that would be banned from foster homes, like swimming pools. Citing 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, economist John Lott wrote, “For all children younger than 10, there were 36 accidental gun deaths, and that is out of 41 million children (and) two-thirds … involving young children are not shots fired by other little kids but rather by adult males with criminal backgrounds.” By contrast, 609 children drowned that same year.


Canada: Moving Beyond the 1965 Agreement to Improve Support to Children and Families in Ontario First Nations (Press release)

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada – August 14, 2017

The well-being of Indigenous children and families is a priority for the Governments of Canada and Ontario. Minister Bennett reiterated the need for a full reform of the child and family services component of the 1965 Agreement. This is a critical step in prioritizing prevention services and supporting First Nations-led institutions that build on community strengths and support children so that they can grow up in a safe, healthy environment with a secure personal and cultural identity.

Greece: Sharp Rise In Detention Of Migrant Children

Eurasia Review – August 02, 2017

The number of unaccompanied migrant children held in unsuitable police cells and detention centers in Greece has increased alarmingly, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas.

International: Lebanese war children adopted abroad go in search of their roots

Agence France-Presse – August 15, 2017

Many of those adopted abroad during Lebanon’s 15-year civil war have embarked on the same process of tracing their biological parents. But such searches are often complicated by reams of false paperwork and secrets that many people would prefer remain buried. Zeina Allouche, co-founder of the Badael-Alternatives NGO, estimates that at least 10,000 Lebanese children were adopted during the war, which lasted from 1975 to 1990.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: National Child Protection Policy will ‘build solid framework for victims’

St. Kitts and Nevis Observer – August 14, 2017

“The problem of child abuse and neglect in all forms remains a concern of the entire population of St. Kitts and Nevis,” said Gerald Connor, probation officer in the Department of Probation and Child Protection Services as he gave an overview of the policy. He said the policy will outline the minimum standard for the prevention, investigation, care and judicial investigation of child abuse victims. The National Child Protection Policy will give an “efficient and effective framework to protect children who are likely to be victims of abuse and neglect,” he said, pointing out that the framework outlines the responsibilities for different agencies to follow when dealing with victims of child abuse.


AZ: At DCS, the phone keeps ringing, but investigations decline (Includes video)

Arizona Republic – August 11, 2017

Investigations into reports of child neglect have dropped 8 percent over the last year, even as the number of calls coming into Arizona’s child-abuse hotline has held steady. The Department of Child Safety attributes the decline to changes made in the last year in how the hotline is operated, saying it has taken steps to cull out reports that do not need state intervention.

AZ: WalletHub survey: Arizona ranks high in numbers of underprivileged children

Arizona Daily Star – August 11, 2017

The richest and most powerful nation in the world – the United States – has the seventh highest rate of child poverty according to a WalletHub survey. The highest rate of underprivileged children in the United States belongs to those living in Mississippi, but Arizona doesn’t fall far behind that, ranking number 6.

CA: State orders troubled Sacramento foster care office to close

San Francisco Chronicle – August 13, 2017

State officials have ordered Sacramento County to shut down its foster care intake office by the end of next month, calling for an end to an illegal operation where abused and neglected children are poorly supervised, sleep on the floor, and are often preyed upon by human traffickers.

CO: Human trafficking: Is it prevalent? What can we do?

Pueblo Chieftain – August 14, 2017

According to statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which is operated by the anti-human-trafficking nonprofit Polaris Project, 120 unique instances of potential human trafficking were reported in the state of Colorado in 2016.

DE: Don’t de-fund foster child review board: Voices (Opinion)

Delaware Online – August 10, 2017

Funding for the Child Placement Review Board (CPRB) has been eliminated from the 2018 state budget. Therefore, children in foster care for nine months or longer will lose the protection and oversight provided to them for 38 years.

FL: Eclipse viewers urged to be aware of human trafficking, know the signs (Requires registration)

Kentucky New Era – August 12, 2017

“(Traffickers) believe that people won’t recognize it and that people won’t report it,” Beshear said. “If we can get people to recognize it, we can prevent it.” Beshear said the average victims are youth ages 12 to 14, male and female, but he said adults also are being trafficked. Males, the attorney general said, make up 20 percent of the trafficked population. A Powerpoint presentation shared by his office notes that runaways, children in the foster care system, homeless youth and children with histories of abuse are among the most common victims.

FL: Hillsborough loses big as state fails to divide child welfare money by need

Tampa Bay Times – August 12, 2017

An average of 3,600 children were in foster care in the county during 2016, the most in Florida. Hillsborough also has among the highest number of child abuse investigations and removal rates. Yet the county’s lead child welfare agency is short-changed almost $6 million in state funds this year while roughly $44 million goes to other agencies across Florida to look after foster children they do not have, state records show.

GA: Foster care worker takes wrong girl from Georgia school

Associated Press – August 10, 2017

The father of a 7-year-old girl had to scramble after a foster care worker took her – and not another girl with a similar name – from their school in suburban Atlanta.

HI: Former social worker pushes for change after toddler dies while in foster care (Includes video)

KHON – August 11, 2017

A gag order in the case of a Hawaii island toddler who died while in foster care goes against protecting the child and the family. That’s according to a former social service worker who’s now looking to change the law to allow more information to the public.

IL: Great-grandparents sue Wayne County over adoption subsidy

Scranton Times-Tribune – August 12, 2017

The great-grandparents of three children are suing Wayne County Children and Youth Services, alleging they were wrongly denied adoption subsidies because they adopted the siblings through a private arrangement. Linda and Warren Baker contend they are entitled to benefits under a state program that provides subsidies to help people who adopt children with disabilities pay for care they need. Wayne County refused to approve them for the program.

IL: Medicaid Bill Backlog Pushing Illinois Doctors To The Brink Of Closure

Northern Public Radio – August 10, 2017

Illinois has now had a budget in place for a month, along with a federal court order that requires the state to prioritize paying down the $3 billion backlog of overdue bills to providers who serve patients on Medicaid, a federal-state program that provides health insurance to lower-income and disabled people. At the end of July, the state paid nearly one-fifth of that debt, or $740 million, to 11 managed care organizations which serve as the middlemen between the state and Medicaid providers. But, so far, that money has not trickled down to some of the providers serving the state’s most vulnerable.

IN: Local boy partners with IU Surplus to give teens in foster care access to technology

News at IU Bloomington (Indiana University) – August 10, 2017

As a seventh-grader at Jackson Creek Middle School, Thomassen is partnering with Indiana University Surplus Stores and Monroe County Court Appointed Special Advocates to share his passion for technology with peers who do not have access to it. When he shared his idea to refurbish used laptops to give to underserved teens, his teacher suggested he reach out to CASA about working with teens in foster care.

LA: First Lady Donna Edwards helps to launch Louisiana Fosters (Includes video)

KSLA TV – August 11, 2017

First Lady Donna Edwards is launching a new initiative to connect foster parents with the support systems they need in their communities. The First Lady’s initiative builds on the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) that the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) launched last year to change the way the state recruits and trains foster parents. The statewide campaign will link government, faith groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and community members to create a united network of support for Louisiana’s foster care system.

LA: New website aims to help Louisiana foster parents, children:

MT: Concerns voiced over Montana public health funding cuts (Includes video)

KPAX – August 11, 2017

Recently legislatures in Montana have made a decision make significant cuts to public health funding. These cuts come on the heels of a serious public health crisis as Montana has seen a rise in suicide, childhood mental illness, a growing drug epidemic and rising foster care numbers.

MT: Helena’s new Family Drug Treatment Court aims to break the addiction cycle

Helena Independent – August 11, 2017

Judge James Reynolds became choked up Thursday afternoon as he spoke about the increase in child abuse and neglect cases in the Helena area. Those are the most difficult to oversee when a child has to be removed from a home, he said.

ND: Community Crisis leaves Social Services asking People to Step up (Includes video)

MY ND Now – August 10, 2017

The need for foster care parents has hit a point of crisis in the state of North Dakota, and even more so in Burleigh County.

NY: Need For Foster Parents Urgent

Post-Journal – August 14, 2017

There’s an urgent need for foster parents in Chautauqua County, and an upcoming open house will educate those who are interested. The county Health and Human Services Department reports that over 100 infants, children and teenagers are currently waiting for foster care placements, and several of those are waiting to get into forever homes.

NY: ACS lawyers claiming they were wrongly blamed in Zymere Perkins’ case see suit tossed

New York Daily News – August 11, 2017

A judge has tossed a lawsuit filed by two child welfare agency lawyers who claimed they were made scapegoats in the beating death of little Zymere Perkins. Susan Starker, 59, and Lee Gordon, 45, said in court papers they had nothing to do with the case of the 6-year-old Harlem boy whose death last year exposed massive failures at the Administration for Children’s Services.

NY: Paid Family Leave Regulations Delivered in Full: Now What?

JD Supra – August 10, 2017

On July 19, 2017, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (the “Board”) released the final rules (the “Final Rules”) regarding the rights and responsibilities of employees, employers, and insurance carriers under the New York Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (the “PFL”).

OK: Legislature in limbo after courts declare cigarette fee unconstitutional

Daily Ardmoreite – August 11, 2017

“Because of the haphazard way this year’s budget was crafted, the state has now essentially defunded the agencies responsible for Oklahoma’s adoption and foster care programs, for child health and nutrition, for mental health services that keep families safe and intact, and for basic access to medical care,” said Joe Dorman, CEO of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, in a statement. “That is an outcome that can satisfy exactly no one, regardless of your political party or your priorities.”

OR: Priority in addiction cases must be to save the children (Opinion)

Oregon News-Review – August 11, 2017

There’s a distinct correlation between parental addiction and child abuse and neglect. A parent’s addiction to drugs or alcohol is a factor one third of the time children are placed in foster care, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Children’s Bureau. Increasingly, the addiction is to opioids.

PA: Allowing dogs in courtrooms brings calm, concerns

Associated Press – August 12, 2017

After months of telling her story over and over to police officers and lawyers, it was finally time for the 12-year-old Bucks County girl to walk into the courtroom and testify against her rapist. She was petrified. While she waited to be called into court, the girl curled up on a chair and hugged her knees. Then Bud, a greyhound from Roxy Therapy Dogs, was brought to her side.

PA: Auberle’s New Rapid Re-Housing Program Aims to Combat Youth Homelessness

Auberle – August 10, 2017

In its initial month of operation, “At Home” obtained housing for three of its seven clients. At this rate, the program is well-poised to meet or surpass its goal of obtaining permanent housing for 85% of clients from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

SD: A mighty duo: Eileen Janis and Yvonne ‘Tiny’ DeCory battle youth suicide

Lincoln Journal Star – August 13, 2017

The Lakota have always had healers. Women continue to treat their people’s wounds, despite not being allowed to run ceremonies. They bring hope and knowledge of new and old healing methods to those suffering. “They’re the main two who hold the community together,” said Flower, a 16-year-old girl who attempted suicide but was saved by the two.

