alligatorIt hurts me to experience the depth of sadness and unfairness visited upon at risk children.

Pennsylvania sent 2 state judges to prison (for 40 years) for incarcerating innocent juveniles into privatized prisons for money (many millions of dollars in kick backs).  Michigan sending children of hating & fighting parents to jail for not speaking with the most hated parent is just awful – there has to be a better way.

It’s awful enough to be forced into taking parental sides in a viscious divorce and custody battle – it is almost criminal to jail children (since June 24)  for not allowing themselves to be forcibly reunited with a parent they hate.

In a  Michigan court custody case last week, after harshly treating the mother Maya Tsimhoni and  2 older children, Liam Tsimhoni & Rowi Tsimhoni, Judge Lisa Gorcyca, of Oakland County Michigan, grilled and then berated 9 year old Natalie (“do you want to have your birthdays in Children’s Village? Do you like going to the bathroom in front of people?”) in the courtroom, sent her and her juvenile siblings to juvenile jail and forbid her from having contact with her mother.   

Has our judicial system become so heartless that 6 and 9 year old children are forced to jail and suicide because of dysfunctional parents or a toxic divorce case (in court since 2009)?  Do children have no rights at all in this nation?

All adults are the protectors of all children.

Safe Kids International  (Thank you Eileen King for your posting of these articles)

Jailed Kids Case: New Reports of Abuse, CPS Report, Past Supervised Visitation for Abuser Dad & Conflict of Interest Surface

Reports of Assaults and Threats to Kill Kids Disregarded by Judge Who Is Friends with Father’s Attorney: Instead Accuses Mom of “Alienating”

CONFLICT OF INTEREST between Judge Lisa Gorcyca and Father’s attorney Keri Middleditch suggests Gorcyca should have recused herself:

“As a former assistant prosecutor and now an attorney in private practice, I have had the privilege of working with Lisa Gorcyca.”
– Keri Middleditch, campaign endorsement for Judge Gorcyca…/Think-again-about-candidate-endo…

Gorcyca and Middleditch were involved in Care House, the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County.
Care House: Report to the Community ’07

Middleditch also worked with Judge Gorcyca’s husband, former District Attorney David Gorcyca:…/Docum…/directories/ocdir2006-07.pdf

And Judge Gorcyca was photographed with Middleditch at a “Women Helping Women” luncheon (ironically).…/…/Women-Helping-Women/

One other possible conflict of interest:
Judge Gorcyca’s brother-in-law works for an IT firm that does business with the father’s employer – GM – and GM is a sponsor of the Care House:…/…/auto-supplier-jumps-into-it

Huffington Post:
Judge Throws 3 Kids In Juvenile Center For Not Being Nice To Their Dad…/tsimhoni-judge-lisa-gorcyca…

Tsimhoni vs Tsimhoni: Acrimony So Deep the Lawyers Don’t Agree on Who the Lawyers Are…/tsimhoni-vs-tsimhoni-acrimony-so-de…/…

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NOTE: Other protective mothers have contacted Safe Kids International saying they and their children are also victims of Judge Gorcyca and Keri Middleditch but have been threatened not to talk publicly about how the kids were forced to live with their abusive father or they won’t see their children again.