TX: Doctor Seeks to Stop Child Abuse Before It Can Happen

Associated Press – August 13, 2017

A Texas doctor believes a modeling system that’s successfully identified neighborhoods, streets and even specific businesses where shootings and other crimes are likely to occur can help stop child abuse and neglect before it happens.

TX: State looks to faith-based communities for help with foster children, their families

Tyler Morning Telegraph – August 11, 2017

In the same way churches have “adopted” schools, mentored students and encouraged teachers, the state is asking communities of faith to step up to the plane when it comes to the state’s foster system.

Also: State invites clergy, faith community members to court:

WA: Sexual Abuse, Fraud and Negligence Alleged at Closed Centralia Home for Boys

Lewis County Chronicle – August 11, 2017

Centralia’s Kiwanis Vocational Home, open from 1979 to 1994, was intended to be a safe place for wayward boys, a state-licensed foster home where 11- to 17-year-olds could get an education and job skills in a “family atmosphere,” according to a 1986 Chronicle article. However, four lawsuits from former residents paint an alarmingly different picture. “This was a pedophile farm,” said attorney Darrell Cochran, of Tacoma, who represents plaintiffs in all four cases, two of which were filed Tuesday.

WA: Tacoma should spend $440,000 a year to fight deportations, task force says

Tacoma News Tribune – August 11, 2017

“There has been a decrease in reporting crimes by immigrants for fear of (U.S. Immigrants and Customs Enforcement) raids. There have been parents scared to drop off their kids at school for fear of ICE involvement in government buildings,” she said. “Various members of the task force have identified families left homeless because the main breadwinner is being detained at the Northwest Detention Center. Children are entering the foster care system because one or both of their parents are detained.”

WI: Demand for foster parents rising in Fox Cities (Includes video)

Post-Crescent – August 11, 2017

From 2011 to 2015, the number of foster care placements declined. But it’s rising again, with the number in 2017 trending toward its highest level since 2000. A total of 118 placements were done in Outagamie County in 2015, but from this January through June, 185 children have already been placed.

WI: Why are kids placed in foster care? (Video)

Post-Crescent – August 10, 2017

Here are some of the reasons kids are placed into foster care in Outagamie County.

US: Commentary: Urge Congress to stop online selling of child sex

Marco Eagle – August 13, 2017

After months of hearings, our U.S. Congress recently took steps to close the loophole that currently makes it legal for internet businesses like to advertise and sell children for sex. This positive action by Congress to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was met with immediate opposition by Google and other well-funded tech company lobbyists. We should all be outraged.

US: Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian Airs New Show On How to Fight Child Protective Services (Press release)

Online PR News – August 11, 2017

“Almost all of my clients have come to me because their children suffered abuse and frequently, sexual abuse while in foster care,” says, Vince Davis. Therefore, a large part of his practice is also suing Child Protective Services on behalf of the child victims in order to be able to pay for the long term psychological care which is commonly, and sadly, needed.

US: Learn from the Tribes to Reform the Indian Health Service (Opinion)

Indian Country Today – August 11, 2017

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has long been a source of frustration and anger for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). Chronically under-funded, short-staffed and sometimes badly-staffed, it has often felt more like a broken promise than a source of quality, culturally appropriate care. I am not AI/AN but I did spend more than seven years in the Obama Administration working on IHS issues and heard time after time from tribal leaders about the difficulties their people faced with IHS.

US: Congress’ chance to do right by America’s youth (Opinion)

Hill – August 10, 2017

Last week, in a rare example of bi-partisanship, the United States Senate unanimously reauthorized and strengthened the nation’s preeminent law protecting young people in the juvenile justice system – the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA).

US: How to Help Orphans Trapped By the Travel Ban

Relevant Magazine – August 10, 2017

Individuals like Del will no longer be able to come to the United States as the courts ruled that President Trump’s executive order can indeed exclude refugees without a “bona fide” relationship to a family member in the United States. Because orphaned refugee children do not have an adult blood relative in the United States, they cannot be resettled even though a foster care family may have signed the appropriate paperwork and received the proper training to foster a refugee child.

US: Why Being A Mother While Imprisoned Is Impossible Right Now

Bustle – August 10, 2017

Currently, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) isn’t required to place inmates near their children, despite nearly 80 percent of women prisoners being mothers. As a result, 84 percent of parents in federal prisons are incarcerated more than 100 miles from their kids, according to a report from Rutgers University’s National Resource Center on Children & Families of the Incarcerated. About 65 percent of women in U.S. prisons and jails have children under 18, with the majority of those women serving as the primary caretaker prior to incarceration.

Also: Report: Children and Families of the Incarcerated Fact Sheet:


Angola: UNICEF Angola Refugee Crisis Situation Update 24 July 2017

Relief Web – August 10, 2017

The Angolan authorities estimate that more than 32,000 people (17,153 children) have fled instability in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and have arrived as refugees in Angola since early April 2017.

Also: Report:

Australia: Abuse of older children often overlooked, deputy principal tells suicide inquest

News Grio – August 14, 2017

A deputy school principal has raised concerns about difficulties in getting suspected cases of abuse against older children investigated by child protection authorities.


AR: Funding gives leg up to local parents fighting drug addiction

Southwest Times Record – August 11, 2017

The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) board approved $1.2 million in federal HOME Program funds during its July meeting for Regional Housing Solutions, a news release states. Regional Housing Solutions is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community housing development organization in Fort Smith that is affiliated with Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council Inc.

AZ: The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation Grants Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona $2.5 Million (Press release)

Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation – August 10, 2017

Free Arts harnesses the healing powers of art to help abused and homeless children build resiliency and learn to trust and heal. All of the children in Free Arts programs have experienced combinations of family trauma, homelessness and violence. To begin the healing process, Free Arts provides mentoring, a caring community and an opportunity to learn new skills and express themselves.

CA: Senator Anderson to Host a Town Hall Focused on Parental Rights August 11

Vista Press – August 10, 2017

Anderson was inspired to host this town hall meeting because of the many California citizens who reached out to him in opposition to SB 18 and want to learn more about how they can protect their parental rights.

Also: Senator Joel Anderson to hold town hall meeting (Video):

Also: Parental Rights Town Hall (Office of California State Senator Joel Anderson):

CA: Sierra College receives $10K to help former foster youth

Placer Herald – August 10, 2017

After about a decade of offering goods and services to emancipated foster youth students, Sierra College plans to bolster its Guardian Scholars program even more through a $10,000 donation from the South Placer Rotary.

IA: Editorial: Iowa has nowhere to send delinquent girls (Includes video)

Des Moines Register – August 10, 2017

For more than 90 years the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo was the destination for children with nowhere else to go. Once an orphanage, it later housed severely troubled youth, including girls who committed crimes and those who could not succeed in family foster care. The home was sometimes the only alternative to an out-of-state facility.

KY: State senators voted for urgent juvenile-justice reform (Opinion)

Lexington Herald-Leader – August 10, 2017

The reauthorization passage of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act supports state reform efforts to make youth-justice systems work more effectively – both for youth and for public safety. Youth need to be held accountable in effective ways that get them on track to become successful adults. The legislation supports state flexibility to connect youth with the resources, supports and skills they need to do just that.

MI: State needs more foster parents (Includes audio)

WUOM FM – August 10, 2017

Michigan has a shortage. There are thousands of children who need foster families, but far fewer families willing to help.

MT: Helena judicial district launches fifth family drug-treatment court in Montana

KXLF – August 10, 2017

District Court Judge Jim Reynolds said Thursday that a new family drug-treatment court will be a welcome addition to Helena and the First Judicial District – but that its launch was also a welcome surprise.

ND: Burleigh County Social Services see spike in child welfare cases (Includes video)

KFYR – August 10, 2017

Burleigh County Social Services says there are several factors contributing to the spike in child welfare cases. Rising drug use, population growth, and larger families are factors being attributed to the growing problem.

NH: Early childhood initiative merges with Monadnock United Way

Keene Sentinel – August 10, 2017

Shifting priorities, budgetary considerations and a desire to grow programs that will prepare young children for well-paying jobs are just some of the reasons an early childhood initiative has come full circle to where it began – the Monadnock United Way, officials said Wednesday.

RI: State works because of Medicaid (Opinion)

Johnston Sunrise – August 10, 2017

Just last month, a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis revealed 76 percent of Rhode Island’s adult and child Medicaid enrollees are in families in which at least one person is employed. Put simply: Rhode Island works because of Medicaid.,126834?

SC: Helping foster kids flourish as adults

Lancaster News – August 11, 2017

J&J co-owner Jonathon Mobley presented a free 2004 Chevy Impala to recipient Alexis Buckley through On the Road Again, a program run by the S.C. Foster Parent Association. Both Buckley and Mobley have been participants of the S.C. Department of Social Services’ Independent Living Program, which helps foster children transition to adulthood. On the Road Again is designed to create independence in youth so they can keep a steady job and continue their education after high school if they choose, said Marion.

TN: When to report suspected child sex abuse (Includes video)

Knoxville News Sentinel – August 11, 2017

In light of a lawsuit alleging Brentwood Academy officials failed to act appropriately in an alleged child rape case, here is an overview of state child abuse reporting requirements.

Also: Information Gateway resource: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect:

WI: Supreme Court allows Wisconsin to enforce ‘Unborn Child’ law

Wisconsin Gazette – August 10, 2017

The U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Wisconsin to continue to enforce the Unborn Child Protection Act, which allows the government jurisdiction over a pregnant woman who “habitually lacks self-control” in the use of alcohol and drugs “to a severe degree.”

US: Children and Pyschotropic Drugging Oversight (Opinion)

US Daily Review – August 10, 2017

The mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) applauded the recent Department of Justice health care fraud crackdown but says greater oversight is needed of Medicaid billing of psychotropic drugs prescribed children, which could reduce their use and increase protections.

US: For the Modern Dad! 6 Reasons Why You’re Hesitant About Paternity Leave (Opinion)

Bella Naija – August 10, 2017

The idea behind paternity leave is to give the man time to bond with their new child and be more involved in raising their children. What then could possibly be the reason behind this lack of enthusiasm in fathers when it comes to the paternity leave?

US: Four Castaways Make a Family

New York Times – August 10, 2017

Adopting from foster care felt magical. There was a wildness of imagination to it, a proclamation of intent: a decision to love. Of course, ideals are one thing, reality another.

US: Trump says opioid crisis is a national emergency, pledges more money and attention (Includes video)

Washington Post – August 10, 2017

President Trump on Thursday declared the country’s opioid crisis a national emergency, saying the epidemic exceeded anything he had seen with other drugs in his lifetime. Last week, the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, which is led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), issued a preliminary report that described the overdose death toll as “September 11th every three weeks” and urged the president to declare a national emergency.


Also: Trump Says He’ll Declare Opioid Crisis a National Emergency as Schools Feel Effects:

Also: Amid Opioid Crisis, Schools Help Students Heal (Video):


United Kingdom: Child sex convictions spark UK debate about race and abuse

Associated Press – August 10, 2017

Britain is wrestling with a volatile nexus of crime, race and religion, after 18 people were convicted of sexually abusing women and girls as young as 15. The crimes follow a pattern that has become grimly familiar from cases across Britain in the last few years. The convicted men mostly come from South Asian Muslim backgrounds. Their victims – who were plied with drugs and alcohol before being abused at parties, in taxis or in back rooms – are mostly white.


CA: Former Foster Youth Charity Chandler-Cole Wants to Lead Nation’s Largest Child Welfare System

Chronicle of Social Change – August 09, 2017

In California and across the country, alumni of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems are now emerging as important leaders in reform efforts.

GA: Melanie Dallas: New state commission on children’s mental health could have wide-ranging positive impact

Dalton Daily Citizen – August 09, 2017

Ensuring Georgia’s children have access to affordable, quality mental health services is the purpose of the Commission on Children’s Mental Health. According to the governor’s office, the commission will work to help ensure our youngest patients receive the treatment necessary to help them grow up as healthy and productive members of society.

HI: Gag order rescinded (Includes video)

West Hawaii Today – August 09, 2017

A family court judge has rescinded a gag order in the case involving 3-year-old Fabian Garett-Garcia, who died while in foster care last month.

IN: Child neglect deaths skyrocket across Indiana, DCS says (Includes video)

ABC 57 – August 09, 2017

The Department of Child Services recently released its annual report of child fatalities across the state of Indiana and 77 children died as a result of abuse, neglect, or other related causes in 2015.


IN: New state law changes the way Indiana schools report suspected child abuse (Includes video)

WDRB – August 09, 2017

The law, co-authored by Indiana Republican State Sen. Mark Messmer and enacted July 1, now requires school staff to report any suspected incidents of child abuse to law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

MN: Program Focuses on Mental Health Care for Foster Youth (Includes video)

KSTP – August 09, 2017

According to Jessica Rodgers, the executive director of the organization, C2i is designed to instruct and mentor young teens and help them transition into adulthood. Through a series of programs, youth learn a variety of lessons – like how to apply to college, rent an apartment, balance a check book and find a job.

TX: Texting While Driving ‘No More’ New Texas Laws Coming Your Way Sep.1st.

Houston Forward Times – August 09, 2017

Because state legislators recognized the need to fix the troubled foster care system in Texas, they passed legislation that has been signed into law that directs the state to pay $350 per month to the families who are providing care for the abused or neglected children they are related to. Currently, the state has been only paying families $1,000 at the start and just $500 a year for the overall care of these abused or neglected children.

WA: Olive Crest Gets Grant To Help End Shortage Of Foster Parents

Olive Crest – August 09, 2017

The Seattle area is facing a critical shortage of foster parents, which means that at-risk children are not being welcomed into families in a timely manner. However, an anonymous foundation is coming forward to help solve this complex problem. This group will fund the recruiting and training of some 1,600 additional foster care families over the next three years. A portion of the funding will go to Olive Crest.

US: AAP warns that oral, dental injuries may indicate child abuse

Healio – August 10, 2017

Pediatric and dental providers are encouraged to collaborate in documenting and reporting suspicious oral/dental injuries and diseases that may be indicative of child maltreatment, according to a recent report from the AAP Section on Oral Health and the Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Report: Oral and Dental Aspects of Child Abuse and Neglect:

US: Combating neonatal abstinence syndrome amid opioid crisis

Medical Health News – August 09, 2017

Although much of the national discourse has remained focused on adult opioid users, neonatologists and pediatricians across the country have been treating unprecedented rates of infants with withdrawal symptoms, as well as respiratory and feeding difficulties, low birth weight, and seizures that often accompany this condition.

US: Housing Challenges for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care (Includes audio)

WAMU – August 09, 2017

For foster children, the arrival of their 18th and 21st birthdays can be scary. That’s when they age out of the state systems that have supported them. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, every year, approximately 25,000 youth fall into that category nationally.

Information Gateway resource: Services for Youth: Homeless and Runaway:

US: The Opioid Epidemic: A National Public Health Emergency

Huffington Post – August 09, 2017

Over the past two years, health professionals, policymakers, and the public have acknowledged the seriousness and scope of the opioid epidemic in America, and have sought to discover its causes.

US: Why Immigration Policy Should Matter to Youth-Serving Systems (Opinion)

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange – August 09, 2017

Immigration policy touches a large percentage of young people in the United States. Twenty-three percent of children in the U.S. are either immigrants or children of immigrants. While many of them may have been born in the United States, some have parents who do not have legal immigrant status; and some of the children are themselves without legal status. And immigrant children, whether documented or not, are among the most vulnerable.


Canada: Indigenous heritage doesn’t overrule other factors in adoption: BC court

Canadian Press – August 09, 2017

Aboriginal heritage must be considered when placing a child with an adoptive family, but it does not overrule all other factors in deciding their best interests, the British Columbia Court of Appeal has ruled.

Canada: Strong Link Between Child Welfare and Youth Homelessness in Canada

McGill Newsroom – August 09, 2017

A new report shows that almost sixty percent (57.8%) of homeless youth in Canada report involvement with the child welfare system at some point in their lives.



FL: Children’s Network of Southwest Florida to open north county office in Cape Coral

North Fort Myers Neighbor – August 09, 2017

There soon will be another location from which to better serve these children and families in need. The Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, which has two offices in Fort Myers, will open a Cape Coral office next month.

FL: Nonprofit Collaboration Helps Foster Youth Succeed In School

CityBizList – August 08, 2017

Grounded for Life, funded by the AT&T Aspire grant, provides youth like Jeremiah a Graduation Coach who will meet with them individually once a week to help improve their basic skills, provide support and tutoring, encourage school participation, set personal educational goals, develop problem solving skills, and inspire them to become lifelong learners.

GU: Clergy sex abuse mediation on shaky ground (Includes video)

Pacific Daily News (Guam) – August 07, 2017

Dozens of clergy abuse lawsuits are scheduled to go through mediation later this year, but David Lujan, the attorney representing those plaintiffs, on Monday said he is prepared to abandon mediation altogether and take the cases to trial.

Also: Attorney suggests trial in Guam clergy sex abuse cases:

HI: Parents urge public to come forward as investigation continues into toddler’s death (Includes video)

KHON – August 08, 2017

The Hawaii island family whose 3-year-old boy died while in foster care is seeking answers, and hopes someone out there has information on their son’s last days. ~~ On Tuesday, a judge lifted parts of a gag order, which means the family is now allowed to talk.

ME: State turns blind eye to child abuse (Opinion)

One News Now – August 07, 2017

Maine’s legislature failed to protect little girls from a horrible mutilation practice, so the bill’s sponsor now is focusing on the governor’s office in hopes of reviving it. State Representative Heather Sirocki tried to get a bill passed to criminalize female genital mutilation practiced by part of the state’s population. Although it was tossed between both houses, the bill failed to pass by the end of the session.

MI: Gun Rights and Foster Care Restrictions Collide in Michigan

New York Times – August 08, 2017

A couple have challenged a state law that bars foster parents from carrying concealed weapons in a case that may have nationwide implications.

MS: Bryant appointing Justice Dickinson to child services with Chandler retirement

Hattiesburg American – August 08, 2017

After being credited with a major turnaround for Mississippi’s troubled foster care system in a little over a year, former state Supreme Court Justice David A. Chandler is retiring as commissioner of Child Protection Services. Gov. Phil Bryant announced Tuesday that state Supreme Court Justice Jess H. Dickinson will leave his post as presiding justice on the high court to take over child services from Chandler.

Also: Another high court justice will run Mississippi foster care:

NC: Fewer foster care cases is objective (Opinion)

Wilkes Journal-Patriot – August 08, 2017

County officials hope reorganization of child protective services staff in the Wilkes Department of Social Services will result in fewer children being placed in foster care. The agency’s four in-home case management social workers are now on the same six-person team instead of three different teams, said Hal Wilson, Wilkes DSS child protective services program manager.

NE: Two State Health and Human Services administrators resign as new division director starts

Omaha World-Herald – August 08, 2017

Vicki Maca, the deputy director of protection and safety, and Lindy Bryceson, the head of field operations for protection and safety, submitted their resignations on Monday, according to HHS spokesman Russ Reno. Both worked in the department’s Division of Children and Family Services.

Also: 2 child welfare administrators make sudden departures:

NH: Adoptive parents keep pushing to have DCYF records released

New Hampshire Union Leader – August 09, 2017

The adoptive parents of two children who suffered terrible physical and sexual abuse while under the supervision of the state’s child protective services have taken the next step in their years long effort to shed light on the inner workings of the Division for Children, Youth and Families. They are now pushing for the legal right to make public any documents or other information surrounding the case, challenging the constitutionality of state law that keeps such information private.

NM: Opioid Crisis Gets National Spotlight (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 09, 2017

Three years ago, New Mexico had the nation’s second-highest death rate from opioid overdoses. David Morgan, Southwest public information officer for the state Health Department, said that number has improved, but New Mexico still ranks eighth in the nation. If a national emergency is declared, federal rules that restrict where Medicaid recipients can receive addiction treatment could be waived and Congress might provide more funding. There’s no timeline for making that decision.

OK: State falling short of goals to recruit new foster care providers

Lawton Constitution – August 09, 2017

A concerted effort by the state to recruit foster parents to care for children in need has so far fallen short of the success hoped for, according to the Department of Human Services and a report prepared by a group of “co-neutral” evaluators of the “Pinnacle Plan” to improve Oklahoma’s child welfare system.

OR: Clackamas County commissioners hire outside consultants to review sheriff’s office

Oregonian – August 08, 2017

It’s not clear how far consultants will dig into how managers handled Green’s misconduct. Sgt. Matt Swanson, Green’s new supervisor, first raised alarms in 2015 about the detective’s pattern of ignoring criminal complaints that dealt with rape and the sexual abuse of children.

PA: How foster care can help children heal and grow

Philadelphia Inquirer – August 09, 2017

To help these children heal and grow – as they enter the foster care system – the goal is to find a consistent, highly-supervised and attentive home environment that will enable them to learn the skills and behaviors needed to succeed at home, in school and in the future.

Information Gateway resource: Achieving a Continuum of Care for Children and Youth in Foster Care:

SC: ‘Pay For Success’ Approach Used To Fund A Program That Supports New Moms

National Public Radio – August 09, 2017

Scott’s job is part of a private-public initiative that is expected to ultimately increase the number of young women in the state that Nurse-Family Partnership serves by 3,200. The expansion, which started last year, was designed in accordance with the nonprofit pay-for-success approach: It ties South Carolina’s contribution to the payment for social services to measurable outcomes. This is the first pay-for-success program to be run statewide in any state. Initially, the expansion is being funded with a total of $30 million from private donors and the federal Medicaid program.

VA: Criminal Justice Research Center Receives National Award For Report On Prescription Drug And Heroin Abuse

Alexandria News – August 08, 2017

Governor McAuliffe today announced that the Justice Research and Statistics Association has presented Virginia’s Criminal Justice Research Center in the Department of Criminal Justice Services with the Doug Yearwood National Publication Award for Excellence in Research/Policy Analysis. The award was announced on Aug. 1 at the National Criminal Justice Association National Forum on Criminal Justice in Long Beach, California. The Criminal Justice Research Center received the award for its publication, “Report of the Health and Criminal Justice Data Committee”.

Also: Governor McAuliffe Announces Virginia’s Criminal Justice Research Receives National Award for Report on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse (Press release):

Report: Report of the Health and Criminal Justice Data Committee:

US: Analysis: Here’s what happens if Trump declares opioid abuse a national emergency (Opinion)

Washington Post – August 08, 2017

President Trump on Tuesday held a briefing on the opiate crisis with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price at his private New Jersey golf club. After that meeting, Secretary Price told reporters that the White House would not be making a declaration of national emergency on opioids, as Trump’s hand-picked commission on opiates urgently recommended several weeks ago.

Also: White House opioid commission to Trump: ‘Declare a national emergency’ on drug overdoses:

US: Why these parents want their kids to have an ‘old-fashioned summer’

Christian Science Monitor – August 08, 2017

More child development experts are warning about the harm that’s caused by overprotective parenting and fear-based decisions, particularly as kids get fewer chances for risk-taking, unsupervised free play, and time away from adults.

US: ‘Marijuana moms’ say smoking pot makes them better parents (Includes video)

Today – August 01, 2017

Whether it’s smoking from a bong or lighting a joint, these moms make marijuana a regular part of their lives.

Also: The Unbearable Whiteness of the Marijuana Moms (Opinion) (Includes video):


Freely Associated States: Interior Department Continues Funding For One Stop Shops Serving Micronesian Migrants (Press release)

Pacific Islands Report – August 08, 2017

The one stop centers provide information and services to migrants from the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau also known as the Freely Associated States or FAS. A third grant for $63,249 will be used to strengthen organizations providing family services on Guam, and a fourth grant for $77,349 will support similar efforts in Springdale, Arkansas, which large communities of Marshallese migrants now call home.

United Kingdom: Baby Box scheme introduced for new parents in Kent (Includes audio)

Kent Online – August 09, 2017

The Baby Box, which is made from durable cardboard and comes with a firm foam mattress, waterproof mattress cover and a fitted cotton sheet, is traditionally used in Finland as a baby’s bed for the first months of the child’s life, replacing the need for a traditional basket or cot.


CA: CPS involvement in case of couple accused of killing their infant (Includes video)

KGET – August 07, 2017

In the 418 page police report in the Debra and Gage Roberts case, it’s clear that child welfare officials knew they weren’t model parents, well before two of their babies died. But it’s unclear if anyone in Kern County understood the severity of the allegations in their first infant’s death, until after their second baby died in a nearly identical way.

Also: Roberts’ History of contact with child welfare officials (Video):

CA: Mental illness and homelessness are connected. But not how you might think (Includes video)

Los Angeles Times – August 07, 2017

Most young adults need help from family to go out on their own, and homeless youths are no exception. California’s recent law extending the cutoff for aid to foster children from age 18 to 21 has reduced the group’s homeless rates, Culhane said.

GA: State GOP in Georgia Resurrects Moral Opposition to Casino Possibilities – August 07, 2017

The group is strongly against bringing in casinos in any form. They cite increased crime, higher divorce rates, job loss, child neglect, and domestic violence all as resulting from legalized casinos. The state committee is seen as a major influencer how Georgia’s Republican lawmakers vote.

HI: Couple OK’d as foster parents despite marred past

Honolulu Star-Advertiser – August 07, 2017

As serious as the 2003 incident was, it apparently did not appear on the state Department of Human Services’ radar when the agency certified the Morrises as Hawaii foster parents, raising new questions about the vetting process used to determine who gets approved to care for some of the state’s most vulnerable children.

MA: (Mayor) Warren Discusses State Funding For Attorneys In Foster Care System

WBSM – August 07, 2017

CPCS pays their attorneys through state funding, which they claim has been underfunding them over the last few years. Eve Gates, the treasurer of the Massachusetts Juvenile Bar Association and a care and protection attorney in New Bedford, was one of five CPCS attorneys who welcomed the Newton mayor to their office in New Bedford. Gates called for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to properly fund the CPCS, noted in a press release from Setti Warren’s office.

ME: How DHHS spent $6.2M in welfare funds after first flouting the law

Bangor Daily News – August 07, 2017

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services last year reversed course and spent millions of dollars in federal welfare funds on a legally acceptable program – foster care – after the BDN revealed in a Maine Focus article that it was spending the money in ways that violated federal law.

MI: 16 Michigan groups divide $6M to address opioid crisis, behavioral health

Grand Valley Advance – August 07, 2017

The grants expands behavioral health services for children and older adults. The money is going to organizations from metro Detroit to the western Upper Peninsula. The Health Endowment Fund was created by the Legislature that changed the operating rules for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The law requires BCBSM to contribute up to $1.56 billion over 18 years into a fund to improve the quality of health care while reducing costs and to benefit the health and wellness.

MI: Amal Mohamed on her experience as Muslim foster child (Video)

Detroit Free Press – August 07, 2017

Amal Mohamed, 22, aged out of the Michigan foster care system in 2014. She wanted a Muslim home, and waited nearly a year and half until she could find one to be placed in. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in social work at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

MI: Muslims in Michigan address lack of Muslim foster care families (Video)

Detroit Free Press – August 07, 2017

The state of Michigan has one of the largest Muslim-American populations in the country, but community leaders say the state suffers from a lack of Muslim foster care families to take care of the large number of Muslim foster children.

Information Gateway Resource: Working With Faith-Based Communities:

MN: Hennepin County focuses on infants to break child protection cycle

Minneapolis Star Tribune – August 07, 2017

It’s part of the county’s three-year Infant Team pilot program, a $1 million project that provides families with intensive coaching to mend a fractured or even nonexistent bond between a baby or toddler and a caregiver. The program begins its third year in September.It’s part of the county’s three-year Infant Team pilot program, a $1 million project that provides families with intensive coaching to mend a fractured or even nonexistent bond between a baby or toddler and a caregiver. The program begins its third year in September.

NH: In First Year, Childhood Trauma Response Team Refers More Than 250 For Services (Includes audio)

New Hampshire Public Radio – August 07, 2017

Children in New Hampshire are finding themselves caught in the front lines of the state’s heroin and opioid crisis. Last month, first responders had to use Narcan to revive a 6-year-old Manchester boy. And last week, a 9-year-old was left unattended at a Manchester Dunkin’ Donuts when his father overdosed in the bathroom.

NM: Grant money to fight opioid abuse stretches only so far

Albuquerque Journal – August 06, 2017

The bulk of this year’s money, starting this month, is slated to buy 13,333 doses of overdose reversal drugs and launch a tidal wave of training for community workers and medical providers who are under instruction to start getting more of the state’s addicts into treatment regimens. The Opioid State Targeting Response Grant money comes as part of federal attempts to address the national opioid abuse and overdose crisis – a decades-old story in New Mexico.

OH: Opioid Crisis Impeding Reunification for Ohio Families (Includes audio)

Public News Service – August 08, 2017

When a child is removed from their home, the ultimate goal is to get them back with their families. But reunification is becoming increasingly difficult as an influx of kids enter care due to the opioid epidemic. Paula Davis, the associate director of the East Region for the with Franklin County Children’s Services, says a child cannot stay in foster care for longer than 12 out of 22 months, which doesn’t necessarily align with a parent’s treatment for drug addiction.

Also: Ohio foster care system flooded with children of drug addicts (Includes video):

US: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Resolves to Address Homeless Youth and Families

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges – August 07, 2017

There are an estimated 200,000 homeless families with children in 2016 in the U.S., of which 35,000 were unaccompanied youth younger than 24. Some estimates indicate 380,000 youth younger than 18 experienced a period of homelessness of 1 week or more during the year, and nearly 90,000 students in public schools are homeless. Victims of domestic violence and their children are at risk of becoming homeless due to isolation from support networks and financial resources by their abuser. More than 40,000 victims of domestic violence seek emergency shelter in a given day.

US: ORR Policy May Strip Legal Protection from Unaccompanied Minor Immigrants (Opinion)

Chronicle of Social Change – August 07, 2017

A new policy from the federal agency that detains unaccompanied, undocumented children has sparked questions about their ability to obtain fair legal representation. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on July 5 that unaccompanied minors may not be held in immigration detention without a bond hearing, but the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is now grappling with how to represent these juveniles in court.

US: Twelve Child Welfare Policy Ideas from Former Foster Youth

Chronicle of Social Change – August 07, 2017

Every year, one of Youth Services Insider’s favorite assignments is poring over the policy recommendations of the 12 young people selected for the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI), a program operated by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Each participant interns for a member of Congress and produces one proposal on how to improve child welfare policy. This year’s collection, “Unlocking Potential,” did not disappoint.

Also: Flipping the Script on Foster Youth Advocacy Out West:

US: How Do Baby Boxes Prevent SIDS? Pediatricians Explain The Major Benefit

Medical Health News – August 06, 2017

According to NPR, there are about 3,500 unexcepted sudden infant deaths per year here in the U.S. That rate has dropped significantly after the Back To Sleep campaign was implemented in 1994 (and urged parents to put their babies to sleep on their backs instead of their bellies). But, recently, there has been a slight rise in SIDS. NPR noted that in comparison, Finland (where the U.S. is getting its idea for the baby box program) began giving out baby boxes to mothers during their prenatal medical visits about 80 years ago. Since then, they boast one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.


Australia: Baby Bjay Johnstone’s ‘tragic’ death prompts child protection changes

News Grio – August 08, 2017

Coroner Olivia McTaggart found in June that the six-week-old died as a result of severe head trauma inflicted by his father. She also found that the child protection system had not protected him, as it had a duty to do, and could have prevented his death. Ms Petrumsa told Parliament the circumstances which lead to the baby’s death were a “tragedy” and all 18 coronial recommendations were being acted on.

Australia: Baby boxes could drastically reduce sudden infant death cases in Australia.There’s just one hold up (Includes video)

Mamma Mia – August 07, 2017

So what makes the original Finnish baby boxes so good? Well, they’ve got almost everything that new parents need, from clothes, nappies and a sleeping bag, through to a toy, a book, a bath thermometer and condoms. But the best thing of all is the box itself, which comes with a mattress, so it can be used as a bed.

International: Are People Who Don’t Let their Kids Choose their Gender Unfit Parents? (Opinion)

Education News – August 07, 2017

This week, the Daily Signal reported that a Canadian province in Ontario: . . . passed a law allowing state agencies to prevent families that will not affirm a child’s chosen “gender identity” from adopting or providing foster care to children.

Ireland: Rabbitte calls for additional resources to support mandatory reporting

Fianna Fail – August 07, 2017

“We completely support the introduction of mandatory reporting, which is part of the Children First legislation. However, introducing mandatory reporting will naturally lead to an increased workload for Tusla. When mandatory reporting was introduced in New South Wales, it led to a 600% increase in complaints”, explained Deputy Rabbitte. “Resources already seem to be stretched within Tusla, and there is no doubt that the agency would become even more strained with the addition of this extra work.

United Kingdom: Baby Boxes: Seven Things New Parents Need To Know

Huffington Post UK – August 08, 2017

Baby boxes are nothing new, having been around for almost a century in some parts of Northern Europe, but now many parents in the UK are choosing to adopt this trend for their newborn child. However, there have been conflicting reports about whether or not placing babies to sleep in the boxes reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


FL: Adoption hopes dimmed by delays and paperwork (Includes video)

WEAR TV – August 04, 2017

Because parental rights in the girls’ case had not yet been terminated, the Braseths agreed to be foster parents so the girls could move in. That required a separate, extensive study. Pam Braseth said, “Everything that we had had to prove for the adoption, for the background check, with original copies of things that happened 40 years ago that were difficult to get ahold of….we had to redo that with original copies again.”

FL: Children’s Network to open office in Cape Coral

Captiva Sanibel – August 03, 2017

he more than 350 children in Cape Coral in need of foster care, safety from abusive parents and other things will soon be served from a location within the city. The Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, which has two offices in Fort Myers, will open a Cape Coral office next month.

HI: Toddler dies while in foster care; state issues temporary gag order in case

West Hawaii Today – August 05, 2017

Keopu Reelitz, public information officer and communication specialist for DHS, confirmed the state agency filed a motion to have all of the parties comply with the existing statutory provisions in Chapter 587A-40, which states all information and court records with regards to the Child Protective Act may only be shared by order of the court. Parents have identified the toddler as Fabian Garcia-Garett. West Hawaii Today reached out to Fabian’s mother Sherri-Ann Garett, who referred the reporter to her attorney, Jeffrey Foster. “We are opposing the gag order,” Foster said.

IA: After 29th “Safe Haven Baby” State Senator Renews Calls to Expand Law (Includes video)

WHO TV – August 04, 2017

Three weeks after a baby girl was surrendered under Iowa’s “safe haven” law, another baby has been handed over to the state. That brings the total of Iowa’s Safe Haven babies to 29, and renews calls to expand the law which allows mothers in crisis to give up their child.

Also: DHS says Safe Haven law used a second time in July:

KS: Phyllis Gilmore: Improving our child welfare system

Topeka Capital-Journal – August 05, 2017

As the Kansas Child Welfare System Task Force is about to begin its important work of examining in a holistic way the entire child welfare system, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the role of the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) on the task force and some of the work we look forward to accomplishing with other child welfare experts, lawmakers and stakeholders.

LA: How will state employees’ new compensation system work? Here’s what you need to know

Advocate – August 04, 2017

State employees are receiving pay raises, many for the first time in a decade, as part of a new compensation system being rolled out by the state Civil Service Commission over the next few weeks. About 6,200 employees – including entry level correctional officers, probation and parole officers and child welfare specialists – will receive an additional pay bump on Jan. 2 as the state moves to bring lower paid employees up nearer to private market rates.

MI: Trump travel ban leaves young refugees, Michigan families in limbo (Includes audio)

Michigan Public Radio – August 04, 2017

A small group of children fleeing violence in their home countries is stuck in limbo. They’ve been paired with American foster families, including some in Michigan. But they can’t come to the U.S. because of President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban, which affects people from six predominantly Muslim countries and temporarily bans all refugees. The children are part of the unaccompanied refugee minor program, which was created in the 1980s to help thousands of displaced children from Southeast Asia.

MS: Data lacking between opioid abuse and entering foster care

News MS – July 25, 2017

“In government, data drives things,” said Supreme Court Justice Dawn Beam. “So we need to do a better job tracking that data so we can really have some real numbers.” Federal assistance with fighting the opioid epidemic as it relates to children will continue to be harder to obtain until the right data is collected.

NC: Has the opioid crisis affected foster care? It’s a matter of debate

Durham Herald-Sun – August 06, 2017

The number of Durham County children in foster care has risen at the same time that opioid deaths have skyrocketed, but local officials say abuse and neglect – not opioids – are driving the increase. “The primary reason for their coming into the foster care system is not substance abuse,” said Jovetta Whitfield, assistant director of child and family services at Durham County’s Department of Social Services.

Also: In North Carolina, “heroin is more accessible and cheaper than alcohol”:

Information Gateway Resource: Heroin/Other Opioids and Child Welfare:

NC: Charlotte organization dedicated to helping homeless young adults (Includes video)

WSOCTV – July 28, 2017

The rapid rehousing program started a year ago after Executive Director Curtis Joe saw many of his clients with nowhere to go at the end of the work day. “As we’re locking up a five o’clock, a lot of our young adults were right outside in our courtyard, and they were completely sleeping out there. We couldn’t believe what we saw,” Joe said.

ND: Opioid crisis increasing need for foster parents in North Dakota

Grand Forks Herald – August 03, 2017

Kate Kenna says,”Kids in foster care, or waiting for foster care, don’t even know where they’ll be going to school or lying down their head.” Kate Kenna with PATH North Dakota says there are currently two-thousand kids in the state in need of a family, which is up twenty percent from last year.

NV: Hundreds of local students in foster care get ready for the new school year with CASA (Includes video)

KSNV – August 06, 2017

It’s the fifth year CASA has thrown this event. It started with just 80 kids, but now, with the help of a growing number of volunteers, hundreds of kids have been added. They live in the foster system and their stories can be heartbreaking. “Some of them will tell us their stories, sometimes we have to go in the back and cry a little bit and be there for them. But some of them are just here to enjoy the day,” said Barb Garcia Grove with the Square Salon.

NY: Judges are supposed to ‘second guess’ – it’s their job (Commentary)

Staten Island Live – August 04, 2017

Staten Island’s state Sen. Diane Savino seems to have a problem with judges doing their jobs. She is upset that sometimes when caseworkers for the Administration for Children’s Services go to court and ask a judge to remove a child (or, in many cases, go to court for approval to hold a child in foster care after removing the child entirely on their own authority) the judge sometimes says no.

NY: Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’

New York Times – July 21, 2017

In interviews, dozens of lawyers working on these cases say the removals punish parents who have few resources. Their clients are predominantly poor black and Hispanic women, they say, and the criminalization of their parenting choices has led some to nickname the practice: Jane Crow.

Also: (The Leonard Lopate Show) Using Foster Care As Punishment:

OH: Here, heroin spares no one, not even the sheriff’s wife (Includes video)

Cable News Network – August 07, 2017

Nearly 15,000 Americans — 500 from Ohio alone — died of an opioid overdose in 2005. In 2015, those numbers soared to 33,000 and 2,700 deaths, respectively.

OH: State Ensured That Allegations and Referrals of Abuse and Neglect of Children Eligible for Title IV-E Foster Care Payments Were Recorded and Investigated in Accordance With State Requirements as Required by Federal Law (Press release)

Ohio Office of the Inspector General – July 31, 2017

Congress, specifically The United States Senate Committee on Finance, outlined concerns about the safety and well-being of foster care children in an April 2015 letter addressed to State governors and sought information about the States’ use of private entities or organizations to administer some or all of their foster care programs.

OK: Assessing the impact of state budget cuts

Norman Transcript – August 07, 2017

The Department of Human Services saw an increase of about $48.4 million in initial appropriations between fiscal years 2017 to 2018. The total allocated funds for the department are roughly $700 million. Even with the additional funding, the department announced a $30 million shortfall for the year, due to previous funding shortfalls and rising costs. DHS provides assistance programs including food benefits, child welfare programs and temporary cash assistance, among others.

OR: Foster care rates skyrocketing amid drug addiction in southern Oregon

News-Review – August 06, 2017

Drug use is increasing in rural Oregon, particularly with an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. As drug arrests, hospitalizations and overdoses have increased, so has the number of children entering the foster care system in these communities. The number of children who have entered the child welfare system in Douglas County alone has increased from 41 children in 2013 to 204 children so far this year. That’s a 398 percent increase in less than five years, according to data released this year from the Department of Human Services.

RI: After mishandling child molestation case, Providence school leaders get DCYF training (Includes video)

WPRI – August 04, 2017

With Providence police still investigating why no school employee contacted the R.I. Department of Child, Youth and Families (DCYF) after several children accused an elementary school teacher of touching them inappropriately earlier this year, every school administrator in the city was trained Friday on the state’s mandatory reporting requirements on child abuse.

TX: First emergency shelter for kids in county to open in Alamo

Monitor – August 05, 2017

The first emergency shelter for children in Hidalgo County is preparing to open here in the fall, filling a gap in the services for abused children in Rio Grande Valley.

TX: Public comment period for ESSA state plan begins (Press release)

Texas Education Agency – August 05, 2017

Highlights of the plan now posted online include: Strengthening the state’s commitment and support for our most vulnerable populations (including migrant, foster care, homeless, and economically disadvantaged students).

State Plan:

UT: Fostering change in a struggling youth population (Includes video)

KSL TV – August 04, 2017

One University of Utah graduate joined an exclusive club when she accepted her diploma this spring. Former foster kid Christina Andino is one of only three-tenths of a percent of foster children who graduate from college. Now, she hopes to help this struggling population get a higher education.

VA: Russell County foster families needed: 65 kids in system, only 12 homes available (Includes video)

WCYB – August 04, 2017

Out of the 65 Russell County Children in the foster care system, nine of them have been placed with one of only 12 local foster families. Others have been placed out of the county, and in some cases out of state. The Department of Social Services is hoping to turn these numbers around.

WA: Nonprofit Safety Net backs youth who age out of foster care

Spokesman-Review – August 06, 2017

After 10 years in foster care, Lamar Madkin enrolled at Washington State University. A scholarship covered tuition and books, but extras of college life weren’t affordable. That’s when a WSU academic counselor told him about Safety Net, a Spokane nonprofit that paid for his phone bill and dorm room deposit. Safety Net helps young people who have aged out of the foster care system by offering items intended to help them become self-sufficient and meet goals, such as emergency payments or even furniture.

US: New attitudes toward adoption offers hope

Washington Post – August 06, 2017

More than 110,000 children in the U.S. foster care system are legally free for adoption, yet more than 20,000 of these kids will never find an adoptive family. After a childhood of hardship, youth exiting the system without family support face a high risk of unemployment, homelessness, incarceration and other negative life outcomes. But the 2017 US Adoption Attitudes Survey offers a glimmer of new hope.


US: Call the opioid crisis what it is: A national emergency (Opinion)

Durham Herald-Sun – August 04, 2017

“With approximately 142 Americans dying every day, America is enduring a death toll equal to Sept. 11 every three weeks,” the commission wrote in its report. “Your declaration will empower your cabinet to take bold steps and would force Congress to focus on funding and empowering the executive branch even further to deal with this loss of life.”

US: Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #12: Connecting Foster Youth with Virtual Coaches

Chronicle of Social Change – August 04, 2017

Harris proposes that Congress fund “a competitive pilot program” that would assign a virtual success coach to a foster youth between the ages of 14 and 18. She would boost the recruitment of talented coaches by offering student loan forgiveness incentives tied to service in the program.

US: Suicide rate hit 40-year peak among older teen girls in 2015 (Includes video)

Cable News Network – August 03, 2017

The suicide rate among girls between the ages of 15 and 19 reached a 40-year high in 2015, according to new data from the National Center for Health Statistics. In the shorter term, the suicide rate for those girls doubled between 2007 and 2015, the research indicates.



Bulgaria: Refugee Children Caught in Bulgarian Limbo

Balkan Insight – August 03, 2017

While the number of refugees in Bulgaria has fallen significantly, some refugee children still have little or no access to adequate care. Out of the 1,639 asylum seekers currently being housed in Bulgarian refugee centres, 605 are children, according to the State Agency of Refugees, and NGOs warn that a large proportion of the child refugees have no access to social and educational services, with the problem particularly pronounced among unaccompanied minors.

India: WCD Ministry developed Standard Operating Procedure for tracking and rehabilitation of missing children

India Education Diary – August 05, 2017

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for tracing of missing children. The SOP for tracing of missing children is in consonance with the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Model Rules 2016 framed under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children), Act, 2015.

International: Tyler and Both Ends Burning announce Honduras as new partner (Press release)

COMTEX News Network – August 06, 2017

Tyler Technologies, Inc. and non-profit Both Ends Burning have announced that Honduras is the most recent country to join its list of partners using a software-based registry called Children First Software to support child welfare. Both Ends Burning, a change agent dedicated to bringing attention and solutions to the challenges facing orphans in developing nations, partnered with Tyler Technologies to develop Children First Software. The technology helps government agencies build, maintain, and manage accurate records of a child’s identification, medical conditions, and other details for matching the child with their forever family.

Jordan: More Syrian child brides in Jordan amid poverty, uncertainty

Associated Press – August 07, 2017

Figures from Jordan’s population census document the long suspected increase for the first time. In 2015, brides between the ages of 13 and 17 made up almost 44 percent of all Syrian females in Jordan getting married that year, compared to 33 percent in 2010. With Syrians expected to remain in exile for years, it’s a harmful trend for refugees and their overburdened host country, U.N. and Jordanian officials say.

United Kingdom: Post-Brexit Side Effects: Refugee Children Could Be Separated from Family

EU Bulletin – August 07, 2017

The head of UNICEF UK Mike Penrose warned that refugee children could be separated from their families permanently unless the British government includes family reunification in post-Brexit immigration law. Refugees currently have the right to be reunited with extended family members under the EU’s Dublin III regulation but the UK’s own legislation covers only children and their parents. In practice, this means that any orphan children cannot reach siblings, grandparents or aunts and uncles.

Vietnam: Vice President: Vietnam pledges to ensure rights of children

Vietnam Plus – August 04, 2017

While receiving Chief Representative of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Youssouf Abdel-Jelil in Hanoi on August 4, Thinh asked the UNICEF to continue its support to Vietnam in preventing child abuse, protecting children from injuries, and aiding children of disadvantaged families, especially in remote, border, sea and island areas, in addition to reducing the proportion of children with disabilities and congenital heart disease.


AZ: New report shows increases in opioid abuse

Glendale Star – August 03, 2017

Opioid deaths are on the rise across the country, but Arizona has a startling 74-percent increase in opioid-related deaths in the last four years.

Also: Report:

CA: SCOE report: Fewer homeless students in 2017

Reporter – August 03, 2017

The number of homeless public school students in Solano County has fluctuated in the past four years, from a record 2,200 in 2013 to 1,425 in 2015 to 2,080 in 2016 to 1,545 in 2017, and Vacaville-area districts this past year, reflecting county trends, tracked decidedly decreased numbers, the county Office of Education reported Wednesday.

KS: Your Turn: DCF secretary elaborates on task force goals

Lawrence Journal-World – August 04, 2017

As the Kansas Child Welfare System Task Force is about to begin its important work of examining in a holistic way the entire child welfare system, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the role of the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) on the task force and some of the work we look forward to accomplishing with other child welfare experts, lawmakers and stakeholders.

Also: Give public honest view of child welfare (Opinion):

MN: Cass County Board: Cass County legislators weigh in on session

Brainerd Dispatch – August 03, 2017

Sen. Justin Eichorn, District 5, said state money was added to federal funds this session to carry out the Indian Child Welfare Act, which helps Indian reservations in this area.

MN: Pediatricians are debating whether refusing to vaccinate a child can be construed as ‘medical neglect’

Proto – August 03, 2017

In May, Minnesota reached an unfortunate milestone: The state had seen more measles cases in the first five months of 2017 than the entire country had experienced in all of 2016. The outbreak can be traced to parents who don’t wish to vaccinate their children-perhaps from religious beliefs or the idea, based on now-disproven science, that vaccines may give their child autism. When a parent does not want to vaccinate a child, a pediatrician has few good options.

Also: Professional Responsibility and Early Childhood Vaccination:

MN: What do you do with a child who sexually abuses another child? (Includes video)

St. Cloud Times – August 03, 2017

It’s a question posed by a unique report released Thursday that details what we know – and don’t know – about children with sexual behavior problems or who act out sexually, said Yvonne Cournoyer, a leader for the project with Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, or MNCASA.

Report: Children with Sexual Behavior Problems:

ND: Behavioral Health Programs to start in Pilot cities in October (Includes video)

MyNDNow – August 03, 2017

In October, 4 pilot cities across the state will begin training for the community behavioral health program. The overall goal of the program is to keep people out of jail, and get them the help they need.

Information Gateway resource: Cross-System Collaboration to Support Behavioral Health and Wellness:

ND: Opioid crisis increasing need for foster parents in North Dakota

Grand Forks Herald – August 03, 2017

It’s an alarming side effect of the opioid crisis. More kids are being taken away from their parents, many of them born addicted to drugs. Now, the need for foster families is even greater in Grand Forks County.

NJ: Christie expands housing program for struggling families (Includes video)

Record – August 03, 2017

Gov. Chris Christie, in a visit to Paterson on Thursday morning, announced the expansion of a housing program for families in the state’s child welfare system and touted it as a safety net that has helped reduce homelessness.

OH: Area businesses try to get ahead of Ohio marijuana issue

Springfield News-Sun – August 03, 2017

Government agencies have begun preparing their policies as well. The Montgomery County commissioners employ 1,767 people in about two dozen agencies. Those agencies include a wide variety of focus, from Children’s Services, which supports foster care for children and investigates child abuse, to Environmental Services, which provides water and sewer to homes and businesses in the region.

PA: County departments request more money

Titusville Herald – August 03, 2017

At the Crawford County Commissioners’ work session, Wednesday, the county Children and Youth Services revealed some startling statistics. According to a Children and Youth Services (CYS) representative, the 2017-18 fiscal year saw a 20 percent increase in the number of children investigated and a 15 percent increase in the number of families investigated. This is combined with a turnover rate of 37 percent for caseworker line staff.

TN: Forced Sterilization Won’t Fix the Drug Crisis (Opinion)

Rewire – August 03, 2017

Tennessee Judge Sam Benningfield’s “time off for birth control” offer for drug offenders was short-lived, but in the process, the White County program highlighted a number of issues in the U.S. justice system. In a story first reported by News Channel 5, the judge explained that he would give 30 days off to offenders who got vasectomies or birth control implants because “I hope to encourage them to take personal responsibility and give them a chance, when they do get out, to not to be burdened with children. This gives them a chance to get on their feet and make something of themselves.”

Also: Tennessee Judge’s ‘Birth Control Program’ Wasn’t ‘Controversial’-It Was Coercive:

TX: Advocacy Group Offers Recommendations For Fixing ‘Broken’ Foster Care System (Includes audio)

KUHT – August 03, 2017

There’s still a ways to go in revamping the state’s troubled foster care system. That’s according to Children At Risk.

TX: Foster care reform still ‘not enough’ (Opinion)

Houston Chronicle – August 03, 2017

Gov. Greg Abbott called on a federal judge to drop a case considering court supervision of Texas’ beleaguered child protection system; he argued the four pieces of foster care reform legislation he signed into law in May would fix chronic problems. But representatives from the advocacy group Children at Risk disagree, arguing at a news conference Thursday that significant gaps in the foster care system are yet to be addressed by the state Legislature.

VA: Loophole Allowed School Administrator Accused of Sex Abuse to Find Job as Assistant Principal (Includes video)

NBC4 – August 04, 2017

A failure by a Virginia child protective services agency allowed a school administrator accused of sexually abusing a young girl to find a new job as an assistant principal, an investigation by the News4 I-Team found. By failing to notify school officials, Arlington County Child Protective Services violated state law. The man found a new position in Prince George’s County Public Schools where he worked for three years.

WA: Group pushes for more black families to foster black children (Includes video)

K5 – August 03, 2017

The conversation is starting around getting more black families in Pierce County to foster black children. “African American kids are overrepresented in our foster care system, so compared to the general population, African American kids come into the foster care system at high rates,” said Trey Rabun, family outreach specialist for Amara, a local foster care organization and he’s also a foster parent to a black child.

WI: Uptick in deportations leads undocumented parents to make plans for children

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service – August 03, 2017

The “Lopez” family moved to Milwaukee from Mexico in 2008. As undocumented immigrants, they have always known deportation was possible. But it was not until President Trump signed executive orders to expand deportations that they took tangible steps to prepare. In early June they met with an attorney to assign a temporary guardian to care for and make decisions on behalf of their children in the event of emergency, illness or absence.

WV: Hope for recovery from addiction in our area

Herald-Dispatch – August 03, 2017

This led to the creation of the HOPES (Heroin, Opioids, Prevention, Education and Safety) Agenda, a package of investments that provided $180 million of new money to support four key areas of need in the fight against opioid addiction: prevention, treatment, mental health and our workforce.

US: Medicaid: Stronger After Senate Rejects Cap (Opinion)

Georgetown University Health Policy Institute – August 03, 2017

A dramatic 49-51 vote in the Senate last Friday brought an end to the effort to cap federal payments to state Medicaid programs-at least for now.

US: Trump Travel Ban Not a ‘Significant Barrier’ to Overseas Adoption Efforts, Says Expert (Includes video)

Christian Post – August 03, 2017

Despite recent reports, President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban is not creating a major barrier for American parents to adopt children from overseas, says the head of a coalition aimed at helping orphans.

US: AG Sessions launches Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit with north Alabama as a focus

WHNT 19 – August 02, 2017

The United States Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that it will launch a new pilot program to ” utilize data to help combat the devastating opioid crisis that is ravaging families and communities across America.” The Northern District of Alabama will be one of twelve areas of focus.


Australia: Sensitive details of vulnerable children in care released in department bungle

Melbourne Age – August 04, 2017

The personal details of children in care, including whether they were sexually active, was accidentally sent to the mother of one of the children in a troubling information breach. A spreadsheet was emailed to the mother outlining the name, birthdate, location, and specific concerns and alerts relating to all children in the care of a large service provider in a regional Victorian city.



FL: Tri-County children often leave county for foster care

Chiefland Citizen – August 02, 2017

The overwhelming majority of children in Levy, Dixie and Gilchrist County who enter foster care have to leave the Tri-County area. That was a major takeaway from a talk last Thursday by Michelle Giordano, the foster care recruitment specialist for Partnership for Strong Families, at a meeting of the Suwannee Valley Rotary Club in Chiefland. Giordano reported that there are 31 children from the Tri-County area currently in licensed foster care homes; 87 percent of those children are living outside the county they’re originally from.

IN: Volunteers needed to be voice for CHINS cases

Washington Times Herald – August 02, 2017

It’s a subject no one wants to discuss but it affects dozens of children within the Daviess County community. “We have 114 children on our caseload now,” said Shelby McDannald, Daviess County Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA program director. “And we have 30 active CASA volunteers.”

LA: Quality Parenting Initiative changing communication for the foster care system in Acadiana (Includes video)

KLFY – August 02, 2017

The Department of Children and Family Services implemented the Quality Parenting Initiative a year ago this month. 554 children are currently in the Acadiana region foster care system, but under the Quality Parent Initiative, parent mentors with the Extra Mile are optimistic that the changes they have seen in the past year are bridging the communication gap between biological and foster parents.

MD: Community forum highlights economic impact of childhood trauma

Frederick News-Post – August 02, 2017

Adverse childhood experiences – traumatic events that can have long-lasting effects on adolescent development – have been called “the biggest public health discovery ever made” by experts across the country. But to spread awareness in Frederick County, the key is to focus on their economic impact, said Dr. Monica Grant, the director of the county’s Citizens Services Division. “That’s where we’re going to get traction – when we look at it from an economic point of view,” Grant said. “So people can see it as something that impacts everyone in the county on different levels.”

NJ: Breaking up families is as cold as ICE (Opinion)

Jersey Journal – August 02, 2017

Principle 6 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, passed by the United Nations in 1959, states: “The child, for the full and harmonious development of his personality, needs love and understanding. He shall, wherever possible, grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents.” Principle 6 is under attack today in the United States as ICE officials aggressively seek to detain and deport undocumented non-criminal parents of young children.

NY: An ambitious reform agenda for keeping New York City’s children safe (Opinion)

City & State New York – August 02, 2017

As the new commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services, I, too, want to be sure our agency is keeping New York City’s children safe, and is also aware of how our child welfare system interacts with families. With these concerns in mind, ACS has begun an ambitious reform-focused agenda in recent months.

OH: HOPES Agenda takes multifaceted approach (Opinion)

Advertiser-Tribune – August 03, 2017

The opiate epidemic played a larger role in the budget than in previous years, with the HOPES (Heroin, Opioids, Prevention, Education and Safety) Agenda seeking to combat the problem through a multifaceted approach. With that in mind, more than $180 million in investments of new money was appropriated through the bill to fight this ruthless battle that affects all areas of the state.

OK: Tulsa World editorial: The death of Arrow Hyden could have been prevented (Opinion)

Tulsa World – August 03, 2017

The state of Oklahoma failed Arrow Hyden. This tragedy was preventable. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services received five referrals for neglect involving Arrow while the child was alive. A 2016 Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth report shows DHS substantiated allegations of threat of harm to the infant and inadequate shelter. Records also show that Hyden admitted to drug use and the couple was not sticking to a safety plan for the child.

OR: Portland Timbers fan Keith Palau selected as MLS Works Community MVP

Oregon Live – August 02, 2017

For more than a year, Palau and the Timbers Army have partnered with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) to create Timbers and Thorns themed visitation rooms at multiple DHS facilities.

WA: After National Search, Inslee Taps Insider To Run DSHS (Includes audio)

KUOW – August 02, 2017

After a national search, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has tapped an insider to run the state’s largest agency. Western State Hospital CEO Cheryl Strange will take over as secretary of the Department of Social and Health Services in September.

WI: Rep. Snyder co-chairs foster care task force (Includes video)

WSAU – August 02, 2017

The Assembly Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care is getting their wheels moving on reform, under the direction of Rep. Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) and Rep. Pat Snyder (R-Schofield). A new website for the task force has launched, giving information on the ideas for reform so far and taking suggestions.

US: Children Don’t Belong to Their Parents? (Opinion)

Christian Post – August 02, 2017

There are plenty of instances where government intervention for children is sorely needed. Abuse, neglect, and exploitation are horrific wrongs that no child should have to endure. But government intervention based on ideology is a whole different ballgame. And Kennedy’s rationale for arguing against parental rights doesn’t do enough to differentiate between the two.

US: Happy Birthday Medicaid — from Millions Who Love and Need You (Opinion)

Black Star News – August 02, 2017

Why are so many people across our country standing up to protect Medicaid? Because Medicaid is a lean, efficient and essential safety net program that allows millions to be healthy and productive members of society. Medicaid is the largest health insurer for our nation’s children, providing affordable, comprehensive health coverage to almost 37 million low-income children. Forty-three percent of all Medicaid enrollees are children; Medicaid serves 40 percent of children with special health care needs. It also covers more than 40 percent of all births in the United States and serves millions of low-income pregnant women, adults with disabilities, and the elderly. Medicaid is a foundational part of our nation’s health insurance system for children and vulnerable adults.

US: President Trump’s wall won’t stop human trafficking (Opinion)

Hill – August 02, 2017

Speaking recently on Long Island, President Trump stoked nativist emotions and stirred unfounded fears when he suggested building a border wall is a solution to human trafficking. The truth is that the best hope we have of slowing this $150 billion criminal enterprise is to do a better job of making people less vulnerable to traffickers.

Also: Report: 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report:

US: The Problem With Penalizing Women Who Drink While Pregnant (Opinion)

Glamour Magazine – August 02, 2017

A new study, published today in Alcohol and Alcoholism, is the first published piece in a large-scale project examining state-level policies regarding alcohol use during pregnancy. Researchers looked at the prevalence of these policies, the different kinds of policies that exist, their correlation to reproductive rights laws, and will eventually put together a comprehensive analysis of when and how policies can effectively combat the public health crisis of alcohol use during pregnancy.

Study: Forty Years of State Alcohol and Pregnancy Policies in the USA: Best Practices for Public Health or Efforts to Restrict Women’s Reproductive Rights?:

Information Gateway resource: Substance Use Treatment for Pregnant and Parenting Women:

US: Native American Students In Crisis: Punitive discipline, substandard curricula put Native American students at risk (Opinion)

Nation – July 24, 2017

The roots of the current crisis in American Indian education were planted 138 years ago, when the great-great-great-grandparents of today’s students were children. Seen as an enlightened alternative to genocide, the federal government and a network of churches created hundreds of Indian boarding schools intended to assimilate Native Americans and eradicate their culture. If Native parents didn’t send their children away to these schools, agents of the Department of the Interior were authorized to arrest them or withhold food (provided in exchange for land), which for most families meant starvation.


Norway: Sørlandet can get a combined psychiatry and child welfare institution

Norway Today – August 02, 2017

According to a research report from NTNU, 76 per cent of children and adolescents in child welfare institutions have some form of mental disorder. This is one of the reasons why Horne and Health Minister Bent Høie (Conservatives) together wish for a pilot project involving establishment of so-called combined institutions. These are institutions where children in child welfare can receive mental health care as well.


AL: After Anti-LGBTQ Bill Becomes Law, HRC Trains Alabama Child Welfare Professionals on LGBTQ Issues

Human Rights Campaign – August 01, 2017

Throughout the month of June, HRC Alabama staff have trained more than 200 Alabama child welfare professionals and foster and adoptive parents on HRC Foundation’s All Children- All Families project and how to compassionately care for LGBTQ youth and families in the child welfare system.

CA: Contra Costa’s At-Risk Youth Suffer From Shortage of Psychiatrists

KQED – August 01, 2017

Since July 1, 2016, Contra Costa County lost five psychiatrists who serve the county’s at-risk youth – minors in foster care and juvenile hall and victims of child sexual exploitation and domestic violence – and they have yet to replace them.

CA: Governor Brown Signs Stern’s Foster Youth Bill Into Law

KHTS AM-1220 – August 01, 2017

The bill, SB 332 would make sure that foster youth are presented with voter registration resources by simply adding the information to already existing forms. “Foster youth may not have an adult in their lives to provide them with voter registration information, something easily overlooked during this transitional stage,” said Senator Stern. “By providing these services we are adding another tool to the toolbox encouraging these young people to become civically engaged participants in society.”

CA: San Diego City Council Rejects Repeal of Child Protection Act

NBC San Diego – August 01, 2017

San Diego city officials decided Tuesday to keep the city’s Child Protection Act despite the potential for a lawsuit or the fact that it hasn’t been enforced for eight years. Under the ordinance, a registered sex offender convicted after April 13, 2008, is not allowed to live within 2,000 feet of a school, park, playground, library, day care, amusement center or arcade.

IL: State inspector general blasts Sheldon over Tallahassee deals

Tallahassee Democrat – July 31, 2017

A scathing report by the Illinois Governor’s Office’s Inspector General found George Sheldon mismanaged the state’s child welfare agency during his tenure as director and ran afoul of ethics rules in his dealings with an assortment of friends from Tallahassee.

IN: New legislation clarifies suspected child abuse and neglect reporting for educators (Includes video)

Fox 59 – August 01, 2017

New legislation on the books in time for classes is making sure the responsibilities for those working in schools are clear. It requires those working with kids report suspected abuse or neglect to DCS or police, then notify supervisors.

Information Gateway resource: State Laws on Reporting and Responding to Child Abuse and Neglect:

MA: Foster family outraged after DCF orders nighttime strip search of young children (Includes video)

WCVB – August 01, 2017

A department spokesperson said in a statement: “Every day (DCF) has to make critical, time sensitive decisions based on the information presented and available to us to ensure child safety. We are committed to keeping thousands of Massachusetts children safe every day and regret the way this particular situation was handled and, as a result, an internal investigation is being conducted.”

Also: 5 Investigates: Children stripped-searched by DCF (Includes video):

MI: CPS failed to call police back about baby left in car

WKRC – August 01, 2017

A new report shows that Children’s Protective Services did not contact the police back after officers found a baby neglected in a vehicle.

Also: Police: CPS didn’t call back about baby in car weeks before death:

NY: Victims Assistance Center awarded over $350000 to fight child abuse

Watertown Daily Times – August 02, 2017

The Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County will receive more than $350,000 to investigate child abuse, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s office announced Sunday. Part of more than $4 million in grants statewide, the VACJC was awarded $355,535 in funding from the state Office of Victim Services.

OH: Opioid epidemic drives Licking County Children Services to seek levy vote

Columbus Dispatch – August 01, 2017

Ohio’s drug epidemic is a key factor in a decision by the Licking County commissioners to place a levy on the November ballot to help cover rising costs for services to children.

SC: PAFCAF announces partnership with the Center for Adoption Support and Education (Press release)

Palmetto Association for Children and Families – August 01, 2017

There are currently more than 4,000 children in the foster care system throughout South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) (link is external). The Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) is dedicated to providing education, support and leadership that strengthens the capacity of PAFCAF’s member agencies and betters the care of children in foster care.

VT: Grant to help LGBTQ youth find safe foster housing

Barre Monpelier Times Argus – August 02, 2017

The grant from the Vermont Community Foundation will help establish an online and in-person training program accessible to all foster parents, residential programs and staff at the Department for Children and Families.

US: Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #10: Youth-Friendly State Ombudsman Offices

Chronicle of Social Change – August 02, 2017

Limkin would require the establishment of a state-level, “youth-friendly” Children’s Ombudsman Office as a condition of a state’s eligibility for federal foster care and adoption funding under Title IV-E. These offices should have independent oversight of child welfare services, and an online complaint form that is easy to fill out.

US: Our View: Law meant to protect tribal kids could put them in harm’s way

Havasu News-Herald – August 02, 2017

The appeal claims that applying the act to private cases such as the termination of parental rights accomplishes no legitimate government purpose and has the potential to cause harm by forcing parents to make efforts to reunify their children with people they consider unsafe. Indeed, the different standards would seem to make children in such cases more vulnerable to abuse than non-tribal children.

US: Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #9: Standardized Registry of Maltreatment Reports

Chronicle of Social Change – August 01, 2017

Hora calls on Congress to move toward national standards for state child abuse and neglect registries, and a national aggregation of records from those registries. Hora’s plan would be for new minimum standards that include at least two following provisions. First, the second report for a child, and any subsequent one, must trigger a screening-in and an investigation. Second, records of all reports should be maintained for no fewer than 25 years, “or even indefinitely.”


FL: Financial missteps and red tape delay help for sexually exploited children

Tampa Bay Times – August 01, 2017

Two years ago, the fledgling Tampa charity Bridging Freedom was awarded $1 million to help child victims of human trafficking. The state money was to go toward a $6 million “safe house” campus on donated land in Pasco County where children rescued from the sex trade could get refuge and therapy. But ground wasn’t broken that year, nor the next year, when Bondi’s office approved an additional $700,000 annual award for the charity.

GA: Multiple Blessings: Bartow County DFCS seeks foster homes for sibling groups

Cartersville Daily Tribune News – July 29, 2017

“When children enter foster care, they are often not alone,” said Shawna Lewis, Bartow County DFCS’ resource development case manager. “Many children enter care along with a brother or sister or have a sibling who is already in care. Our community needs foster families who will take a family of children – small or large – so that siblings can be together. With the number of children entering care on the rise, so is the need for additional foster homes in our community. Not only do we face barriers with keeping children in their home community, but (we) also are challenged with keeping kids with their siblings. This is a challenge for our community as well as the state of Georgia. Bartow County Family and Children Services currently has 153 children in foster care. Of those, 35 belong to a sibling group.”

IL: Lawsuit Reveals Child Welfare’s Assault on Battered Mothers, Their Children (Opinion)

Youth Today – July 10, 2017

Then, according to the complaint, in what may be the single most candid statement ever uttered by a child welfare worker, a caseworker for the private agency explained how the system really works: The case, she explained, is a “maze.” Like mice in a cruel lab experiment, both parents are at the “beginning of the maze.” The children are at “the end of the maze.” She then said that “whichever parent finished his or her services first” wins – that is, he or she would get the children.

MI: Child welfare still under judge’s eye

Associated Press – July 29, 2017

There is no dispute that Michigan has made improvements in many areas, including faster adoptions and the return of children to families from foster care. But there will be no exit from court without consistent performance in a wide variety of categories, such as health care, education and workload per caseworker.

MS: Department of Child Protective Serves warns parents about the dangers of leaving children in hot cars

Mississippi News Now – July 31, 2017

The Mississippi Department of Child Protections Services is reminding parents, grandparents and other caregivers to do whatever necessary to remind themselves not to leave children behind in cars this summer.

NY: No, it’s not racist to save minority kids’ lives (Opinion)

New York Post – July 31, 2017

God knows there are problems with ACS – I have even written a few columns about them – but the idea that racial bias is at the heart of what plagues this bureaucracy is downright absurd.

Related: Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’:

OH: Childhood Saved: The hurt and healing continue

WCPO – August 01, 2017

WCPO first introduced Madison and her younger siblings in the online graphic novel Childhood Saved. The goal was to tell the story of children in the child welfare system in a way that would not cause them more harm. The names of the children were changed to protect their privacy. The facts were reported as they occurred out of respect for what they survived.

OH: Opioid crisis: Four hard-hit southern Ohio counties sue drug distributors

Columbus Dispatch – July 31, 2017

Four southern Ohio counties hit hard by the opioid epidemic are the latest to demand that Cardinal Health and two other drug distributors reimburse them for treating addicts, housing addicted prisoners and taking care of their children.

OR: Parents claim children were taken from them over low IQ scores (Includes video)

WBTV – July 31, 2017

When it comes to being a good parent, should a low IQ factor in? Amy Fabbrini and Eric Zeigler say they lost custody of their two sons because of their mental limitations.

Also: Oregon Parents Lose Custody Of Children Largely Due To Their Low IQ Scores:

SC: Foster Care Students Turn Adversity Into Accomplishment

News 19 – July 28, 2017

South Carolina’s Department of Social Services (DSS) held a graduation ceremony for 27 students in their Independent Living Program Friday morning at Seawell’s in Columbia. The Independent Living Program teaches kids in the foster care system ranging in age from 13 to 21 life skills they’ll need to someday live independently

TN: State DCS becomes leader in bringing positive change to child welfare systems

Memphis Commercial Appeal – July 29, 2017

In 2000, Brian was 9 years old, removed from family for his own safety, placed in state custody and put into a “temporary” Department of Children’s Services shelter. After six months there, lawyers from Children’s Rights made his case part of a landmark class action federal lawsuit meant to help all foster children throughout Tennessee. It was styled Brian A. vs. Governor of Tennessee – Sundquist, Bredesen, Haslam.

UT: More reaction to Winston Blackmore polygamy verdict: Talk of sex abuse, polygamists staying underground and implications for Utah

Salt Lake Tribune – July 26, 2017

“Sexual abuse by any other name, cloaked as quack religion,” Dimanno wrote. “Sexual trafficking of minors. And all the inside-Bountiful proscriptions that strip girls of every fundamental right this country holds sacred under the rubric of obedience.”

WA: Justice in Motion: The Legislature did get some things done

Daily World – July 31, 2017

SB 5975 enacted what has been hailed the strongest paid family leave program in the nation, which will offer eligible workers 12 weeks paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child, or for serious medical condition of the worker or the worker’s family member, beginning in 2020. HB 1661 creates a new executive agency called the Department of Children, Youth, and Families to focus on child welfare.

Also: Bill Text:

Also: Bill Text:

US: Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts #8: College Support Programs for Foster Youth

The Chronicle of Social Change – July 31, 2017

Offer funding for foster youth mentoring programs on college campuses. Require that any college that received federal financial aid has to establish a single point of contact (SPOC) model for students who were previously in foster care. Require that, for any child who acknowledged being in foster care on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the university contact the student to ask if they would like to be identified for additional supports.

Information Gateway resource: College Scholarships and Support for Higher Education:

US: Parents’ social media habits are teaching children the wrong lessons (Opinion)

Washington Post – July 31, 2017

Children are constantly absorbing messages from many sources, including parents. They mimic these observed behaviors in adolescence and adulthood. It is quite possible that parental (over) sharing has taught children that sharing another person’s personal pictures and stories is expected and appropriate. Indeed, many children spent their elementary school years with little recourse to their parents’ online sharing.

US: The vicious cycle of CPS intervention (Opinion)

San Francisco Bay View – July 29, 2017

For many children who have been abused, the trauma unfortunately does not end after Child Protective Services intervenes. Failure to Protect laws serve to remove these children from nonoffending parents, revictimizing the same children the system is supposed to safeguard by tearing them away from loving parents and effectively punishing domestic violence victims.


International: The Importance of Intersectionality: Minority Mental Health and Foster Care

Human Rights Campaign – July 31, 2017

For too long, studies have documented racial disproportionality and disparity in adoption and foster care. We also know that research has shown that LGBTQ youth are over represented in the foster care system – many having faced family rejection around their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. When we look at the intersection of those identities –people of color identifying as LGBTQ with experiences in the foster care system–there is urgency in LGBTQ and racial inclusion and competency in mental health.

Syrian Arab Republic: Whole of Syria Child Protection AOR 2017 Operational Strategy

UN Children’s Fund, Protection Cluster – July 31, 2017

The relentless violence and dire humanitarian situation in Syria are having a devastating impact on the protection of children of all ages. Grave child rights violations continue unabated with countless deaths and injuries due to the persistent use of explosive weapons in civilian areas. Children endure multiple protection risks and violations of their rights on a daily basis, including family separation, physical and sexual violence, military recruitment, torture, kidnapping, detention, limited access to basic services, child marriage, engagement in hazardous forms of labour, lack of birth certificates, and psychosocial distress.